Taranis X9D Upgrade Mod #2 – Holder, Anti-Slip Pad, Neckstrap Hook, Trim Button

by Oscar

In this Taranis upgrade mod episode, I will install the back holder and anti-slip pads, as well as replacing the neckstrap hook, switch sleeves and trim buttons.

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I documented all the upgrades, DIY hacks, and OpenTX tutorials in this post, check it out! It’s been 18 months since my last mod, some changes are needed :D

Taranis Stand Holder

The holder is installed to the handle on the back of the Taranis. It’s especially useful if you have a module mounted on the back, like the Crossfire or R9M, so you don’t scratch it when resting the radio on the floor.

Works for both Taranis X9D and QX7. Available color: blue, silver and black.

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Anti-slip Pads

If you have the Taranis X9D, especially with the “carbon fibre” housing, you know how slippery the radio is. :)

These rubbery pads are designed specifically for the Taranis X9D. They improve grip and prevent slipping when holding the radio. It definitely helps!

Installation is straight forward, and it looks pretty nice on the Taranis. However it is a bit expensive for the quality and for what it is. It can be easily removed and doesn’t leave mess.

Where to Buy?

One design flaw though: part of the pad overlaps the front housing, so when you try to take the TX apart you’d have to remove the sticky pad first. I recommend cutting the pad along the line that separates the front and back housing housing, then stick them on separately.

Glossy Switch Sleeves

I already have switch sleeves installed previously, but I want to try something different.

The new ones I bought have a tighter fit. I like the rubbery texture, and seem to be more durable. These are in black color and have a glossy finish. They come in a pack of 10 which is more than enough for the Taranis. The length is all the same, but you can shorten them with a pair of scissors.

I deliberately left an old red switch sleeve on the arm switch so it stands out more. In the future when someone else uses my radio, I can just tell them “arm and disarm the quad with the red switch” :)

Where to Buy?

Banggood: http://bit.ly/2Et6DHd

Neckstrap Hook (Balance Bar)

I fly wings and I can’t live without a good old neck strap. The original neckstrap hook served me well, but I wanted something better looking that actually matches the color of my transmitter.

I am surprised how cheap this new neck strap hook, and it’s a nicely machined piece of aluminium alloy. Very easy to install and it works well on many other radios too, not just the Taranis X9D. There are several colors available, and existed in vertical and horizontal configurations. For the Taranis X9D, I recommend the Horizontal one.

The design allows you to rotate the hook 180 degree freely, very flexible! However it feels a tiny bit loose. Even when I have tightened the screw, it still wiggles a tiny bit. Anyway it’s not really a deal breaker.

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Replacement Trim Button

My Taranis is 4 years old! Two of the trim buttons are becoming unresponsive, and the trims often get stuck off centered. The good news is, It only costs $3 to replace them!

Installation is simple, so I won’t explain in detail: simply open the radio, unplug the cable to the trim button, unscrew the original PCB and replace with the new one.

Make sure to take note of the orientation of the original trim button so you don’t put the new one in the wrong way round.

Where to Buy?

Do you want me to do other useful/cool upgrades? Let me know in the comment.

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Woody FPV 20th December 2018 - 8:41 pm

I’ve been using the G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer for Taranis X9D.

Fitting means dismantling the case but it sits flush against the Tx case, instead of standing proud, and looks cool.

Blaze 19th December 2018 - 6:39 am

Hey Oscar,
I put The rubber pads on mine like few months ago. I definately recommend first puting them on The radio nad then cutting with al exacto knife