Enable 50Mbps Bitrate in DJI FPV Goggles

Thought the image from DJI FPV system look good? Now it will look even better with the higher bitrate setting from the latest 01.00.60 update on 8th of July 2020. The original 25Mbps bit-rate can be bumped up to 50Mbps.

Mbps = Mbit/s, this is the amount of data transferred per second. By doubling the data rate to 50Mbps, the image will look much clearer with more detail, however it doesn’t come without downsides.

Here is some sample footage how it looks. Recorded in DJI FPV Goggles, High Quality, Auto Focus, 50Mbps. This is what I see in the goggles!

How to Enable 50Mbps?

Flash the latest firmware on your DJI gear, V1.6 or newer (how to update firmware).

The 50Mbps bitrate option is only available in FCC mode, in CE mode, the bitrate option is greyed out and fixed at 25Mbps. How to enable FCC mode on your Air Unit or Caddx Vista.

Go to Settings in the OSD menu, under Transmission, Bitrate, and select 50Mbps.

For the ultimate experience, consider setting focus mode to Auto to minimize blur on the sides.

And make sure you select either Channel 1, Channel 2 or Channel 3. If you select Channel 8 (public channel), your bitrate will be limited to 25Mbps.

Downsides of 50Mbps

In order to achieve double bitrate, the DJI FPV system uses two channels to transmit the video signal and therefore the number of channels available in your DJI FPV goggles will be reduced to 3 (plus public channel 8).

If you only see 2 channels instead of 3, just reset your goggles.

This also means more interference to people flying analogue since the band DJI is using is now much wider. To play well with analogue pilots, it’s better to use 25Mbps.

If you don’t normally fly with other people, this shouldn’t be a problem and there is no reason not to use 50Mbps.

As for latency, it seems to be on par with 25Mbps.

However, Audience mode doesn’t work when 50Mbps mode enabled (on the date of publishing).

17 thoughts on “Enable 50Mbps Bitrate in DJI FPV Goggles

  1. Sam

    I’m experiencing the same issue as Anderson above. I’m only getting a max of 25.4mbs. Under the transmission setting i do in fact have 50mbs selected, but 25.4 is the max rate i’m getting.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Have you tried restarting both goggles and Air Unit? Sometimes it takes a cycle to work after selecting 50mbps. And try flying it as well see if that changes to 50mbps.
      MAKE SURE you are NOT in channel 8!
      you should select either CH1, 2 or 3.

  2. chrisf

    You need to add the naco.txt file to the air units SD card and a it needs is the number 1 on the text file, then restart the goggles only then restart the air unit and you will get 8 channels

  3. Anderson Ta

    So I was able to do all the above, but no matter what channel I’m in (Ch1,2, or 3), the mbps only goes up to 25.4mbps max? Anyone else have a similar issue with this?

    50mbps is chosen under “Transmission”. I did have to “Reset all” in order to get all the right channels to be available.

  4. Albrecht

    Hello, thank you for your nice tutorials and reviews.
    I set the transmission to 50Mb/s, but then i just have 2 channels and the public one. Turning on and off is not helping, do you mean you have to do a factory reset in this case?

  5. sergio

    Saludos yo tengo el modo FCC se supone, ya que mis gafas si me dan la opcion hasta 700 mw, tengo el vista ya actualice el software pero cuando entro a la opcion de transmision no me deja seleccionar los 50mps no se que hacer? o seria buena idea hacer el paso de cambiar a fcc en el vista aunque se supone ya lo tiene? espero me puedas ayudar

  6. gael

    Hi, the bcc mode still work with this update? i used the hack for 8 channels but i’m afraid to update my system and being limited.
    other question, do you know where can i find a cli file for my titan DC5 ? i’m looking everywhere but it’s look like nobody share there files. I don’t understand why.
    I did my setup myself and my drone fly but why i put the full gaz , my drone is shaking, i think i could get better settings.

  7. Vitor Neves

    Hi Oscar. Can you share a simple flight with 50Mbps enabled, from the DJI Goggles DVR? Big thank you.


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