News: Frsky X-Lite Radio Transmitter Announced

We have an exciting announcement from Frsky about the new radio transmitter they are going to release – the Frsky X-Lite TX! Let’s take a look at the spec and features in this article.

The new Frsky X-Lite TX seems to be designed for gamers with the gaming controller style housing. Release date and price haven’t not been announced yet, but according to my sources, it will be released around April this year the soonest.

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The X-Lite will be available soon on:

Features of the X-Lite Transmitter

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but so far we know the X-Lite has the following features:

  • Hall Sensor Gimbals, similar or the same as the M7 or M9 gimbals
  • Powered by OpenTX firmware
  • The X-Lite has a built-in iXJT module, and we’ve been told it has an external JR module bay despite the more compact form factor (still need to confirm this). However TBS has confirmed it won’t work with the TBS Crossfire, and we have yet confirmed what external module it will support at this point
  • Ergonomic design for “thumbers” (pilots who move the sticks only with their thumbs)

X-Lite Spec

Here are the teaser photos leaked by Frsky on Instagram.

It has the 4-way cross key and buttons just like a gamepad! I wonder what else you can use them for apart from controlling the menu? Like gaming maybe?

Between them there are 2 horizontal slots and I think that might be where the speaker is.

Under the “speaker”, you can see 3 ports, possibly power (or headphone jack), Mini USB, and SmartPort.

And no more neck strap hook on Frsky X-Lite transmitter, which makes sense given the small size.

Here is the spec of the X-Lite as far as we know:

  • 128×64 LCD Screen (same screen as the one in the Taranis Q X7)
  • Powered by 2x 18650 Li-ion batteries (rechargeable and removable)
  • Mini USB connection for simulators
  • Micro SD card slot
  • Headphone Jack
  • Smartport Output (can be used to flash firmware on your Frsky receivers)
  • Colour: Red and Black
  • 2 internal antennas and external antenna

What else do we know, or don’t know yet?

There are only two switches on this TX, probably 3-position switches. They are useful for assigning flight modes, and activating other functions. Maybe this is not enough for some people.

Price has not been confirmed either, but most resellers have created product pages for the X-Lite already with prices around $130-$180. While this is most likely a random number, I think this would be a reasonable price range.

I will post the latest info regarding the X-Lite TX on my FB page and IntoFPV forum, and also keep this post updated.

8 thoughts on “News: Frsky X-Lite Radio Transmitter Announced

  1. Mr.d

    If it had four switches I would buy it but two is not enough for me even three switches I would probably buy it. Sucks I really wanted something like this but two switches won’t cut it for me. Oh well. Other than that it looks great.

  2. Jono

    Can we please have TBS crossfire support or at least for the micro?! This is perfect travelling form factor just needs a mid range robust RF link

  3. Nor Azhar

    Frsky has confirmed in their Instagram that they are using a MICRO Usb port instead of a Mini USB. This is despite the face that 99% of site advertising this product describe it as having a Mini USB port.

    1. Oscar Post author

      We will update that once Frsky release their final product spec :) at the moment the “info” is all over the places.

  4. Andrew Blanche

    Wish they would consider a top mounted Fpv screen if dimensions are same as say PS4 controller easily a 10hx12w screen could be part of transmitter not a tiny useless screen like on Tango

  5. Chris FPV

    I was about to buy a Q X7, but now I’m going to hold off. It probably isn’t as versatile as the Q X7, but I’m a thumber and I’m sure it’ll feel much more natural in my hands.


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