How to Setup Betaflight Launch Control

by Oscar
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This tutorial explains how to configure and use the Launch Control mode available in Betaflight.

This feature is available since BF4.0, it relies on the accelerometer of the flight controller to tilt the drone forward before taking off

This is mainly used by pilots at the start of a race, though it can be used in other situations too, so that you can take off full throttle without having to manage the pitch stick.

Betaflight Configuration

In the Configuration tab in Betaflight Configurator:

  • Enable accelerometer
  • Set the maximum arming angle to 180°

In Modes tab, assign a switch on your radio controller to activate Launch Control.

In CLI, enter the following commands to set it up. Change the settings according to your needs.

set launch_control_mode = PITCHONLY
set launch_trigger_allow_reset = ON
set launch_trigger_throttle_percent = 30
set launch_angle_limit = 8
set osd_warn_launch_control = ON

If you are unclear about anything, make sure you check the official Betaflight documentation.

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