Sunnysky R30A BLHeli_S ESC Overview

by Oscar

New R30A BLHeli_S ESC arrived from Sunnysky, so let’s take a quick look at the features, build quality and spec.


The Sunnysky R30A ESC’s are pretty small and light weight mini quad ESC. They are BLHeli_S ESC, and the BB2 MCU they support DShot600 and Multishot.


  • Voltage Input: 2S-4S (they also have a 2S-6S version, but heavier)
  • Current Rating: 30A (40A burst)
  • Weight: 6.8g including 10cm of 18AWG wires and heatsink
  • BB2 Processor
  • Fortior FD6288Q Gate Driver
  • Support DShot600

Size wise it’s very small, close to the Emax Bullet 30A.

Close Up Photos

They comes with heatsink. I wanted to remove it and have a look at the FET’s, but it was impossible. They are glued down to the board so hard, the heatsink started to bend as I was trying to lift it. I was worried it might damaged the components beneath so I gave up. :)

At least that means you are not going to lose these heatsink in a crash :) Apart from cooling, they also protects the ESC from prop strike and other physical damage.

Soldering quality of the ESC is really solid. There is a metal bar as you can see on the top of the picture below. I have to ask Sunnysky what it’s for. At first I thought it was for reducing resistance in the circuit, but It’s not connected to the ground or power as I checked with a multimeter.

More info to come when I discover more. I will also test them on a new build soon with the Sunnysky R2305 motors. Stay tuned

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