Frsky Taranis X9D Hacks, Mods and Tutorials

There are many Taranis X9D hacks, DIY mods, tutorials and upgrades! I spent a long time making this great compilation of resources related to Taranis X9D TX radio transmitter. Some of the modifications might also work for other Frsky TX including the Taranis Q X7 and Horus X10 and X12.

The Taranis X9D is undeniably one of the most powerful radio transmitters you can get for the money. The software is very flexible and it has a large user community, there are new ideas and hacks being discovered everyday for the Taranis. I will keep updating this post and I hope this post is useful to you.

Index of Content

Tutorials for Taranis and OpenTX

  1. Using a switch to start and stop a Timer
  2. Setup Throttle Timer to determine when to land
  3. Adjust Taranis Gimbals Tension – making changes to the tension of your sticks, it might improve the smoothness of your flying
  4. Flash Frsky Taranis OpenTX Firmware – how to update your Taranis with the latest OpenTX firmware for the latest features and bug fixes
  5. Create and Play Custom Voice Sound Track – shows you how to create custom human voice sound tracks and play it on the Taranis
  6. Play Music With Taranis TX and Adjust Volume – turns your Taranis TX into a music player, with the ability of adjusting volume
  7. Use your Taranis to flash D4R-II and X4R-SB RX firmware – you can use your Taranis radio as a firmware flashing tool to update firmware on the D4R-II and X4R-SB receivers
  8. Get RSSI in PPM/SBUS Channel – you can setup the Taranis to get RSSI using one of the spare PPM or SBUS channels
  9. Setup a switch to report battery voltage & simple low voltage alarm
  10. Using Taranis logical switches to set up reliable voltage alarm
  11. Adjusting channel mid points and end points
  12. Setup Throttle Curve
  13. How to log GPS coordinates and Telemetry data

Taranis X9D Hacks and DIY Mods

  1. M9 Gimbals Upgrade – Frsky released these “Hall effect” upgrade gimbals specially for the X9D
  2. TX Module for Brushed Toy Quadcopters – with this external RF module, it allows you to bind other toy micro quads to the Taranis TX
  3. Upgrade #1: Custom shell, color switch sleeves, stick ends – some upgrades to the aesthetics and functionality
  4. Upgrade #2: holder, rubber pads, strap hook, trim button – more upgrades to the aesthetics and handling
  5. Taranis speaker mod – replaces the original speaker for clearer and louder sound
  6. Antenna Mod – Replacing 2dB antenna with RP-SMA pigtail so it’s possible to use higher gain 5dB antenna, or other types of antenna
  7. Custom inlays
  8. Upgrade LiPo Battery | Use 18650 Li-Ion Batteries
  9. Taranis 6 position switch mod – coming soon
  10. Color switch nuts – coming soon

Tips and Tricks

The following tricks are based on OpenTX 2.2 or newer firmware interface.

Change screen backlight colour

Taranis X9D Plus allows you to change backlight colour. Some of the TX come with white/amber (red) backlight, while others are white/blue. If you didn’t get to choose which version you want when purchasing, this would be random. If you want the other color, you will have to swap it out yourself.

Here is how to adjust backlight colour:

  1. Enter “Radio Setup” by doing a Long Press of the “Menu” Button
  2. Scroll down to half way, and find “Backlight > Color”
  3. Adjust color bar to desired color

Custom boot screen (custom splash screen)

You can replace the OpenTX screen with your own logo, which appears as you power on your transmitter. You can upload the image as part of the OpenTX firmware update.

The required image format and size for the QX7 is monochrome BMP 128×64 pixels. For X9D the resolution should be 212×64 pixels.

See this guide on how to flash OpenTX firmware to Taranis.

Custom Model Image

In the home screen of a particular model, you can choose to display a model image in the center. And you can also design and use your own image.

Image format requirement: 64×32 pixels monochrome BMP file.

Name the image file to whatever you want (as short as possible, avoid symbols), and put it in “/IMAGES/” folder.

Now you can select the model image file in your model setup, 2nd option.

Custom boot sound

Go to this directory in your Taranis SD card: “\SOUNDS\en\SYSTEM“, and replace “hello.wav” with your favourite sound track. See this guide on how to create your own sound tracks for the Taranis transmitter.

Note: the boot sound used to be called “tada.wav”, but OpenTX has changed the naming structure to their system sound files since v2.2.

Custom Sound Pack

The stock sounds of the Taranis lady is a bit too manly, not to mention the low quality too. There is a sexier sound pack you can download from OpenTX’s website:

Download the “Amber Sound pack”, decompress the file, and replace all the files in “\SOUNDS\en“. The new sounds are a lot clearer as well IMO, definitely worth changing over.

Other older sound packs won’t work on the latest OpenTX because they have made changes to the sound files names in version 2.2. So make sure you get the most up to date resources.

13 thoughts on “Frsky Taranis X9D Hacks, Mods and Tutorials

  1. Patrick

    I’m pretty new to programming Transmitters but have installed the module from a DX4e (DX5e module) onto the Hack board and have it mounted in one of the Spektrum DM9 cases, and it appears to work properly. However, I cannot figure out how to program any of the Spektrum SAFE functions on it. I have downloaded a few models from a site (R/C Settings) with limited success, but I’m not finding anything about it to be intuitive, and when I try to bind with a Blade (200QX, 350QX2, NanoQX) I can not get the Throttle to arm, among others. Can you provide any instruction or point me in the direction of something useful? I have scoured and read/watched much information, but thus far am coming up empty when it comes to success with the Blades, and also no success getting Spektrum SAFE functions working on any of the switches.
    Thanks in advance for your help

  2. Jad

    thank you for your great tutorial, I have a question and I am struggling to find an answer, maybe I am asking the question in wrong way pls correct me if I do,
    how I can use frysky taranis 9xD plus to control a 2x geared DC 24 V brushed motors through( pixhawk 4 , roboclaw 2×30 motor controller and QGround control) I am very new in transmitters world, this transmitter has already modules for aeroplanes and quadcopter but not a rover, so how I can use it in this set up, already have S-XSR frysky receiver and got also X8R frysky receiver……Thank you

  3. Martin

    Hello Oscar,

    Thank you for such great content.
    Unfortunately I wanted to try out the “Custom Model Image” for my “new” Taranis QX7 and just found out that the new firmware 2.3.1 does no longer provide this feature as described above.
    I’m not sure if I just did not find it b/c the option was moved to another place or it is completely removed.
    Would it be able for you to doublecheck?

  4. Thomas brooks

    I’m having a hard time getting ex ternal rotorx Module to work with the X9 any help would be very appreciated

  5. Hank Deucker

    No comment just a query. My X9D is non functioning and I wonder if fitting a x9d Plus mother board and screen is possible as X9D motherboards are no longer listed for purchase.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I am not entirely sure as I’ve never done that before. Best to check to Frsky directly :) (email on their website)

  6. Oleg

    I have a Taranis X9D+
    Will the telemetry function of any of these modules be available if installed in the transmitter?
    Have any user manual to second module?

  7. A. William Waters

    I wish that someone could demonstrate how to setup an Airplane Flight Mode on a switch where when I am landing (Flaps Down) I get full elevator, that’s all. Please leave all the other stuff out. Flaps/Elevator.

    I am using the TARANIS Plus
    A.W. Waters

  8. Dave Day

    I have a Tiranis X9D+. I can do just about anything except set up a throtle hold switch. What am I missing?


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