Review: Rotor Riot Swift 2 FPV Camera

The Runcam Swift 2 Rotor Riot edition has been out for a while and we finally get to try this camera and compare it to the original Swift 2 and see how to perform.

You can get the Rotor Riot Swift 2 from |

Check out this guide to learn more about FPV cameras.


  • CCD 600TVL
  • Lens: 2.5mm RC25G (aka “Gopro” lens)
  • Input Voltage: 5V – 36V
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Battery Voltage and timer OSD Display
  • Latency: 23ms
  • Weight: 15.9g

Differences between Swift 2 Original and Rotor Riot Edition

You can check out our review on the Swift 2 Original here.

As far as we know, the Rotor Riot Swift 2 is based on the Swift 2 hardware with some modifications:

  • Custom designed housing (a bit heavier than the original housing, but it looks awesome)
  • Custom camera settings from Rotor Riot
  • Using “GoPro” lens

What’s in the box?

Image Quality Testing

In the testing, i wanted to compare the Swift 2 original with the Rotor Riot Edition. I thought it would be fun to put the same RR settings on the original and see if we can replicate the same results.

Darker and higher contrast

Somehow there is a slight difference in brightness and colour between the two, I am not sure if that was something caused by the different lenses, or lighting condition even though the tests were done only a few minutes apart.

The Original Swift 2 has a brighter image than the Rotor Riot edition.

Wider FOV

Even though they are both 2.5mm lenses, the RG25C lens (Gopro Lens) clearly gives a wider field of view than the Swift 2 stock lens.

Less sun glare

The Rotor Riot Swift 2 seems to get a lot less sun glare when facing the sun.

Overall the two cameras both perform great and have excellent WDR and image quality. However the RR Swift 2 is $3 more but in exchange you get the GoPro lens and nice looking housing, I guess the rest depends on how much you love Rotor Riot :)

4 thoughts on “Review: Rotor Riot Swift 2 FPV Camera

  1. Ifjfufjfjfmfmfm

    Haha just like the existing RR cam. whack another name and stick a gopro on it. It’s just a mediocre cam with 3 fancy names attached to it! That’s how great marketing works :)

  2. Harald van Buel

    “the tests were done only a few minutes apart”

    Oh come on, thats no way to test…..
    Mount both cams to a 4×4 and shoot the footage at the same time, its not that hard and leave no room for doubt.
    Compare is useless like this, the sun might just have come out a bit more in one shot, and it would affect the entire footage run.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes I agree with what you are saying. I will try to build a testing rig in my future testing, that should allow me to test all the cameras at the same time.


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