How To Play Video On Raspberry Pi?

How to play video on Raspberry Pi?

The first few things you want to do on the Pi is probably to play video on it. Play Video on Raspberry Pi is actually quite easy. You can use a media player called “omxplayer”. This software comes with Wheezy or Raspbian by default. To play video simply type in this command in the terminal.

omxplayer -o hdmi /path/to/filename.mp4

The -o hdmi enables sounds output on the HDMI port.

If it doesn’t work or you don’t think it’s installed, you can try to follow the instructions here to download and install it.

With this player, you don’t even need to enter the GUI (StartX) to play the videos! really awesome stuff.

Alternatively you can install XBMC instead. It’s a great Media center software which is also plays videos. I wrote a post about it here.

3 thoughts on “How To Play Video On Raspberry Pi?

  1. Krassegrand

    I have had a lot of help from and now it works

    I will look in the manual for fine adjustments!


  2. Krassegrand

    Simply type in….
    “omxplayer -o hdmi /path/to/filename.mp4”

    How do I configure so that I can click on the chosen video file and watch it?
    And most high quality films are .mkv



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