Forum Highlights #5 – Betaflight filter adjustment, why ESC signal ground, how to keep old cleanflight GUI, why test new components and more

by Oscar

In the latest “IntoFPV forum highlights” we discussed how to adjust betaflight filters, why we use ESC signal ground, how to keep the old version of Cleanflight chrome app, how to test new components before a build, and what everyone’s the favorite part of the hobby is.

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What are these forum highlights?

IntoFPV forum is one of my favorite places to share and discuss multirotor and FPV related stuff. IntoFPV is getting more and more popular, some valuable and interesting threads/posts are easily buried in the ever growing discussion. So I decided to share some of the “gems” here to help our readers get to know more about what’s going on in the FPV hobby, and at the same time promoting our forum.

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Adjust Betaflight Filters


Filters in Betaflight can be used to make a mini quad fly smoother. To beginners this topics can be confusing. In this post the author explains how he adjust these filters by using blackbox logs.

Why ESC Signal Ground?


One common question we get asked a lot: should I connect the signal ground on the ESC’s? This thread answers that and explains why.

Keeping an old version of Cleanflight


The new Cleanflight 2.0 Chrome app can no longer talk to FC with older Cleanflight firmware. So if you have a quad that is still running old CF and you don’t want to update to CF 2.0, here is how you can keep an old CF GUI.

My favorite part of this hobby


What are your favorite aspects of flying FPV and multirotors? Let’s talk.

Taranis 2-switch arm, and in-flight PID adjustment


Oyvinla shared how he setup “2-switch” arming on his taranis, and how he can adjust PID in flight using swtiches on his transmitter.

Bench test your mini quad components before building


It’s important to make sure the component works before you’ve committed it into a build in a way that is time consuming or annoying to undo if it is dead on arrival. In this tutorial Aaron showed us how he does it.

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