Does Frsky X-Lite TX Support Crossfire?

The Frsky X-Lite has an external module bay that is too small to fit standard size JR modules including the TBS Crossfire. Are we giving up that easily? HELL NO! A few people have been taking the X-Lite apart as soon as they received the the first batch, and trying to find out whether they can get it working.

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Does Frsky X-Lite work with TBS Crossfire?

And the answer is yes, the X-Lite DOES work with the Crossfire!

I and Andrey Mironov, the developer of BLHeli Configurator and Betaflight are working together with Frsky on reviewing their latest X-Lite TX and R9M-Lite system. In the process Andrey discovered this exciting possibility, so kudos to him for the great info!

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How to connect X-Lite and Crossfire?

Surprisingly, the hack/setup is very simple!

The connection between the X-Lite module bay and the Crossfire is just direct wiring. There is no need for additional hardware.

Unlike the Taranis QX7 and Horus X10 which have issues with baud rate and require extra hardware to work properly with the Crossfire, the X-Lite does not have such issue.

In the menu, the option “CRSF protocol” is already there under external module in the setup page just like any other Frsky radios running OpenTX.

The Challenge

This is really good news for those who want to get the X-Lite working with Crossfire module. It seems like the only challenge we need to overcome is the physical incompatibility.

Hopefully some sort of breakout adapter can do the trick here, perhaps 3D printed or even injection molded for the extra durability. I will update this post once I find a good solution to this.

Update (Nov 2018): We have a ready-made adapter!

Banggood is now selling this JR module adapter for the X-Lite.


And now it’s just a matter of connecting the Crossfire or other JR module of your choice to the back of the X-Lite!

9 thoughts on “Does Frsky X-Lite TX Support Crossfire?

  1. Ben

    Hi Oscar,
    Do you know if the X-Lite Pro will soon be Crossfire compatible too? I believe the External module pins aren’t yet active in software!



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