Runcam Swift Mini FPV Camera Overview

by Oscar

The Swift has just gotten smaller – The Runcam Swift Mini. Here is some spec of the camera.

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Compared to the Swift it’s considerably smaller, yet it managed to maintain the same image quality.

Product Page: Runcam

It’s designed for the 3″ mini quad (150) market. Or any other tight frames that requires smaller FPV camera. The smaller form factor also gives frame designer more flexibility when it comes to designing new frames.


  • Dimension 22.3 x 22.0 x 27.0mm (WxHxL).
  • Weights 12g
  • Voltage Input: 5 to 36V
  • 600 TVL

Comparing the Swift 2 to the Swift mini.

The Swift mini appears to be using the same lens as the original Swift, the dimension is the same (width and length).

Dimension of the Swift Mini is 22.3 x 22.0 x 27.0mm (WxHxL). It weights 12g only. The mounting holes are M2, distance is 6mm to the next one.

Compared to the Swift 2, dimension is 28.5 x 26 x 27mm (WxHxL).

Camera comes with 2 colours, the iconic orage and black.

There are 3 lens options:

  • FOV 130° 2.5mm
  • FOV 150° 2.3mm
  • FOV 165° 2.1mm

PAL/NTSC is not a camera setting, but you can choose your preference when buying.

The sensor is reinforced by glue to increase its toughness against crashes.

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Shawn Schröter 19th February 2017 - 1:55 pm

You haven’t gotten one for review? I really need to see it