Transmitter Gimbal Sticks Adjustment – Taranis TX

Not long ago I adjusted my Taranis Gimbal sticks and it made a big difference to how well my quad flies. So I decided to share how I loosen/tighten TX gimbals for better performance.

Many people focus heavily on PID, expo, rates and thought they were everything that could affect their flying. NO! Transmitter gimbals are also important!

Tuning PID? How about Tuning your gimbals first? :-p

Some good quality transmitter gimbals help smooth flying, but if you can’t afford an expensive TX, at least tune it properly. Maybe your TX was designed for fixed wing, or maybe the factory gimbal settings doesn’t suit your flying style, either way some adjustment might be needed.

I am using my Taranis as an example.

Take Apart the Transmitter

I first remove the 6 screws on the back of my Taranis. Do not force it, slowly lift the front housing from the back, you will find you can’t pull it any further as the 2 top switches are inserted on the back housing.

You will need to loosen the nuts of these switches to take them out first, in order to lift the front housing completely off the back. (Remember to mark the orientation of those switches’! remember which way facing front, so you don’t mess up when putting them back)

taranis-tx-radio-transmitter-screws-back taranis-tx-radio-transmitter-remove screws-open-case

Once you have done it, you can now proceed to the gimbal stick adjustment.


I use Mode 2, so Yaw and Throttle stick is located on the left, and Pitch/Roll on the right (looks opposite when you flip the TX over).

The stiffness of the gimbals is basically controlled by the tension in the springs, which can be adjusted by tightening or loosening the screws on the gimbals. I labelled these screws with numbers 1 to 5 in the above picture:

  • “1” is the throttle ratchet.
  • “2” is the stiffness of your throttle
  • “3” is the stiffness of your yaw
  • “4” is the stiffness of your pitch
  • “5” is the stiffness of your roll

Throttle Stick

Remove Ratchet, Loosen Throttle

On my Taranis, there is ratchet on the throttle (the clicking feeling when moving throttle stick), and I really don’t like it :) It also feels pretty stiff. I guess it was designed for RC planes, because throttle tends to be pretty stable, so the ratchet and stiff stick keeps your throttle constant while yawing.

However with multirotors, especially mini quad (both free style and racing), we play with throttle a lot (by a lot I mean all the time). I found loosening the throttle stick gives me much smoother and quicker control.

I also found the notches of the ratchet skips throttle values so when I hover it’s always either too high or too low, and I had to move my throttle stick forth and back constantly. Removing this gives me better throttle resolution.

Experiment different spring tension and find your preference.

Yaw/Pitch/Roll Sticks

Tighten Pitch/Roll (to your liking)

When I got my Taranis, I found the Roll/Pitch/Yaw too sloppy.

I prefer to have these sticks as tight as possible. Not only it helps to keep the quad locked in when flying straight, it also prevents accidental movement of other stick (e.g. when doing a flip you might accidentlaly roll a little as well).

Some people prefer to have pitch a little sloppier than roll which makes it easier to adjust the quad’s attitude in fast flying.

New M9 Hall-Sensor Gimbals

Frsky released new M9 Hall Gimbals for the Taranis, they are a more durable and smoother upgrade for the TX. The same stick tension adjustment can be made to them following this photo.


What works for me, doesn’t necessary work for you, so experiment, and use whatever you feel more comfortable with.

After adjusting the gimbals, I felt like it literally set me free.

Especially improvement with the throttle stick, it’s almost like taking the invisible hand off my TX that had been slowing me down.

Although I have tightened Yaw/Pitch/Roll sticks to the max, I still feel like they can be tighter. Maybe I need some harder springs :)

6 thoughts on “Transmitter Gimbal Sticks Adjustment – Taranis TX

  1. Braxton

    Thanks for the blog post/article! My throttle seemed to tighten up on me unexpectedly between and before I knew it, I was having to work to adjust my throttle. Was thinking I needed to look into a warranty when I started searching about the problem, but this was a quick, easy fix! “It’s so simple!”

  2. Rob Thomson

    Its funny… but I have to go the other way.

    I loosened up my sticks – too tight and I just cant fly smoothly!

    Maybe its because I am a pinch flyer. The PINCH prevents you moving the stick off axis like you can do when using a loose gimbal as a thumb flyer!

  3. Steve Gross

    Thank you for sharing that info. REALLY, Thanks to you! Something so simple made such a huge difference. I have never considered opening the TX to simply adjust these gimbals to their tightest positions. I had released the “clicking” on the throttle stick some time ago but not ever adjusted YAW, PITCH and ROLL sticks and what a terrific great difference it made. Just flew 4 packs and it’s like having a new TX and rock solid, no surprise, quadcopters.

    Thank YOU!

  4. knobs

    Exactly what I did, but my tensioner on the throttle (#2 in your pic) had a fair bit of ‘stick-tion’ when moving. I found that a little (LITTLE) grease under that metal piece made it feel oh so heavenly smooth. Thanks!

  5. Stacey Abshire

    Thanks! Just adjusted mine, and definitely like the feel.. Will know more once I fly it this way.

  6. Jon Leyland

    Hey Oscar,
    Love your blog. I too like tight springs. I recently installed these springs in my taranis. much better feel. Just thought I’d share if you’re looking for some tighter ones. Keep up the awesome work!


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