Review: Moblite6 vs Moblite7 vs Mobula6 – Which is the best?

by Oscar

The new Happymodel Moblite6 and Moblite7 are the ultra-light versions of the popular Mobula6. I will be comparing these new tiny whoops in all aspects and help you decide which one to get.

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moblite6 accessories unbox

The Moblite6 and Moblite7 come with similar accessories, including a spare frame, two LiPo batteries, a USB battery charger, manual, screwdriver, prop remover tool (doesn’t work) and some spare screws.

moblite7 accessories unbox

The Moblite 6 comes with 1S 300mAh LiPo batteries while the Moblite7 comes with larger 1S 650mAh. The Moblite6 also provides a spare set of four propellers, while the Moblite7 only provides two props of the same rotation, kind of weird.

Moblite 6 vs Mobula 6

Specs Comparison:

Moblite6 Mobula6
Weight (w/o LiPo) 18.5g 20.2g
Flight Controller DiamondF4 FR CRAZYBEE F4 Lite
Built-in ESC 5A (6A Peak) BLHeli_S 5A (6A Peak) BLHeli_S
Motors EX0802 19000KV (unibell) SE0802
Max VTX Power 200mW 25mW
FPV Camera Runcam Nano 3 Runcam Nano 3

Learn about the Mobula6 in this review.

The Moblite6 and Mobula6 use the exact same frame and FPV camera, but the rest of the hardware are mostly different.

The Moblite6 no longer has a canopy, the FPV camera is simply strapped to the front of frame. By doing this, not only the canopy is not required, but you also won’t get any of the props and ducts in the camera view.

The flight controller has been redesigned on a smaller board that looks kind of like a diamond shape, hence the name “DiamondF4”.

The Moblite6 is a couple of grams lighter. Every gram counts for a 20gr tinywhoop, shaving 2 grams (10%) is like a 5″ FPV drone taking the GoPro off, the impact to flight performance is pretty huge.

Although the motors are the same specs, they have different designs. I don’t know if it’s just new motors, but the EX0802 19000KV on the Moblite6 sounds a lot more smoother and quieter than the SE0802 19000KV on my Mobula6.

They replaced the simple RX antenna wire with a much longer one for better range.

But the VTX antenna is shorter in the Moblite6, it might give you less video range but hopefully it’s much more durable. And the max power is now 200mW instead of 25mW, so it might make up for the shorter antenna. The main thing that people complained about with the Mobula6 was always receiver range which usually gives up before video does.

moblite6 tiny whoop fpv drone close up

When it comes to endurance, the Moblite6 is better. It hovers at 45% throttle compared to the 47% of the Mobula6. And I am getting about 1 minute longer flight time on the Moblite6 too (5:30 vs 4:30, it’s real flight time, not hover time).

When hovering, the Moblite6 draws about 3.0A of current while the Mobula6 draws about 4.0A.

The Moblite is also quieter during flight, at 69dB while the Mobula6 is 70dB (measured at 3 meters away).

However, I don’t feel there is a huge difference when it comes to flight performance and handling. They both feel kind of similar and very precise when it comes to control. Maybe the Moblite6 edges out when it comes to speed but it’s hard to tell really, especially when you are flying in tight spaces.

Moblite6 vs Moblite7

Here’s the specs comparison:

Moblite 6 Moblite 7
Weight (w/o LiPo) 18.5g 19.8g
Flight Controller DiamondF4 FR DiamondF4 FR
Built-in ESC 5A (6A Peak) BLHeli_S 5A (6A Peak) BLHeli_S
Motors EX0802 19000KV EX0802 19000KV
Max VTX Power 200mW 200mW
FPV Camera Runcam Nano 3 Runcam Nano 3
Propellers 31mm Tri-blade 40mm Bi-blade

moblite6 moblite7 mobula6 size comparison

The Moblite6 and Moblite7 have a lot in common:

  • Same EX0802 motors
  • Same flight controller, board: CRAZYBEEF4FR (hence the same RX, VTX, ESC too)
  • Using PH2.0 connectors (solid pins)
  • Same Betaflight firmware version (3.5.7), PID tune and filter settings

It weighs quite a bit more with the 1S 650mAh Batteries, at 35.7g, which is almost 10g heavier than the Moblite6 with 1S 300mAh (26g).

The Moblite7 is louder than the Moblite6 too, at 73dB vs 69dB (measured at 3 meters away).

Flight time is simply AMAZING! I got about 10 minutes 20 seconds with the provided 1S 650mAh (real flight time, not hover time).

Despite the much heavier weight, it still manages to hover at 45% throttle and draws 3.7A of current. When I land, the battery is barely warm. It’s amazing how efficient this setup can be with those 40mm bi-blade props.

It’s got a lot of power too! It almost feels *too fast* to be flown in my living room. It’s harder to make precise turns due to the higher speed and momentum. And because it has so much punch, throttle feels very sensitive and I occasionally hit the ceiling, I think I should put a limit on throttle when flying indoor :)

moblite6 tiny whoop fpv drone review

As current draw is similar to the Mobula6, you will get similar flight time on 1S 300mAh batteries, and flight performance will be even better!

The VTX and RX antennas are exactly the same as the Moblite6.

The battery mounting is different between these two aircraft, the Moblite7 has the battery mounted side way.


Some problems you should be aware of:

Both the Moblite6 and Moblite7 are not made for crashing, everything is more exposed than the Mobula6. They basically sacrificed durability for the lighter weight and better performance.

But it’s cool that both Moblites come with spare frame, because it’s usually the first thing that break on these whoops.

The cameras in both the Moblite 6 and 7 can frequently get knocked out of position in crashes and require re-adjustment. And because the camera is so exposed, the lens is possible to lose focus over time and needs to be re-focus.

The build quality is decent overall, but the frames feel very flimsy and flexible. Out of the box, they even look like someone had been sitting on them, the frames are all badly out of shape and warped.

As a result, one or two of the props are actually scratching inside the ducts. To fix that, I heat up the frame with a hair dryer and squeeze the frame back to its normal shape. That seemed to have fixed it (they fly just fine), but the frames still look slightly out of shape.

If you mostly fly inside the house, and you care a lot about performance, the Moblite6 is definitely the better choice than the Mobula6. But if you care about durability more, then the Mobula6 is still an excellent choice.

Between the Moblite 6 and 7, it depends on the environment you fly in. The Mobilite7 is more versatile and it can handle outdoor flying better. And if you fly in larger places like a stadium, the Moblite7 is definitely the way to go. However I personally find it to be a little too crazy for living room flying, but of course you can try and scale down throttle either in Betaflight, or using throttle curve in your radio. And 10 minutes flight time is simply too good :)

Get yours here:



What Else You Might Need?

It doesn’t matter which quad you are getting, I’d recommend a proper 1S LiPo charger like this to speed up charging:

Also get some spare batteries if you plan to fly a lot (my recommendations):

Finally, get some spare props, especially for the Moblite7:

How to Setup Moblite7 and Moblite6

The steps to setup both Moblite6 and Moblite7 are the same. I don’t recommend updating Betaflight, unless you know how to re-tune PID and filters. Here’s the original CLI dump in case you want to revert back to the original settings.

  • bind receiver, in CLI, enter frsky_bind
  • change channel map (default is TEAR)
  • setup arm switch / angle mode / turtle / beeper
  • enable DShot beacon (motor beeper)
  • change rates
  • set VTX channel, default channel is E2

Here’s the manual, it’s  identical for both models:

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Eric Coker 25th September 2022 - 4:39 pm

Your review is perfect and as a newbie, such as myself, find your reviews to reflect the “every-man” point of view. BTW, I have them all and I have scaled back the throttle to 80% for every micro. And added some expo too, but the rest is stock.
Quick question: my first Moblite7 needed board replacement after I destroyed it with my soldering style. My new board (after practicing my solder technique) was a success. But the OSD says Mobeetle? Its flight characteristics is different. Am I crazy? It is more twitchy or aggressive. Did the board come with a Mobeetle tune?

Mervin 26th May 2022 - 5:44 am


Is there a way to get the Moblite7 with elrs ?

Oscar 26th May 2022 - 4:42 pm

don’t think so, the only solution is to get that FC and replace it on the Moblite7. Or just get that camera mount on the Moblite7 3D printed and replace it on the Mobula7.

Jamie 5th September 2022 - 1:15 pm

I glued an ep02 on the underside between FC and battery

Dicky Soeliantoro 17th January 2022 - 10:37 am

Hi Oscar,
I switched the frame of moblite6 to cockroach75.
But the extra dimension add stress to the camera connector & cable.
Looking for a longer cable + connector from the camera to the diamond AIO. What is the connector called?
Thanks Oscar

M9 24th November 2021 - 9:30 pm

I put Project Mocking Bird tune on my Moblite 7 with Emuflight. It flies absolutely amazing even with the weight of tracer rx! I managed to break one of the frames with a split S into concrete. However it took a lot of efforts to break it. I dont know why my two frames are different versions but who cares. Also broke a motor shaft while trying to take off a prop, so be very careful. Seems I was luckier than Oscar because recieved 2 sets of props.

JinxFPV 4th November 2021 - 4:00 pm

Love my Moblite7!!! I changed the canopy to a Mobula 6 and crammed a crossfire nano in there, flashed JazzMaverick and STILL get over 7 minutes flying around. And in a race, one battery usually lasts me two heats.

I have to argue against the claims that it’s not durable – I’ve ripped the heck out of it in a parking lot – gone full throttle into concrete, steel, you name it – and the worst damage was a broken prop. The frame is solid and doesn’t even have a scratch on it yet!

Chris 20th September 2021 - 9:45 am

Hi there!

Great review, Oscar! I own the Moblite 7 and love this little quad. Fly it exclusively in my apartment (~850 sqft.) with a (roughly) 85 to 90 percent throttle limit (potentiometer) and 450 mah batteries (over 7 minutes of flight time is more than enough for me. I’ve built a nice track to race it on – all around, except for the bathroom :-)
Bumped into walls and furniture a lot and it holds up nicely. It’s my favorite go-to quad since I don’t have a lot of time for my hobby.
Personally, I would not bother getting the Moblite 6 because for me the Moblite 7 is neither too fast nor too loud.

Love your very informative website. It helped me a lot getting into FPV.

Keep up the great work!

Doris 20th July 2021 - 8:21 am

Hi Oscar!

My flight controller has been updated to the latest version (4.2.9).
Then, I have changed the power, band and channel of my MOBLITE 7 on betaflight and the vtx inside osd menu. It shows that I have changed succeefully and however, none of those information and changes have been transmitted to the transmitter.

What should I do to fix it?
Thanks for helping!

Oscar 20th July 2021 - 11:33 am

You should follow instruction in this post. You probably haven’t applied the VTX table.

Fabio Raphael 20th July 2021 - 2:53 am

Tks for all Oscar!

BT 2.0 on this quads is a good idea?

Oscar 20th July 2021 - 11:28 am

Probably yes, but it’s so light the improvement might not be that noticeable. Might actually make a bigger difference on the Mobula6 :)

David 4th July 2021 - 2:32 am

Hi Oscar, thanks for your review and I got my Moblite7. But seems the VTX power can not be change from 25mw, not mater how I set in the power option, the info always shows 25mw, and the current draw and video quality/range are the same also.

Oscar 4th July 2021 - 1:23 pm

Did you update Betaflight to 4.2? If so you have to set VTX table in order to change power.

David 4th July 2021 - 5:20 pm

Never did that, still 3.5.7. Try to setup via CLI command “set vtx_power=4”, or via OSD menu. Both method can see result “800mw” in vtx power option but the info still shows 25mw, and didn’t see any different in range and current. :(

Robert 16th May 2021 - 4:31 am

Moblite7 has triblades according to your table, but on the pictures I don’t see triblades.

all-in-z 5th May 2021 - 9:04 pm

Hi Oscar, great review and comparison. Exactly what I was looking for !
One question: if you flash the esc to 48khz on the mobiltex, do you think you can get more fly time?

Thank you !

Oscar 6th May 2021 - 7:31 pm

It will most likely increase flight time, just a matter of how much :)
But the free JazzMaverick 48KHz firmware is a bit sketchy (16.77 and newer) and we constantly hear people having issues. You could use the JESC firmware but it costs $1 each ESC which is not cheap.
I am quite happy with the flight time it offers out of the box, in fact I get a bit bored flying more than its current flight time anyway so not actively looking to increase it :)

Greg 5th May 2021 - 8:27 am


For the Moblite 7, does yours fly well on Profile 1? Mine seems to flutter and sound over tuned. On profile 2, it seems to fly fine, but just looks like a stock betaflight tune…

Oscar 5th May 2021 - 9:32 am

profile 1 flies pretty well for me! All stock settings.

Andrew 3rd May 2021 - 3:02 am

Ok, thank you!

I know that it kind of defeats the purpose by adding any kind of weight, but I have seen a lot of guys add a canopy to it, and still getting insane flight time and knowing they have some added protection with that canopy. But thanks again for the response!

Andrew 2nd May 2021 - 10:05 pm

Hey Oscar. I am torn between getting either the Mobula6 or the Moblite7. If I get the Moblite7, then I would just add a Mobula6 canopy on it to protect the FC and the camera. If I get the Mobula6, I would switch it to a 75mm frame. So which one do you think would be better?
A Moblite7 with a canopy for protection?
Or a Mobula6 in a 75mm frame?

Oscar 2nd May 2021 - 10:40 pm

The added weight kind of defeats the purposes of the Moblites. But in your case, I would get the Moblite7 because the VTX is 200mW, and the newer EX0802 motors are smoother.

Hanley 1st May 2021 - 1:41 pm

i just got 6 minutes flight time with crazepony 650mah. do you fly in stock setting?

Oscar 1st May 2021 - 3:19 pm

Crazypony is a really bad brand for LiPo, never buy them! Get the LiPo I linked in this review.