Micro FPV Camera Mount

Micro FPV cameras are getting more and more popular because of the compact form factor and light weight. A lot of good cameras that come out today are in micro size, and don’t fit in many 5″ frames without some DIY modifications. It’s good to know that Runcam released a micro camera mount to solve this issue.

Buy the Runcam Micro Camera Mount from: http://bit.ly/2Nf4OhS

Since the day Runcam released the Micro Swift FPV camera with 19mm width, I had been asking them about providing a “micro to full size adapter”. Many frames still only support full size (aka standard size) FPV cameras of 28mm width, such as the HS1177, Swift 2 and Eagle 2.

Yes, you can print one with a 3D printer, but not everyone has access to it.

I guess Runcam finally listened and they are now selling these as accessory. Perhaps a little pricey ($2.5 a piece), but I am sure a lot of people will find it useful.

It’s made of semi-transparent molded plastic, with metal inserts (brass) in the screw holes. This should be a lot more durable than 3D printed parts in crashes.

7 thoughts on “Micro FPV Camera Mount

  1. Yatti

    With the added weight of the adaptor doesn’t that negate the whole idea of weight reduction going for micro cam? Why not just use the full size camera right off the bat? The standard size camera also has better quality image as well..right?

    1. Oscar Post author

      It’s just to accommodate new cameras (mostly micro sizes nowadays) for older frames (only support standard size). It’s made to increase hardware compatibility between new and old parts.

  2. Merocle

    I think on the 3d printer it turned out not bad)
    Made a model from the photo on banggood

    download if you need it )

      1. Oscar Post author

        Nice, but for some people it’s cheaper to buy those then getting them 3D printed :D and the brass inserts definitely make it more durable.

  3. Hypurr

    Nice, good info. Just used something like that to mount a micro Swift 3 into an Armatan Japalura frame.



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