AcroWhoop FC + Eachine E010

I am just trying to install the AcroWhoop FC on the Eachine E010 micro quad, so I can bind the Taranis directly with this quad and fly in full Acro mode.

Update: Why spend time building tiny whoop when you can just buy one ready to fly? Here are some of the best Tiny Whoops on the market.

I have tried the BeeBrain V1, but it won’t fit the E010 frame due to the location of the USB port (because it’s designed for the Inductix frame). I thought the AcroWhoop wouldn’t work either for the same reason, but I am wrong!

Check out other Tiny whoop FC options in this comparison chart.


Interestingly from the prototype board picture, the USB port was supposed to be located on the top of the FC and pointing horizontally (like the BeeCore). However when I received the board (production version), it looks like they have moved the USB port to the bottom which is now pointing downward.


Earlier batch of Acrowhoop FC, where USB was at different location

Note: the AcroWhoop is designed for the Inductrix frame.

Meet the AcroWhoop FC

The AcroWhoop FC is available at FuriousFPV.

acrowhoop-fc-tiny-whoop-inductrix-e010-flight-controller-top acrowhoop-fc-tiny-whoop-inductrix-e010-flight-controller-bottom-rx

What’s Special About AcroWhoop?

  • Very first F3 FC for Tiny Whoop
  • Powerful FET – support up to 6.3A current draw from each motor
  • Built-in LC filter to clean power for FPV
  • 5V/1A output for FPV equipment and receiver, there is also 3.3V output
  • $5 cheaper than BeeBrain ($45 vs $50)
  • It’s F3 FC with MPU6000 using SPI BUS for more superior performance
  • Built-in Frsky SBUS with telemetry, get RSSI and voltage on reporting on your Taranis!

Things They Can Improve On

  • No support for Spektrum TX users
  • RX Only support non-EU (international) firmware verion (Frsky)
  • Move USB port back on top so more E010 users can benefit from this FC too without breaking the frame
  • Provide solder pads for motors
  • Gyro/ACC not in the centre (not a biggie, okay, I am just being picky)

Binding AcroWhoop With Taranis

  • On your Taranis, go to MODE SETUP, Set Internal RF to D8
  • Hold down the bind button on the Acrowhoop FC, and plug in the battery
  • You can now release the bind button, and you should see 2 solid green LED lights
  • Back to your Taranis, press BIND in MODE SETUP
  • It takes only a few seconds, once the Acrowhoop binds with the Taranis successfully, one of the green light on the FC will turn off
  • You can now exit BIND mode on Taranis, and turn off the Taranis and Acrowhoop

If you need more help, here is the official manual.

Does AcroWhoop Fit in E010 Frame?

The answer is YES! Only a few things though:

  • Battery compartment blocks the USB port, which means if you want to configure the FC you will have to either uninstall the FC from the frame, or remove the bit of plastic that is blocking the USB port
  • You will need to solder pico connectors on the motors, because there is no motor solder pads on the FC
  • Only front, left and right screw holes are used

replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc-unsolder-motors

replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc-insert-vibration-damper replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc-2

It fits perfectly so far, only problem is the USB Port half blocked by the battery holder. I guess we could cut that piece of plastic off.


The FC is lifted slightly by the rubber rings.


And the rings actually can help lift the VTX/Camera mount from the components on the PCB. However, 2 things:

  • The provided screws are barely long enough holding the mount in place, and it’s pressing the rubber ring really hard, if screws are 1-2mm longer it would have been perfect
  • The tail part of the camera mount I designed is pressing on the bind button, I can simply remove that part of the mount with a cutter since the rear screw hole is not used

replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc-install-vtx-camera-mount replace-e010-flight-controller-acrowhoop-fc-camera-mount-touching-boot-button


10 thoughts on “AcroWhoop FC + Eachine E010

  1. James

    Please help, red led and thats it, I did bind to controller once, then I dont know what went wrong, DX6 with a AcroV2 board, really frustrating, using betaflight as recommeded

  2. Stephen Maratea

    What do you have to set the current meter scale value to in betaflight configuration?..
    For the acrowhoop v2 with the taranis.. i cant figure out how to get it to display the correct amps..

    Thanks steve

  3. Rich

    Maker fire f3 makes a fc for the e010 frame for beta flight and cleanflight. It is made for the eachine frame as the port is on the bottom so I don’t know if it will work on an Inductrix frame it’s only $25 also.

  4. Gage

    Hi Oscar, great article, quick question though: What firmware comes pre-installed? I think I remember seeing somewhere that it could have Betaflight installed, but I’m wondering what comes installed from the factory.


    1. Oscar Post author

      I haven’t tested it myself, but I don’t see why not it’s only 0.15V difference :)
      but don’t blame me if sh*t happens lol

  5. Val45k

    Hello Oscar,

    Can you tell me please, if this Acrowhoop FC will fit in your Tinnywhoop frame for 8.5 motors?

    Best regards

    1. Oscar Post author

      the Acrowhoop has powerful FET that should theoretically be able to drive 8.5mm motors, however the Tinywhoop frame won’t fit 8.5mm motors, only 6mm ones.


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