Review: ARRIS D2205 2300KV Motor

by Oscar

In this post we are reviewing the Arris D2205 2300KV motor for mini quad, giving it a close look and testing it on thrust stand comparing the result to RCX SE2205 and Cobra 2204 motors.

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The motors are provided by ArrisHobby, the review is written by Konrad.


The Arris D2205 2300KV motor is simply packaged in a plastic bag, which also contains a single aluminium alloy flanged prop nut and 4 mounting screws. The aluminium lock nuts are very low profile and light weight, only 0.44g each. Comparing to standard EMAX red bottoms stainless steel lock nuts that weight almost 2g, it makes a pretty big difference saving 6g just on prop nuts.

arris-d2205-2300kv-motor-5 arris-d2205-2300kv-motor-4

They come in two sorts – CCW and CW versions. The different directions indicate prop shaft thread direction. All motors I received are CCW, hence all use standard CW (“right-handed”) thread.

Motor specs:

  • 2300KV
  • Dimensions: 28.1 x 32mm
  • Motor weight: 28g (including 7cm motor leads)

Closer Look

Material quality looks pretty good, feels very solid and it sounds smooth when spun by hand. There is a little bit of vertical play in the bell. It looks like the motors are pre-balanced in factory, as I can see one of them have significant amount of balancing material inside the motor bell (grey cement-looking stuff, instead of the usual blue goo) – that one also made a bit different sound when spinned, probably because the balancing material is touching the stator (just a little bit). This should be scraped away after a few hard punchouts, but will it remain balanced? We’ll find out.


Magnets seem bigger than my old Cobra 2204 and RCX SE2205, air-gap between them and stator is slightly larger, they seem to “lock” the bell quite strong while twisting.

Shaft is recessed inside motor base, so mounting it flat against carbon fibre is possible.

Gap between bell and base is quite big comparing to other motors, but considering that base has no cooling holes (those on bottom will be mostly blocked by carbon fibre), this is the only way hot air may escape the motor.

One thing that I don’t like is they use a very thin c-clip that is hard to remove and most of the time non-reusable, especially if you don’t have small dedicated pliers. This is just a personal opinion, but this is also the reason I didn’t disassemble that motor. This type of c-clip is also used on high end motors (e.g. T-Motors F40), so this is not a matter of quality.


To Summarize


  • Average weight of 2205 motor, lighter than EMAX RS2205 Red bottoms and DYS SE2205 Series
  • Affordable price
  • Very light, low profile prop nuts
  • Motor shaft is recessed, so flat-mounting is possible


  • It appears to be a solid and bulky motor, but it’s also lightweight. Material used is pretty soft
  • Thin clip on motor shaft – they sometimes bend during removal. E-clip would be better
  • Some motors grind against balance material out of the box

After about 10 packs one of the motors took a bit of beating, and left with some scars – both the bell and base have a very slight dent.


I guess that a mix of “solid build” and “light weight” may also lead to a “soft material”. Or it was just bad luck. Anyway – you get what you pay for.

Thrust Testing

Props % Peak Thrust – g Peak Current – A Max Power – W Efficiency – g/W
Kingkong 5040 50 208 2.9 48 4.3
  100 1010 23.7 391 2.6
DAL 5040×3 50 313 4.43 74.4 4.2
  100 938 20.1 331.4 2.8
DAL5045 50 299 4.0 67.4 4.4
  100 907 14.7 315.5 2.9
Gemfan 5040×3 50 373 4.1 84.4 4.4
  100 1064 23.7 389.5 2.7
Gemfan 5045BN 50 373 5.1 84.7 4.4
  100 1049 24.12 394.8 2.7
DAL 5045×3 HBN 50 297 3.8 64 4.6
  100 1139 29.4 480 2.4

Putting Results Into Perspective

I also did thrust tests on Cobra 2204 2300kv and RCX SE2205 2400kv on two props and the same setup for you to compare the results.

RCX SE2205 2400KV

Props % Peak Thrust – g Peak Current – A Max Power – W Efficiency – g/W Thrust difference against D2205 Thrust difference against CM2204
Gemfan 5040×3 50 373 5.6 87.6 4.3 0% +5.4%
  100 1094 25.7 416.7 2.6 +2.7% +4.6%
Gemfan 5045BN 50 378 5.5 90.7 4.2 +1.3% +6%
  100 1102 25.8 418 2.6 +4.8% +1.9%

Cobra CM2204 2300kV

Props % Peak Thrust – g Peak Current – A Max Power – W Efficiency – g/W Thrust difference against D2205 Thrust difference against SE2205
Gemfan 5040×3 50 353 4.7 77.5 4.6 -5.7% -5.7%
  100 1042 22.7 370 2.8 -2.1% -4.8%
Gemfan 5045BN 50 355 4.43 74.4 4.8 -5.1% -6.1%
  100 1081 22.26 370 2.9 +2.9% -1.9%

All motors seem to show very similar thrust results, I’d say this is all close to a margin of error, with a slight favour in all tests for RCX SE2205 motor.

Looks like Arris D2205 2300kv may be a really good choice for an entry level motor while being on a tight budget. Considering the price, it will surely be a part of cheap kits sold online.

Motor bell and base looks very similar to Racerstar 2205 2300kV and judging by the looks, price, specs and close thrust results to Cobra CM2204 2300kV motor, I guess it could be the same motor, just rebranded.

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Dominik 25th November 2016 - 10:02 am

Hi Oscar, can you do a review of the kingkong 2205 2300kv motors?
That would be awesome!


Indy 5th November 2016 - 6:13 am

Interesting post,
Hmm, they look very much like Racerstar BR2205 from coming with two different size of scews and costing 10$ less!!! Available for months…
But I might be wrong…
Note that Racerstars are not coming with low profile locknuts…
Since I haven’t seen a lot of tests about those, this post is even more interesting and useful,
A question though… Why did you compare them with old motors?
Anyways thanks for the good job!

Hellafly 4th November 2016 - 6:18 pm

can you confirm if these are the same as the racerstar 2205 2300kvs? they look identical.

Oscar 15th November 2016 - 5:34 pm

yea we think the Arris just rebranded them.