News: FuriousFPV Dock-King Ground Station

The Dock-King from FuriousFPV is a ground station that houses the True-D diversity module. It uses better algorithm to improve video signal from the True-D Module.

Someone on Facebook tested the Dock-King ground station with a FuriousFPV Stealth 700mW VTX, and went as far as 25km. After talking to FuriousFPV they even told me it’s possible to achieve 50km or more with the right VTX and antennas on that kind of VTX power. Pretty insane claim there and I can’t wait test it myself.

FuriousFPV said they’d like to send me one to test, I’ll review it and post more detail here when it gets here.

However the DockKing doesn’t have a built-in receiver system, and you have to use an external receiver with it. At the moment it’s only compatible with the True-D V3.5 module (or newer). You also need to flash it with V3.7D firmware or newer (Not the V3.7). As far as I know, It’s not compatible with receiver modules of any other brands at the moment.

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What’s special about the Dock-King ground station?

In 2018 I swapped out my True-D module for the Pro58 with Achilles firmware and it’s been sitting on my desk since. I am glad I can make good use of the True-D module again with the Dock-King!

According to FuriousFPV, the True-D module performs much better when installed in the Dock-King ground station thanks to the special algorithm. This isn’t a plain break out box, it actually has a totally different menu system that allows for some very useful functions.

Besides, I’ve always wanted a ground station that sits on a tripod.

It’s almost inevitable to turn your head while flying FPV which can mess up antenna orientation on the goggles. With the Dock-King ground station you can rest assured that the antenna orientation is always at its optimal position.

There are also a few other great features that come with the Dock-King, such as HDMI output, lap timers etc.

Spec and Features of the Dock-King

Here are the important features and spec I simplified for you:

  • Supports 2S to 4S LiPo input (7.4V – 16.8V)
  • New RSSI algorithm improves signal quality compared to the standalone True-D
  • Output port for external DVR with improved DVR quality
  • Full OSD (data overlay) for real time RSSI monitoring
  • Supports bluetooth, allows configuration using smartphone
  • Built-in beeper for warning
  • Built-in Tripod Mount
  • Dual AV output ports
  • Output port for HDMI devices, such as big TV screen and broadcast

I was hoping the dockking had an integrated DVR, but it doesn’t. Furious will make an external DVR module which you can buy separately. And supposedly it will have much better image quality than the Fatshark built-in DVR.

However the DVR is pretty well designed as far as I know. It only records when it has signal, and it stops and starts again when it sees static so you don’t get huge files full of nothing.

The two video outputs allows you to share the video to the pilot, spotter and spectator screens at the same time without any additional hardware. This can massively simplify the wiring in a race.

The most appealing feature to me is the possibility of chaining it with another dock and get multiversity (more than diversity). It can use an Ethernet cable up to 100m long so you can set this up to fly in places full of obstacles. Just imagine the possibility!

Review and Testing?

Yes I will test this product as soon as they send it to me, don’t know how long it’s going to take though.

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  1. Raymond Kerr

    is there anyway to use the DVR within the fatshark goggles when the True-D is installed to the Dock King ?


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