Review: HDZero Race V3 Video Transmitter – Improvements and How to Connect

by Oscar
Review Hdzero Race V3 Vtx Video Transmitter Ufl Connector

The newly released HDZero Race V3 VTX is making waves, and for a good reason. This isn’t just another VTX; it’s the result of understanding what the FPV community wants and delivering a product that directly addresses these expectations. In this review, I’ll take you through its standout features, enhancements over its predecessor and what you should be aware of when using this VTX.

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Review Hdzero Race V3 Vtx Video Transmitter Unbox Accessories

Key Improvements

The Race V3 is the third version of HDZero’s Race series VTX, and with each new release, HDZero has introduced substantial improvements.

Notably, the Race V3 is considerably compact than its predecessors, measuring 28*32*5mm and weighing a mere 5.5g. It’s now 22% smaller than the Race V2 VTX and 5% lighter.

Despite its reduced size, it continues to support all the same power outputs (25mW and 200mW) and video modes (540p 90fps, 720p 60fps, and the upcoming 1080p 30fps) as its older counterparts. It doesn’t sacrifice durability for size and weight either, with a PCB that’s 60% thicker at 1.8mm, it adds resilience to the VTX against crashes.

A new addition to this VTX is its input voltage range, from 4V to 12V. While this range is slightly more limited compared to its predecessors, it enables usage with 5V pads on flight controllers, provided they support up to a 1.5A output. This compatibility makes it easy to integrate with a wider range of flight controllers.

A Closer Look at the HDZero Race V3

As always, you’ll find the standard HDZero chipset and the firmware upgrade connector. The standard features of the previous versions have been preserved, but the focus has primarily been on enhancing the VTX’s packaging and resilience. The durability improvements also extend to the components, with increased sizes for better durability.

Review Hdzero Race V3 Vtx Video Transmitter Jst Connector

The previous Race V2, did reduce the size from the V1. However, it was still challenging to fit in some smaller frames where it could potentially protrude and become prone to damage during crashes.

The new HDZero Race V3 video transmitter was engineered with racers in mind. On comparing the Race 3 next to the Race 2, the reduction in footprint is immediately noticeable. With a width of only 28mm, it’s basically the size of a standard 20x20mm flight controller. It also includes a screws retention bar to hold the UFL connector securely.

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When it comes to installing the Race 3 VTX, you’ll notice a considerable improvement not just in terms of size, but also in wiring complexity. The VTX comes pre-wired with a 40mm harness, allowing for easy integration with compatible flight controllers, saving you valuable build time.

Significant effort has been made to increase its durability. For instance, the PCB thickness  has been upgraded from 1mm to 1.6mm which makes the VTX more robust, as does the application of additional glue for improved durability.

Review Hdzero Race V3 Vtx Video Transmitter Ufl Connector

Power Consumption

The power consumption of the HDZero Race V3 VTX is varies depending on input voltage and power level, ranging between approximately 1A at 25mW at 5V to 0.5A at 200mW at 12V. Lower power levels and higher voltages will draw less current.


One of the standout features of the Race V3 VTX is its compatibility with the HDZero 540p90 mode, which enables incredibly low latency of approximately 14ms. This makes it a strong contender for racing, offering some of the lowest latencies compared to other digital FPV systems.

Connection and Pinout

The HDZero Race V3 VTX has the same number of pins as other models like the DJI O3 and Vista. However, the arrangement of these pins, or pinouts, are different. Hence, it’s absolutely essential to cross-check the pinouts of your flight controller before connection, or you risk causing damage to the VTX.

For those of you who dread the soldering process, the Race V3 comes with a plug that’s ready to connect to any flight controller with a standard DJI plug. It was an absolute breeze to install. Just plug it into the DJI plug, and you’re set. This is huge for racers like me who want to spend less time on setup and more time flying.

A Word of Caution

Although the HDZero Race V3 VTX brings many impressive features to the table, one critical aspect to bear in mind is whether the BEC on your flight controller can handle the load.

Many 5V regulators on flight controllers, often rated for 2A, could potentially overheat and fail when pushed to their limits, resulting in potential issues. Therefore, it is highly recommended to choose a regulator rated for 3A to guarantee optimal reliability and performance of your VTX. Despite the HDZero Race V3 VTX being rated at 1.5A, having a bit of additional headroom offers a sense of security.

Since the VTX draws up to 5.8W at maximum power, ensuring your regulator can withstand this load is crucial.

Wrapping Up

The HD-Zero Race 3 VTX is a significant step forward for the FPV racing community. By offering a smaller form factor, flexible input power, enhanced durability, supports for low latency mode, it addresses some long-standing complaints about previous VTX’s. This new video transmitter is a compelling choice for both newcomers and seasoned FPV racers.

You can purchase the HDZero Race V3 VTX from these vendors:

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Noé 27th December 2023 - 8:27 pm

hello, i have a problem with this vtx, i want to do the update but the cable is not supplied and cannot be found, what can i do?

Oscar 30th December 2023 - 10:27 am

Contact the seller where you bought the VTX from, or contact HDZero directly.