How to Fix SD Card Warning in OpenTX

by Oscar

If you get “SD Card Warning” on OpenTX radio (Taranis, Jumper T16, TX16S etc), here is a quick fix. This is usually caused by outdated file content on the SD card after updating firmware.

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To enable sound packs, LUA scripts and other features, you have to have the correct files in the SD card. If the files don’t match the current version of the OpenTX firmware, you will get an “SD card warning” error message on startup when you turn on the radio.

There are two ways to fix this problem.

Update SD Card Contents

If you want to format your SD card, make sure to do it in FAT format (not FAT32)

I recommend updating SD card content to the exact version of your OpenTX firmware for full compatibility.

  • Backup existing files on your SD card in the radio
  • Download SD card contents from here:
  • Completely erase files on the SD card
  • Unzip and copy the files to SD card
  • If you have custom files such as sound pack and telemetry scripts previously, you can simply  copy them from the backup and paste them in the SD Card (just overwrite)

That’s it! The Warning should disappear the next time you power on the radio.

Changing Version Number

If you don’t want to update SD card contents for some reason, here is a work around.

However this is considered a “dirty” method as it’s quick but full compatibility is not guaranteed, therefore use this at your own risk.

  • Access SD card (either by entering bootloader mode, or pulling it out of the radio and insert into computer)
  • On the root directory, you should find a file called opentx.sdcard.version
  • Open it with a text editor, it should contain the current SD card content version numbers
  • Change the version number to your OpenTX version
  • Save and put SD card back in radio

And that’s it!

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alex chaverra 22nd February 2024 - 2:10 am

thank you

It works, but friends have to keep in mind.

1. Do not have Logs files in the “Logs” folder because the problem continues, clean that folder before

Really the best option is to format the mini sd card

sam 3rd September 2023 - 8:24 am

Ive got the radiomaster pocketradio Ive downloaded open TX lots of warnings on a mac. But finally the pocket is not on the list, the zoro and boxer is… radio is not working well how do I siply update firmware!?

Oscar 3rd September 2023 - 2:07 pm

I could be wrong but I think Pocket will be added in 2.10. For now you can just stay on the stock firmware.

kelly 26th February 2023 - 4:33 am

Took me lot of searching to find the answer to this. This is why lot of old school RC guys don’t like openTX have to watch videos, search the internet to find answers to problems. The user guide on the openTX website is just awful. I know why it was written by software engineers not good at writing documents. I quit flying for 2-3 years forgot almost everything about how to use openTX.

audiogek 18th November 2020 - 10:50 pm

I get the “expected version warning” But it asks for an older version??
I flashed the tbs nightly build for and to my tx16s because that is needed for crsf shot (correct me if i’m wrong)
All the latest soft/firmware, sd card content v0034, but it asks for v0025 or 22 or something.
Is that normal? Because of the nightly build maybe? Or should I get the v0025 content.

Nod 27th June 2021 - 2:57 pm

You should use what ever SD card version the radio firmware tells you that you need. If you would like to update the SD card the right way. And the way that doesn’t cause an issue and is the easiest way you can check out this video.

waxed 15th September 2020 - 3:51 pm

The original memory card that came with the radio got formatted and is no longer working with my radio (nirvana) it works with another card i had spare but its only 128mb! why would the original card stop working it shows up as storage in the transmitter and can see all the correct files same when its in a card reader but the radio cant read it! do i need to format it in a certain way are the file permissions messed up what’s going on? would like to avoid buying another card as this card seems fine apart from the radio not being able to read or maybe write to it. im also using a mac could this be part of the problem i formatted as fat32!

Nod 27th June 2021 - 3:01 pm

If you haven’t figured this out, it should only be formatted to FAT, not fat32. Your computer will read it, and the USB Drive function will work when the radio is mounted as a thumb drive because your computer is reading it not the radio. The standard for devices, (Like your radio) is to be able to read FAT. This way the SD card can be used across all devices, as long as it is formatted with FAT. Your radio cannot read FAT32.