Betaflight Configurator Modes/OSD Tabs Not Loading | Fix

Some people who own a model that uses the Crazybee F4 Pro FC like the Mobula7, Trashcan, RedDevil and Sailfly, recently have issues with Modes tab and OSD tab not loading in Betaflight Configurator. Here is how to fix it.

If the modes tab or OSD tab isn’t loading, or it freezes, or it gets stuck, this post is for you.

The Cause of the Problem

The Crazybee F4 Pro boards are loaded with beta version of Betaflight 4.0. The latest Betaflight Configurator (10.5.1 and after) might have made some changes causing certain things not to load correctly.

It’s very frustrating as some of these BNF models you buy today (Aug 2019) with the Crazybee boards are still shipped with this beta version of Betaflight 4.0 that was released back in Dec 2018.


The recommended solution is to update Betaflight firmware on your flight controller to the latest version. This should solve the issue. However you might lose your PID tune and other settings, so make a backup of it before proceeding.

Alternatively, if you want to avoid all the trouble going through reprogramming the board after flashing, simply install the older Betaflight Configurator 10.4.0. Download here.

Note that when you install a different version of configurator, it will “wipe out” the existing one. You’d have to install the latest version again if you installed an older version.

4 thoughts on “Betaflight Configurator Modes/OSD Tabs Not Loading | Fix

  1. Kori Township

    Oscar, I bought a mobula7 today (10-30-19) and the modes tab is freezing. If I update to any firmware that betaflight offers, the board won’t load at all. I had to go to Happymodel website and download their firmware to get it to launch betaflight. But then, no modes tab again. Any ideas?

  2. Thomas Harper

    I am new to flying quads and this had me frustrated for so long. I had a brand new quad and could not figure out why BetaFlight wasn’t working like all the tutorials showed. My quad sat on the bench for a month before I found this article, thanks for helping people figure this out!

    1. Oscar Post author

      This affected thousand of people at least as so many of these micro quads are using this outdated BF firmware, I am surprised BF didn’t say a thing about this.


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