“Indestructible” Lipo Battery Straps! (Out of Stock)

Our branded LiPo battery straps are back in stock! This time we added some durable designs for my website and our IntoFPV forum, you can buy them here and show us your support. The new straps are designed to be the perfect straps for a racing drone or freestyle mini quads.

Purchase here via Paypal:

Each order contains all 3 types of straps. With “No Tracking”, there is nothing I can do when parcel is lost (though it rarely happens). Please make sure your address is correct in Paypal.

Availability: No Longer In Stock

Product Description

We have 3 different straps, each one with different features.

First off, we have the “hook and loop” battery strap with embedded rubberized Kevlar threads which significantly improve the strength of the strap, while your battery will be held securely in place with minimal slipping.

The design is probably the closest to unbreakable I have seen in battery straps. However due to the stronger material, they are thicker than normal straps, so make sure the strap slots in your frame are wide enough.

  • Logo: IntoFPV
  • Size: 2cm x 22cm (including buckle)
  • Buckle material: Stainless Steel
  • Slot requirement: 3mm

The size of the strap is suitable for a quadcopter using 1000-2200mah battery, with no excess strap flapping around.

Next, we have the same battery strap but with my blog’s URL as the logo, and slightly different design.

  • Logo: OscarLiang.com
  • Size: 2cm x 23cm (including buckle)
  • Buckle material: Durable plastic
  • Slot requirement: 3mm

The advantage of the plastic buckle is the light weight, yet they are generally strong enough against moderate crashes on a quadcopter. I have yet broken one of these buckles in 2 years of flying.

Finally, we have the original IntoFPV straps. These have been popular and we sold over 1000 of these. This is the lightest design in the three, and also the thinnest therefore is compatible with more frames.

They come in black and have a sticky underside to help hold your battery in place securely. They fit all the mini quads I’ve flown, for both 3S and 4S LiPo batteries.

  • Logo: IntoFPV
  • Size: 2cm x 23cm (including buckle)
  • Buckle material: Durable plastic

Another cool thing about this design is the white space under the logo for you to fill in your contact information if you wish (name, email or phone number). In case you lose your model and somebody finds it, they can contact you. It’s also handy in meet-ups, people can quickly identify the owner of the quad by looking at the tag. :)




19 thoughts on ““Indestructible” Lipo Battery Straps! (Out of Stock)

  1. Sam J

    Hi Oscar,

    I have just build my first quad and have a gopro hero 3 which i want to mount!

    I saw you have a 3D printed lens protector and mount and wondered if you would share the STL?


  2. Matt

    I cant find any, but for my lumanier skitzo dark matter, it pretty much needs a 15mm x 230mm battery strap (for bottom mount 4s) (20mm, or in this case 2cm wont fit in the frame slit :( ) Got any ideas?

  3. patrick

    hey Oscar,
    would be really neat if you would also supply these in 15mm width (still 200mm length) for those wicked QAV-X (and smaller) frames! Thanks!

      1. orion

        Since i learned so much from this website i purchased some myself even if i have many :)
        Consider it a sign of appreciation for what you do .
        do you know how long it will take to arrive ?

      2. Oscar Post author

        Thank you Orion for the Support! :D
        Should only take 3 to 5 working days normally, but sometimes it can take up to 30 days in extreme cases. It depends on how fast it can get through the custom in your country.

  4. Roland


    Thanks for your reply. And sorry I was to quick!
    I received the straps today!! Damn the look good.

    Thanks a lot!


    1. Oscar Post author

      Hi Roland
      your order was dispatched last thursday, should take about a week to arrive.
      sorry i don’t have a notification system in place for my orders at the moment :(

  5. ido

    Hi Oscar,

    I always love your blog posts, they have given me so much info and helped me during my quad build. Great initiative, having these straps. I ordered a couple out of appreciation for your blog.



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