Lookup Table: Prop Size, Motor Size, KV, LiPo Cell Count and Weight for DIY FPV Drones

by Oscar

I often get asked what motor size and KV should be used for FPV drones of certain prop size and LiPo voltage. There is no single answer but a range of options you can explore. So I made this list based on the builds I have flown and seen over the years, trying to give you an idea what sort of combinations are possible and popular.


I think this table would be useful for someone who’s building a new FPV drone and have no idea what motors they should/can use.

This is by no mean a complete list of every possible motor size and KV for each prop size / LiPo cell count. I have tried my best to come up with as many examples as I can. If you notice something is missing please do let me know in the comment. Your input would be greatly appreciated!

Prop SizeClassCell CountMotor SizeMotor KVLiPo Battery mAhDry Weight
31mm Whoop1S0603, 080218000-25000300-45020-30g
40mm Whoop1S0802, 110215000-1800045025-35g
2S0802, 0806, 110310000-16000300-45030-60g
3S1102, 11038000-11000300-45040-70g
2" Triblade2S1103, 1105, 11066000-11000300-45060-80g
3S1104, 1105, 11065500-7500300-45060-100g
4S1105, 11065000-6000450-65070-130g
2.5" Triblade2S11045000-600030055-70g
4S1304, 14044500-5000450-850140-180g
2.5" Two-Blade (65mm)Ultralight1S11021350030025-35g
Ultralight2S1103, 11047000-10000450-52040-60g
Ultralight3S1104, 1105, 1106, 1203, 12046000-8000300-65045-65g
Ultralight4S1104, 1105, 1106, 1203, 12044000-450045055-90g
3" TribladeFreestyle2S14044500-5000
Freestyle3S1407, 1408, 15073500-4500550-850120-200g
Freestyle4S1306, 1407, 1408, 1507, 16063000-4200450-1000140-260g
Freestyle6S1408, 1507, 16062800-3000550-650140-260g
3" Two-BladeLong Range1S1103, 120211000Li-Ion 2500-3000mAh
Ultralight1S1103, 1202, 1202.511000-14000450
Ultralight2S1105, 1106, 1203, 1204, 13036000-800045040-60g
Ultralight3S1105, 1106, 1108, 1203, 1204, 1207, 1303, 1304, 14044500-6500300-45055-75g
Ultralight4S1105, 1106, 1108, 1203, 1204, 1207, 1303, 1304, 14043500-5000450-55060-80g
3" Cinewhoop4S1404, 1408, 1507, 2203, 22043800-4600850-1300180-350g
6S1507, 2203, 22042800850180-350g
4" TribladeFreestyle3S
Freestyle4S1407, 1507, 16063000-4000850-1000120-200g
4" Two-BladeUltralight3S1306, 1404, 1406, 1408, 1504, 15053500-4500650-850110-130g
Ultralight4S1306, 1404, 1406, 1408, 1504, 15052500-3000450-650110-130g
Long Range3S14043500-4000Li-Ion 2500-3000mAh130-180g
Long Range4S14042500-3000Li-Ion 2500-3000mAh130-180g
5" TribladeFreestyle4S2306, 2207, 2306.5, 2207.52300 - 27001300-1500250-450g
Freestyle6S2207, 2207.5, 2208, 23081700 - 19501000-1300250-450g
5" Two-BladeUltralight4S1606, 1806, 2004, 2204, 22052300-3000750-1000150-250g
Ultralight6S1606, 1806, 2004, 2204, 22051600-2300450-700150-250g
6"Freestyle4S2207, 2207.5, 2208, 2405, 2407, 24082100 - 25001300-1800250-450g
Freestyle6S2207, 2207.5, 2208, 2405, 2407, 24081500-18001000-1500250-450g
7"Freestyle6S2510, 2806, 2806.5, 2808, 3106.5980-14502200350-500g
Long Range4S2408, 2507, 2508, 2806, 2806.51700-1900Li-ion 2500-3000mAh350-500g
Long Range6S2408, 2507, 2508, 2806, 2806.5980-1450Li-ion 2500-3000mAh350-500g

Dry weight is without battery.

Here are the definition of the terms used in the lookup table.

What’s a Whoop?

Whoops or Tiny Whoops are small quadcopters with prop guards or ducts. Tiny whoops typically have 31mm or 40mm propellers. There are also larger whoops that uses 2″ or even 2.5″ propellers.

What’s a Cinewhoop?

A Cinewhoop is a quadcopter with prop guards, typically running 3″ propellers and capable of carrying a GoPro for capturing cinematic footage.

What’s an Ultralight FPV Drone?

Ultralight FPV drones are as known as “Toothpicks” in the hobby, which are ultra-light quadcopters built with skinny frames and smaller motors. The focus is to reduce weight and improve performance over durability.

What’s a Long Range FPV Drone?

Main focus of a long range FPV drone is efficiency and flight time. They usually use less aggressive motors and powered by Li-ion battery pack, achieving 15mins, 30mins or even longer flight time.

What’s a Freestyle FPV Drone?

A freestyle FPV drone is for general purposes that doesn’t apply to any of the above. It offers a good balance between performance, durability, and the ability of carrying a GoPro for HD recording. Basically it’s just a powerful quad that you can bash around with.

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Jayson 4th August 2022 - 5:46 pm

This list holds immense value for those that don’t know the math to calculate what should be used. While it’s somewhat incomplete, it’s still good enough I’m coming here at least twice a month to study it to get a stronger idea of what goes with what.

Many thanks!

Oscar 5th August 2022 - 12:24 pm

Thanks! Let me know if there’s any missing quad/motor size I should add.

bhavani prasad daram 26th May 2022 - 5:33 am

hey oscar!
can you provide the calculative approach to select motor,propeller aand battery based on weight or thrust.

Jose Romulus Rebusora 8th August 2021 - 12:36 pm

Teach me how to fpv freestyl

Malcolm 4th April 2021 - 10:04 am

Hi Oscar
I would very much like to build a larger quad than those listed. Maybe 14″/15″ props for: Range/Flight Time, Stability as a camera platform, and Slower rotating props for noise/annoyance reduction.
The insane (YouTube: ‘TBS Discovery Pro on Steroids !’ being along the right lines. but very expensive. :)
Have you, or is there existing, a Motor/Prop chart for these larger Quads or any pertinent advice,
existing articles not being very comprehensive, or sometimes somewhat contradictory ?


Oscar 4th April 2021 - 5:13 pm

Multirotor this big isn’t very popular. main stream builds are below 7″.
I don’t have experience with 14″/15″ sorry.

Scott A Abramczyk 2nd April 2021 - 3:53 pm

No such thing as a 4S, 7-in freestyle?

Cédric 28th March 2021 - 10:14 am

Hi Oscar !
Just a little question : How a freestyle 6” quad (150-250g according to the lookup table) can be lighter than a freestyle 5” quad (250-450g ) ?
Tank you for your answer !
Happy flying

Oscar 28th March 2021 - 1:19 pm

sorry copy and paste error.

Jason 11th December 2022 - 10:33 am

Hi Cedric, whilst we are correcting typos, shouldn’t we make certain to spell words correctly? (ie) “Tank you for your answer.” ☝️🤦

Carlos 17th March 2021 - 10:39 pm

This is a great compilation, thanks!
Based on these, some nice trends on power-to-weight and disk loading could be set, with just a few more figures

Daniel 25th January 2022 - 10:47 pm

would love to see that