ImmersionRC RF Powermeter V2

The RF PowerMeter V2 from ImmersionRC allows you to quickly check if your VTX and radio transmitter are performing optimally. It can give you an accurate reading on how much power your transmitter is actually putting out.

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Why You Might or Might Not Want an RF PowerMeter?

If you race or fly with others, then you should care.

Some VTX might be labeled 200mw, but actually outputs 600mw. You wouldn’t have known this until you test it out with a RF powermeter.

If you try to fly with others you are going to give others a lot of interference and terrible video, and you will be scratching your head and wondering why.

It is also extremely handy during a race, where each quad on the starting grid can be checked for actual RF output power and the ones transmitting more than you want can be picked out immediately, preventing issues during the races with channels being stomped on by the higher power VTx.

But of course, if you only fly alone then the importance of verifying VTX power is of less importance.

IRC RF PowerMeter V2 Features

  • It’s affordable and portable compared to equipment of this kind
  • Find out about VTX output power
  • Measures frequency from 35MHz all the way up to 6GHz
  • Use it to locate a downed RC model with a powered VTX in tall grass. You just need to attach a directional antenna on it and it essentially turns into a quad finder. You get a stronger signal as you point it closer to the direction of the quad, allowing you to quickly retrieve it
  • Integrated Li-Ion 18650 battery, one full charge will last for 8 hours
  • USB port for battery charging and firmware updating

Is the Attenuator Required?

In the older version, you had to buy an expensive attenuator to calibrate the RF PowerMeter. We are glad to find out that the attenuator is now built into the RF Powermeter V2!

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