Review: SpeedyBee Adapter 3 – Configuring FPV Drone Without Computer

by Oscar
Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle

The Speedybee Adapter 2 had been the MUST HAVE tool for me and they just made it better with the newer Speedybee Adapter 3! It has many more improvements and new features which I will cover in this review.

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Where to Buy?

What does it do?

You can use the Speedybee Adapter 3 to connect to Betaflight/Emuflight/iNav and configure settings on your phone (via the Speedybee App), no need for a computer! It’s tiny and perfect to take with you to the field. Yes, you can also use an OTG cable which is cheaper, but it’s only available for Android, iPhones don’t support OTG and the Speedybee Adapter would be the next best option as it connects via WiFi.

You can look at Blackbox logs (Betaflight and Emuflight) using it. It also supports firmware flashing, configuring ExpressLRS and BLHeli_S/BLHeli_32 ESC (all inside the Speedybee App), which you can’t do with OTG or previous Speedybee Adapters.

Also, I have been having trouble flashing Betaflight with my new computer (connecting fine to configurator, and DFU driver works fine, but just fails to open serial port when flashing). The Speedybee Adapter is a life saver and it’s what I use to flash Betaflight nowadays.

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Usb Charger

It can be used as a powerful 30W USB charger (USB-A output), and it has a screen to display the voltage of the battery plugged in (works like a battery checker).

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle

It supports both Bluetooth and Wifi. Bluetooth can be used for quick access to your firmware configurator, and it switches to WiFi for flashing firmware or downloading Blackbox logs at the higher speed.

It takes 1S battery via the PH2.0 connector, up to 6S via the XT60.

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Input Xt60 Ph20

Supports both USB-C or Micro USB port in the FC.

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Usb C Micro

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Usb Cable


  • Case Material: ABS + PC
  • USB Cable Length: 12.4cm
  • FC Interface Supports USB-C and Micro USB
  • iOS & Android Compatible
  • Input Voltage: 1-6S (3.8V+ for 1S) –
  • Battery Checker – LED Display for Voltage
  • Power Input Connector: XT60 male, PH2.0 male
  • Required Mobile Device System Version: Android 7.0+ | iOS 12.0+
  • Supported SpeedyBee App Version: V1.6.1 + for iOS | V1.5.6+ for Android
  • Maximum Output Current for flight controllers: 700mA @5V
  • USB Fast Charging
    • Output interface: USB-A
    • Minimum Input Voltage for Charging output: 7.4V (2S LiPo)
    • Supported Fast Charging Protocol: QC3.0/QC2.0, AFC, FCP, SCP/High SCP, PE2.0/PE1.1, SFCP
    • Max Fast Charging Current: 3.5A
    • Max Fast Charging Power: 30W
  • Dimension: 24.8×21.8×53.6mm
  • Weight: 35g

Speedybee Adapter 3 vs Adapter 2 Differences

Apart from these features, I also found the Adapter 3 is a lot of seamless to use than the Adapter 2. When flashing FC I don’t need to leave the app at all, the whole process is smooth as butter. When flashing via the Adapter 2 you have to go to the WiFi settings and choose the Adapter network manually then back to the app, it takes longer to do.

Item SpeedyBee Adapter 3 SpeedyBee Adapter 2 OTG
Support 1-6S LiPo input YES YES N/A
XT60 and PH2.0 connectors YES YES N/A
BF/INAV/EMU configuration YES YES YES
Flight control firmware upgrade YES YES NO
Built-in WiFi YES YES NO
Built-in Bluetooth YES NO NO
Blackbox downloader and analyzer YES NO NO
8-bit BLHeli_S ESC firmware updater YES NO NO
Built-in MicroUSB and Type C connector YES NO NO
Fast charging output up to 30W YES NO NO
Built-In LiPo Voltage Checker YES NO NO

How to Use?

Official Manual (link provided by Speedybee):

Power the Speedybee Adapter 3 from a LiPo battery, then connect the USB cable to the flight controller.

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Usb Lipo Battery Open the Speedybee app on your phone, select the Speedybee Adapter 3 in the device list, and click Search, it should automatically find your adapter (it connects via WiFi).

Speedybee Adapter 3 Fc Wifi Betaflight Config Wireless Dongle Ios Android App Connect Blackbox in Speedybee App

It’s a simplified version of Blackbox Explorer with limited functionality. It’s not meant to replace the PC version. It’s still a useful tool for analyzing and troubleshooting your drone, better than nothing.

The interface is similar to the PC version.

Speedybee App 1.8 Blackbox Traces

The traces available to select is quite limited. You can also select Gyro_scaled (and other debug mode) if available.

Speedybee App 1.8 Blackbox Select Curves You can also use Spectrum analyzer, however only the frequency graph, NO OTHER graph such as frequency vs throttle.

Speedybee App 1.8 Blackbox Spectrum Analyzer You can give that a try, there’s a sample blackbox log inside the app.

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Roman 25th September 2023 - 8:08 am

Can this adapter be used to power DJI Goggles 2?

Oscar 25th September 2023 - 6:44 pm Reply
Nick W 8th September 2023 - 6:32 am

Usually to flash or update ESCs you need battery power to the quad as well as USB or the ESC processors are not powered. I assume that is still the case here?

Oscar 10th September 2023 - 1:08 pm

Yes that’s correct.