How to Flash/Update Betaflight on Flight Controller?

Flashing or updating Betaflight firmware on flight controllers is simple, in this tutorial I will show you the steps and how to troubleshoot problems during flashing.

If you are new to Betaflight, check out my setup guide after you’ve flashed the firmware. There are instructions on how to setup your FC for your first flight, and all other related Betaflight tutorials.

Preparation to Flash Betaflight

Before you begin, you will need to download and install Betaflight Configurator GUI in order to flash the firmware, see this article for instructions.

Now connect your flight control to your computer via a USB cable.


Before you update or flash Betaflight firmware, we recommend making a backup of your existing configuration. Because a new firmware might erase all your settings.

It’s useful to know your previous PID, rates and what the ports are for things like SBUS and SmartPort, because these are different from FC to FC. Here is how you can make a backup of your Betaflight config.

How to Update/Flash Betaflight Firmware

Start Betaflight Configurator, and go to the Firmware Flasher Tab.

Select the COM port of your FC (it’s either COM# port or DFU) and baud rate 115200 (256000 for SPRacing F3).

As soon as you plug in the FC, the configurator should select the what board this is, and the latest firmware for you automatically.

You can find out the name of the board (firmware target), by typing version in CLI.

If this doesn’t happen, you can manually select the desired flight controller and Betaflight version.

Important: If you chose the wrong FC here, you can “brick” your FC. However if you did that you can fix it by overwriting the correct firmware.

There are a few more options under the board selection, you can leave these disabled unless you know what you are doing.

Now click “Load Firmware [Online]” and the firmware will be downloaded. You can also manually load a firmware on your computer (Load Firmware Local), this allows you to test custom firmware but that is a topics for another day.

Lastly click on “Flash Firmware” and the firmware update will begin, once it’s complete you will be able to connect to the FC with the Betaflight GUI. Make sure you do not pull the USB cable during the process.

If you have any trouble flashing, it can be a driver issue and here is how to fix it.

Apply Custom Settings

You might get a pop up when connecting to the FC for the first time after flashing a new firmware, asking if you want to apply custom settings, just check “Apply”.

Full Chip Erase Option

To wipe all the previous configurations you can select the “Full Chip Erase” option before flashing. This is useful if you messed up the CLI settings, or you accidentally disabled MSP for USB VCP port.

To do this, you also need to press the bootloader button on the FC, before connecting the USB cable, you should see “DFU” appearing in the COM port.

What Does “Legacy” Mean in “Select a Board”?

In the latest Betaflight Configurator (10.6.0), there are duplicated flight controller boards, with one of them marked with “Legacy”.

In this case, you should flash the “non-legacy” target, which are the new unified target structure. “Legacy” are the old-style (compiled for each board). Eventually the Legacy targets will go away and replaced by the non-legacy targets. You shouldn’t notice any difference (at least that’s the goal), it’s only there in case of issues.

14 thoughts on “How to Flash/Update Betaflight on Flight Controller?

  1. Jared Fischer

    I flashed the CLi for my Beta65 Pro2 (MATEKF411RX) as instructed here, now my quad does nothing when I connect batteries. I can still connect it to Betaflight; when I do, the blue light stays lit and the red and green flash on and off. Why does BETAFPV provide the CLi on their site if we need to go through Betaflight? Is it possible to flash the file I downloaded?

  2. Rick G.

    Can’t seem to flash a brand new Talon F7 Fusion board. For some reason it tells me if fails to connect to the Boot Loader (?).
    Is this a driver issue? I have no problem viewing the board in BF, but cannot flash BF 4.2.

  3. Darren

    i have installed drivers and am able to connect to betaflight but all i get if i go into DFU mode and try clicking on fimware flasher of update firmware is “Waiting for Data”. even if i dont have anything plugged into a usb i still get this message. i have uninstalled betaflight 10.7.0 and reinstalled.. still same problem. downloaded from Betaflights own site. tried an earlier version and still same problem. not sure what else to do. installed drivers more than one and has not made any difference

  4. D-Barr

    Issue rectified for Tinyhawk 2 flash firmware for BF 4.2!

    After much discussions with the drone communities and dev’s at github, seems people have been flashing the STM32 file which is not the correct “board”, you need the target name, the STM file will create the LED to flash 5 x blue, 4 x green, 1 x red. rendering your quad to be pretty useless. But, also found there is a miss print on the target name in manufacturer notes. If you flash the MATEKF411 (manufacturer notes), BF will recognize the quad but won’t be able to bind your stock controller and you will only get red LED’s flashing all the time. No matter how many times you hit the bind button, restart, hit more buttons, restart again, it doesn’t work.
    Flash MATEKF411RX, connect to BF, calibrate accelerometer, then go to the receiver tab and enable AUX1 and AUX2, as they will be blank, and setup your angle. horizon, arm and beeper to what it was before on your switches and you should be good to go.

  5. D-Barr

    Same thing happened to me Murray Sheppard. After flying it a handful of times without issues, my Tinyhawk 2 shat itself in the exact same way after flashing new firmware (4.2.1) following instructions as per Betaflights, Joshua Bardwell’s and Oscar’s advice. God knows how many TH2’s will go down from this.

  6. Murray Sheppard

    I followed the instructions and now my TinyHawk2 seems dead. I plug in the USB and no lights come on, but I can connect to BetaFlight. (All the settings are gone)
    If I plug in a battery, the blue LED flashes 5 times, green 4 times, red once, blue 5 again, green 4 again and red once.

    Then nothing.

  7. Tristan Bruce

    Ninos Sadek you need to find the firmeware online and load it locally. I’ve just done this for the MATEKF411 and it worked perfectly. Not sure why the onlder versions of Betaflight aren’t showing up anymore?!

  8. Ninos Sadek

    I have a mamba F722 that originally came with BF 3.5.7 and now has 4.1
    I tried everything to flash 3.5.7 back on the mamba F722 with no success.
    I have tried older BF configurator version like 10.4.0 and earlier with no options to chose any firmware below 4.0.
    Any help would be appreciated

  9. Erik

    I have an old multiwii/megapirate flight controller that I would like to flash with betaflight. Would that be possible?

  10. Sagie Naicker

    In the Betaflight Configurator, select the blackbox tab. You can erase the data flash chip and regain the lost storage space. You may chose to save the data to a file if you wish, before you erase the chip. Flashing the firmware with full chip erase does not clear the dataflash chip.

  11. Kevin Fuller

    The data flash bar on the top right is your blackbox. You need to go into blackbox in the configurator and select erase data flash and it will empty.

  12. Jay Patil

    I flashed emuflight in my mamba f405 FC then again switched back to betaflight, while flashing I selected full chip erase option everytime but unfortunately the dataflash memory (i.e on top right corner of configurator above expert mode) is kept on increasing and not erasing, only 2.8MB space is free out of 16MB. is there any way to erase this? Can someone help me out ?


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