$30 Cheap 7 inch LCD Monitor Display FPV Review

Affordable 7 inch LCD Monitor

Just a short review on the $30 7′ screen monitor I am using for FPV.

First impression of this monitor is, CHEAP! The quality is acceptable for the price, and the image is clear enough for FPV.

However it will show blue screen if there is no signal, which is not ideal for FPV hobbyists. To tackle that, I run a DVR between the monitor and video receiver, so that I can see see the images with really weak signal but not the blue screen.

Here is the ground station I put together using this cheap 7′ monitor. You can get yours from Banggood.

For more FPV options, check out the “FPV monitor/Goggle” section in this part list.


Here is the spec of the monitor.

Display Screen:

  • Screen Size: 7 inch.
  • Display Component: Color TFT LCD.
  • Resolution: 480 x 234 Pixels.

Contrast Ratio: 100:1.

Video Frequency: PAL/NTSC.

Video Input: Two way video input.

Power supply: DC 12V.

Dimensions(L x W x D): 193 x 135 x 25mm.
Net Weight: 381g.

11 thoughts on “$30 Cheap 7 inch LCD Monitor Display FPV Review

  1. Angie Richardson

    Hi, We are a manufacturing company in Canada and currently use these lcd’s in our application, however, we never seem to get the same lcd’s from the same supplier
    I am interested in this same model as we used these before and they are good.
    I am looking to purchase a few hundred, I will send exact specs to confirm upon receipt of my email to you.
    Anyone know who the manufacturer is?

  2. Magma6

    Hi Oscar
    For those interested, I found the exact same screen on e-bay but also at an RC vendor on AliExpress who claim it to be “no blue” (see picture: aliexpress.com/item/7-inch-LCD-TFT-FPV-800-x-480-HD-TFT-Screen-Monitor-Photography-for-Ground-Station/1690779969.html it is also part of several combo from the same vendor)
    I though it was a misleading description or picture at first but I also found on dx.com (SKU: 376079) what seems to be a modified version of this exact screen (same buttons, “TFT Color monitor on the top”) but including a 5.8G receiver, said to be “No blue” as well (but no review to confirm that) And when you see the picture of the back, it really look like they cut down the back panel to hack a receiver into it.
    Make me wonder if some Chinese vendor did not get a modified version of the same 30$ monitor with the blue-screen function deactivated. It is surely a firmware thing but perhaps a change on the PCB: I will be curious to get one open and compare it with the “regular” screen. That will be great if it was a modification feasible by all hobbyist.
    I did not find much about this screen on RC forums or someone modifying it (yet).
    I guess I will eventually take the plunge and buy from this AliExpress vendor and test their claim myself. :-) I was planning to build a cheap FPV “monitor box”/goggle, like the hobbyking Quanum, but I wonder if 7inch is not a bit to big/heavy (they use a 5”) ?!

    1. Oscar Post author

      that would be an interesting project :)
      if you do ever get one and investigate, please keep me updated!

  3. smith jurk

    I have gone through your blog.
    The aerial videography monitors are called fpv monitor. The monitors will be absolutely a must when it comes to understanding the fundamental situation that exists related to the uav ground station. The UAV is nothing but a device to improve the safety from the people who want to disrupt peace. The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a very useful way of ensuring safety not just of citizens but also minimizes risk of loss of life.

    1. Boden

      Seriously? What is the point of this comment? It is basically nonsensical, fails to convey any information, and is frankly annoying.

      1. Dj_Garfield

        I bought a complete FPV Combo including this LCD display , and it works fine , but I don’t use it for FPV yet , I have to perfect my flying skill :)

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