Updating OpenTX 2.3.x Nightly on Taranis X9D+ 2019

To get Crossfire support on the latest Taranis X9D+ 2019 radio, you need to flash OpenTX 2.3 Nightly firmware – a beta unstable release. The firmware update process is non-standard so I am writing this post to explain how to do it.

As usual, Frsky has no documentation on their new products, I have to spend a whole day trying to figure things out myself.

For some reason you cannot flash the Taranis X9D+ 2019 radio in the OpenTX Companion out of the box. You will get a warning saying “firmware does not support radio”. You have to flash inside the radio. Here I will show you how.

Download OpenTX 2.3 Nightly

Download 2.3 Nightlies here: https://downloads.open-tx.org/2.3/nightlies/companion/windows/

This is the Companion installer that you will use to download the firmware. If the installer doesn’t respond, try to run it as administrator. Still nothing? Try right clicking and select “Troubleshoot compatibility”.

Download Firmware

Once the OpenTX Companion 2.3 is installed, run it. Click on the Setting button.

In the pop up window, go to Radio Profile tab, under Radio Type, select “Frsky Taranis X9D+ 2019”. Do not select “Taranis X9D+” without “2019”, you will brick your new Taranis. That’s because they have different hardware. Though you can unbrick it if it happens.

And then check the options you want to have. All these options are explained in my OpenTX Flashing tutorial. (There was a check box for Crossfire too which they recently removed. Crossfire is now integrated into the firmware you don’t need to select it anymore)

In Application settings, change Release Control to Nightly builds (unstable) in order to download the beta firmware.

Click OK to close the pop up, and click the download button

In the new pop up, download both firmware and SD card contents (sdcard-taranis-x9-2.3).

Erase your SD card and put the SD card contents on it.

Then put the firmware file you just downloaded in the “FIRMMWARE” folder on the SD card.

Firmware Flashing

You can’t use Companion to flash your radio, you have to flash the radio with the firmware on the SD card.

Enter bootloader mode on radio: push both trim buttons inwards then press the power button.

You will get to a screen that looks like this.

Select “Write Firmware”, in the next screen, you should see the firmware that you just downloaded and placed in the “FIRMWARE” folder. Select it and the flashing process will begin.

Use Companion to Flash OpenTX After

After you flashed the OpenTX 2.3 firmware for the first time, you should be able to use the Companion for any future firmware updating. (seems to work in my case)

Nightly Builds Startup Warning

Problem with running Nightly built firmware is that you always get a warning at startup saying “version not safe to fly”. I don’t think there is no way to remove it until you flash a stable release firmware version. So you just have to live with that for now.

3 thoughts on “Updating OpenTX 2.3.x Nightly on Taranis X9D+ 2019

  1. SmartCollarCow

    Seems my problem from the 8th Sept comment – was the SBUS from the FC was plugged into “SBUS In” and not “SBUS out” on the receiver. Ugh. Thanks FrSky!

  2. SmartCollarCow

    Thanks for this.
    The radio I got from FrSky was flashed with opentx-x9d+ 2.3.0 2019-07-22. It was missing CRSF from the external module, and didn’t give the ‘version not safe to fly’
    When I upgraded the firmware from the OpenTX site I now see CSRF available in the external module but I lost the spectrum analyser tool that was present before the flash.
    And also what is not working is the Modules/RX Version is always showing “No information” for both my R9M and Crossfire modules.

    I am having problems with my R9M module where it binds to my R9 receiver but I have no telemetry or RC control. i was hoping this firmware would have fixed that but it didn’t.

    And I am 100% in agreement that FrSky has no documentation and like you have to spend all day doing research – which is why I decided to give Crossfire a try.


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