Review: NewBeeDrone AcroBee75 – Smallest Cinewhoop with DJI O3

by Oscar

The Acrobee75 is one of the smallest O3 Cinewhoops. It’s particularly suited for indoor FPV flying due to its compact size and excellent tuning for indoor flight. In this review we will check out its features and performance.

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Design and Build

The Acrobee75 HD is distinctively smaller than most O3 whoops, featuring a 75mm wheelbase. Its design includes a unique cage for mounting the DJI O3 Air Unit without the need for camera dampening, thanks to the drone’s excellent tuning that minimizes vibrations. The kit version of AcroBee75 comes nearly pre-built, requiring only the addition of the O3 Air Unit.

Comparing it with the BetaFPV Pavo Pico, the Acrobee75 HD’s size difference is ever so slightly smaller. The drone’s lightweight design, complemented by a 2S lipo battery, makes it ideal for agile maneuvering in tight spaces. Although advertised as an indoor drone, my experience has shown that it can handle outdoor flying, even in challenging weather conditions.

The drone uses NewBeeDrone’s BeeBrain F7 AIO board with a built-in ELRS receiver, and it operates on 2S lipos. The drone’s compatibility with the DJI O3 Air Unit allows for high-quality video capture.


I found the Acrobee75 HD’s flight to be smooth, making it ideal for capturing detailed indoor footage. Its small size and prop protectors enable safe navigation through tighter spaces, making it perfect for real estate videography of smaller properties like condos or apartments.

However, its performance outdoors in windy conditions is limited, so it’s best used in calm weather. The outdoor flight time with a 2S 550mAh lipo battery was around 3 to 4 minutes. The drone’s ability to fly slowly allowed for some cinematic captures, although the propwash and small form factor did affect its freestyle capabilities.


The NewBeeDrone Acrobee75 HD, with its compact size and excellent video system, is a fantastic choice for those looking to capture stunning indoor footage. While it’s not designed for outdoor flying, it can handle calm weather conditions. Its size, smooth flight characteristics, and high-quality video capabilities make it a valuable tool in the FPV real estate videography toolkit.

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