Review: Zeez F7 FC & 60A 4in1 ESC Stack

by Oscar

The Zeez F7 FC and 60A 4in1 ESC Stack is designed by a new FPV company based in Italy. This is a premium FC stack with some of the highest specs for 4S and 6S FPV drones.

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Where to Buy?

FC + 4in1 ESC Stack:

FC Only:

4in1 ESC Only:

What I am reviewing here is the F7 FC with 4in1 ESC stack, which comes with many accessories:

  • 1X Zeez F7 Flight Controller
  • 1X Zeez 60A 4in1 ESC
  • 4X LED Strips
  • 8X Aluminium Standoff
  • 4X Aluminium Nut
  • 2X ESC to FC 8-Pin JST SH 1mm connector
  • 6X LED Strip to FC 3-pin JST-SH 1mm connector
  • 2x 470uF 35V Low ESR Capacitors
  • 1x XT60 with 12AWG Silicon wires
  • 2x 2mm Header Pin for VTX connection
  • 2x 2.54mm Header Pin for Receiver connection
  • 2x Spare M3 rubber anti vibration for FC or ESC

They are very thoughtful to provide an ESC to FC ribbon cable with spare connectors, so you can use ESC’s from other brands that might have different pin orders.

The two low ESR capacitors are Rubycon 470uF.


Zeez F7 Flight controller

  • ​F7 Processor
  • MPU6000 Gyro
  • Up to 8S voltage input
  • 6 UART’s available
  • 128MB flash memory for Blackbox
  • 5V 3A BEC
  • Built-in LC filter for VTX power (5V only)

F4 and F7 are the two main processors used in modern flight controllers, with F7 being the faster one. It’s my personal preference as it has native UART inversion so you don’t have to worry about “inverted signal” when working with Frsky protocols. However it doesn’t make any difference when working with other serial protocols though such as Crossfire.

Although the ESC is only rated for 6S, the FC is actually rated for 8S which makes it a little bit more robust against voltage spikes :) The built-in 128MB flash memory is great for those who like to study blackbox logs. 6 UART’s are more than enough for most pilots.

Zeez 60A 4in1 ESC

  • Continuous current: 60A (90A peak)
  • Supports 3S to 6S Voltage Input
  • BLHeli_32 Firmware
  • Supports DShot600 and Bi-directional DShot (for RPM filter)

Closer Look

Both FC and ESC have standard 30.5×30.5mm mounting pattern, so the stack will fit any modern 5″, 6″ and 7″ quadcopter frame.

The FC is designed for a very specific group of people, you are either going to love it, or hate it.

First of all, they reserved empty space for the TBS Unify Pro VTX and Crossfire nano receiver. You can mount these directly on top of the board with the header pins provided, which makes an extremely clean and compact build. Of course you can still use components from other brands.

There are also 4 JST style connectors on the FC for connecting the included RGB LED strips. If you don’t like using LED’s on your build, you’ll probably find it very offensive as those connectors take up so much precious space :D But if you love LED you will find this a really handy feature, as the LED strips are “plug and play”, no soldering needed.

The pad labels can be a little confusing at first, for example, when you see “VRX”, it actually means voltage for the receiver, and “V_VTX” means voltage for the VTX.

It has “VTX Switch” which is a feature to switch off your VTX using your radio. You might want to do so when you crash, or troubleshoot on the bench, to avoid interference to other pilots and overheating your VTX.

Finally, the FC also has a USB type C interface, instead of the more common and annoying micro USB. You can now insert the cable upside down and it won’t care :)

Let’s talk about the 4in1 ESC. At first glance, I noticed it has a familiar design and layout, kind of reminds me of the Racerstar/Spedix.

Note that the heatsink only covers the top half of the FET’s, not the bottom half. It’s also useful as an RF shielding between the ESC and FC.

The ESC is rated for 60A per motor output with a burst current of 90A! 60A times 4 is 240A! That’s way more than enough in my opinion for even the most powerful 5″ FPV drones out there, because a typical 4S 1500mAh battery or even 6S, can’t even sustain current draw at this magnitude for more than a few seconds.

Do These First When Getting Zeez F7 FC

There are a few solder pads you should bridge before building:

  • bridge RX voltage pads (“VRX” – 5V or 3.3V)
  • bridge VTX voltage pads (“V_VTX” – VBAT or 5V)
  • The Zeez F7 FC supports FPV camera control via either UART or OSD pin, so you need to bridge those pads to decide which method you prefer to use (Cam_C or UART)


If you normally decorate your quads like Christmas trees, you will love this FC thanks to the “plug and play” LED options.

This board is really intended for those who use Crossfire and TBS Unify Pro VTX, it makes an extremely clean build. If you aren’t one of those people, too bad, there is a lot of wasted space on the board.

Personally, I think they should have used the space for other features, such as an 8V BEC (voltage regulator) for powering the VTX or DJI Air Unit. This would have made the Zeez F7 FC more universal.

This FC/ESC combo is not cheap compared to other options with similar specs, but it does have designs that are unique on the market. If you want to support innovation from Italy, check out these boards :)

FC + 4in1 ESC Stack:

FC Only:

4in1 ESC Only:

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chaloemsak suwanpaiboon 17th September 2020 - 6:09 pm

I saw telemetry port in zeez 4 in 1 esc it can connect to fettec fc oพ kiss v2 fc for mA read?

Oscar 29th September 2020 - 10:48 pm

I don’t think they’d work, Those ESC’s are BLHeli_32 and telemetry only works with Betaflight (and its folks)

ED 13th August 2020 - 3:05 am

Not sure about the build quality. My usb-c port broke off after unplugging from the cable. I hadnt even had a chance to do more than a hover test. I contacted Zeez and they said it was mechanical error (essentially saying it was my fault). , but I’ve never had a USB port dislodge from regular use except this board. I’ll stick with mamba stacks from here on out.

peter tousignant 26th July 2020 - 2:21 am

can this be run using al esc instead of th e 4in1? if so how would you run the wires?

Valentas 17th July 2020 - 9:42 pm

Thanks for reviewing. On paper this stack looks great but in reality it isn’t. FC tends to get very hot because of F7 nature and MCU faced down to ESC, about 75-90’C when sitting on table, and you will get OSD warnings and beeping sound. ESC firmware works terrible maybe it’s configurator fault, when you reading settings some times you loose one ESC and one or two motors do not spin random numbers #1 or #4. Overall you need very high frame to fit this stack with unify and crossfire soldered on FC top. Cam control do not work with Phoenix 2, No rssi with R9 MX. And the price is definitely not worth the premium. Good marketing and hype that all.