How to Backup & Restore Betaflight Configuration

This tutorial shows you how to backup and restore Betaflight settings. It’s important to always back up your Betaflight config before updating FC firmware because it can erase your previous settings.

I also recommend backing up before making any big changes in case you mess something up so you can always go back. Check out my other Betaflight tutorials.

There are 2 places you can make a back up of in the Betaflight Configurator.

Using the “Backup” Button

Connect to Betaflight Configurator, go to the Setup Page, you should see the “Backup” button (labelled “1” in the following picture). Click it and you will be prompted to save the file somewhere.

To restore, simply click the restore button next to it and select the backed up file.

This might be the most convenient way of Betaflight Backup. However the backed up file might not contain all the settings, and it’s not in the most user friendly format when you just want to look up a setting (in .json format). Therefore I prefer to back up the CLI commands instead.

Backing Up CLI Commands

Go to the CLI tab and enter


This will display all the settings in Betaflight. There are a few hundreds of lines and it can be overwhelming, so you can also use this command

diff all

This will only show you settings that are different from the default values, which is way easier to swallow. See this article to see why you should use “diff” rather than “dump”.

However one advantage to the command “dump” is that you get to keep the original default values, because the default values might change form version to version.

Regardless which command you use, now copy the result in the CLI, and paste it in a plain text file.

To restore the backup from CLI, simply copy the text file, and paste it in the CLI, type in “save” and hit Enter.

It’s also a good idea to take some screenshots of each page, it’s easy to look up a particular settings with images than scrolling through CLI codes.

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