Micro FPV Transmitters for Nano Quad

by Oscar

Micro Quadcopters like the Hubsan X4 has limited lifting capability, so the FPV gear must be as light weight as possible and also capable of running off 1S LiPo. There are currently a few Transmitters / FPV combo (camera + VTX) that I found suitable for this task. If you find any other options and alternatives please let me know.

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TX5823 200mW 5.8Ghz video transmitter


Price: $11

Includes: VTX

Weight: 2.1g

I used this transmitter in various build, it performs pretty well. Only problem is can get over-heat easily due to the power it has in such a small dimension. But it’s definitely one of the lightest, cheapest VTX for your DIY FPV system. I recently made a 5.8Ghz FPV system with this VTX.


It uses Band E, and is not compatible with ImmersionRC but Boscam.

Micro FPV SPMVA1100 Spectrum

Micro FPV Camera and Video Transmitter SPMVA1100

Price: $100

Includes: VTX + Camera + Antenna

Weight: 4.5g

This is probably the most expensive FPV combo on the market currently. It’s compatible with Fatshark and ImmersionRC. Good thing is it works straight out of the box, and there is no DIY work.

Pico FPV Combo

Pico FPV Combo V2 (900 MHz & 1.3 GHz)

Price: $75

Includes: Camera + VTX + Antenna

Weight: 7g

I have not tried this one yet. It uses 900 MHz & 1.3 GHz frequency which will give you the best wall penetration performance. But most people will find these frequency inconvenient because most people probably have a 5.8Ghz video receiver already, there might be extra cost in investing in a 1.3Ghz video receiver just for this FPV combo.

AltitudeRC 5.8GHz 25mW

AltitudeRC 5.8GHz 25mW Nano FPV Transmitter

Price: $50

Includes: VTX

Weight: 3.5g

I bought this VTX and will be testing it on my micro quad. It weights a little more than it says in the specification. But the quality seems very nice, and there is minimum amount of soldering. It’s compatible with Fatshark and ImmersionRC.

I built a micro FPV setup with this video transmitter and a 2g mini FPV camera.


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Adrian 25th June 2016 - 9:27 am

Hi. First of all thanks for your work. You have inspire me to try to make my first quadcopter.

I just buy another nano fpv combo from bangood : (Just 3.6 g!!!)
FPV AIO 600TVL 170 Degree mini Camera 5.8G 8CH Transmitter All in One Only 3g

Item Name: FPV Camera with TX
Camera: CMOS,600TVL,170 degree
Transmitting Frequency: 5705-5925MHz,5.8G 8CH
FPV Power: 200mW
Distance: ≤300m
Power Supply: 3.7V-5V(1S battery recommanded, will last 15min)
Connector: 1.25mm JST connector
White Cable: +
Black Cable: –
Size: 18*14*21mm
Weight: 3.6g

Not recived yet. I will comment my impresions.

PD: I have also buy a micro frsky ppm receiver with 0.6g weight!!!
This one i have try with my eachine racer 250 and flysky fs-i6 tx

Sebastian 25th May 2015 - 8:59 pm

About the TX5823…

It doesn’t have a power filter. The sellers seems to indicate that a separate 1S battery is needed (engrish, so unsure) but that rhymes with your own experiences, no? Without it, you don’t get video.

So given that another 1S Lipo really isn’t a good option due to the weight, what would you say that the TX5823’s usefulness in micro-quads is?

And then if you can’t use teh TX5823, then why buy the Altitude RC vTx since for the price of that build, you can the SPMVA which only weighs 4.5 grams!

Are there no other less expensive options for a vTx for a microquad? None?


Oscar 25th May 2015 - 10:40 pm

TX5823 can still be used on micro quad, you can always save weight somewhere else… or use bigger motors setup.
4.5g is huge to the micro quad i built, total weight is only 45g (inc battery), so that’s 10%!