Tutorial: Change PID & VTX Settings from Taranis on KISS FC

This tutorial explains how to change PID, rates and VTX settings from a Taranis transmitter using LUA script, in KISS flight controller.

This Tutorial is written by Artur Banach, edited by Oscar.

How convenient it is to be able to tune your PID and rates right from your TX? You can even adjust VTX settings with particular video transmitters. This guide is written for KISS FC specifically.

You can also achieve the same thing with Betaflight and Raceflight:

Hardware Requirement

  • Taranis Q X7 or X9D radio transmitter
  • X4R-SB or XSR radio receiver (Smart Port required)
  • If you want to change VTX settings, you also need a VTX that is capable of tramp telemetry or Smart Audio such as the ImmersionRC Tramp VTX or TBS Unify Pro

Connection – FC, SmartPort and VTX

To enable communication between KISS FC, Taranis and VTX, we need to solder S.PORT telemetry wire from X4R or XSR to AUX1 pad on the KISS Flight controller.

Telemetry wire from Tramp (and Smart Audio wire from TBS Unify) needs to be soldered to the TX pad on the FC as shown in the picture.

Smart Port, KISS FC, Tramp telemetry, unify Smartaudio connection

Update Your Taranis Firmware

FrSky Taranis has to be updated to the latest OpenTX firmware (we tested V2.2 RC14). The process is covered in this tutorial: https://oscarliang.com/flash-opentx-firmware-taranis/.

Download KISS Firmware, Chrome App and LUA Scripts

The LUA script for KISS FC and firmware is available to download here (link). Flyduino made a single ZIP file that contains all the necessary files:

  • Firmware V1.2 for KISS FC, CC and AIO
  • Chrome App GUI V1.15.6
  • LUA scripts for Taranis QX7 and X9D (plus)
  • Manual for the LUA scripts
  • Firmware for ESC’s – 24A, 8A (AIO), 16A (CC) – Not necessary

The script KissFC.lua is for Taranis X9D and script KissX7.lua is for Taranis Q7X. Because the two transmitters have different screen resolutions and that’s the main reason for two different scripts.

Copy the LUA file onto your Taranis SD card, in the SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY folder.

Flash New Firmware on KISS FC

This new feature is only made supported in the latest KISS FC firmware (V1.2). To update KISS firmware we first need to install the latest KISS Chrome App GUI (version 1.15.6).

Remember to make note of your FC settings before flashing new firmware. The new GUI cannot import settings you exported in 1.14, so it’s best to take screenshots of your PID’s, rates and whatever else you might need.

NOTE: Older KISS firmware is not supported by this new GUI and can only be opened with older GUI app (1.14 or older). If your FC firmware is too old you will get this message in the 1.15 Chrome App.

Installing KISS Chrome App

The new chrome app is included in the zip folder we downloaded. You can install it in Google Chrome browser by enabling Developer Mode in extension, and select the package file called kissfc-chrome-gui-v1.15.6.

Once installed you can now connect KISS FC to the computer.

Update KISS FC Firmware

Your flight controller must be in bootloader mode. To do that, hold down bootloader button on the FC board while plugging in USB cable. When it’s in bootloader mode, there should be only one solid green light on the board. You can now let go of the button.

KISS GUI will take you straight into FC firmware flashing. Browse and select KISSFC-1.2.hex from the ZIP file we downloaded. Now keep pressing the bootloader again and click “flash”, the process will start and should finish within a minute. Don’t let go until the flashing process is finished.

FC Config For VTX

If you have a Tramp or TBS Unify Pro VTX, you can follow these steps to configure KISS FC in order to change VTX settings from your Taranis. If you don’t have these VTX, you can ignore it and you will still be able to change PID and rates using your Taranis.

With the new FC firmware, you are now allowed to enable communication between VTX and KISS FC. In the GUI, Advanced tab, option Serial config, choose “VTX” from the drop down menu.

And below that, there is VTX config where you need to choose which VTX you are using (TBS Unify Pro or IRC Tramp). Notice you can also set channel, band right there in the GUI.

Setting up LUA script on telemetry page

Assuming your FrSky SmartPort (S.Port) telemetry is already working, and you have copied the KISS LUA script to the SCRIPTS/TELEMETRY folder on the Taranis SD card, we can now proceed to set up Telemetry screen on Taranis.

In your current model, go to page 13, DISPLAY. In there you can configure which telemetry screen to execute the KISS LUA script when pressing the PAGE button.

In Screen 1, select Script from the list and then select the KISS LUA script.

After this you can go into KISS LUA script by long press PAGE button. Let me show you what it looks like.

Page 1 of the script is for PID.

changing PID on taranis TX via lua script

Page 2 is for rates and curve.

Page 3 is for filters.

Page 4 is for alarms

Page 5 is for VTX settings

change VTX settings from taranis TX via lua script

After making PID or VTX settings changes on your Taranis, you can save the settings by long press MENU button. Otherwise your changes will not be saved.

That should be all! Have fun tuning PID and changing VTX channels from your Taranis in the field! :)

31 thoughts on “Tutorial: Change PID & VTX Settings from Taranis on KISS FC

  1. kleineMax

    IMPORTANT: I think the position of the UART you have to use, has changed on the KISS FC V1.
    Because I connected it TX and it doesnt work. Phillip Seidel wrote in his tutorial that you have to use RX3 i will try that now.

    Works with RX3, so with KISS FC V1 firmware 1.3 and higher it seams to be RX3

  2. DRew

    I cannot get my pids or anything to save. They show up and I can change them but it will not save. Any idea? I have tried everything I can think of….

  3. zsolt sindely

    Hy Oscar! Pls help, how can I connect the piggy osd and the tramp hv t pin on the kiss fc? Cuz both of them will the TX one port. Can I use the tx2 for the tramp hv t pin? Thx zsolt

  4. Andries

    Hi Oscar
    Please help me, i cannot get to change the vtx channels from my taranis, on kiss config i cannot find unify only IRCtramp and dummy vtx shows,
    am i missing something to get this to work

    1. Alex

      If you are using a XSR you might need to update the firmware on it. I had the exact same issue and just updated the firmware just a few minutes ago and now its working. Here’s a useful video to help ya youtube.com/watch?v=VCpzlijHNVw

  5. sascha

    Hi, I have exactly the same problem. I tried all lua scripts, deleted the sensors and I also only get — instead of the values.

  6. whoisjason

    Hey Oscar or Fedor or anyone…

    Is there any way to get KISS FC PID control on the Taranis using TBS Crossfire Micro RX instead of x4r?

  7. Joey

    Thanks,l this helped me out a lot. How should I setup the low power and high power options for the VTX? Do i need to set both at 600 for the tramp to get the max power? … or can I set the low to say 25 and high to 600, and still get 600 in the air?

    1. moski

      Hey Oscar or Fedor or anyone… (stolen, sorry but it was too good :)
      I also wonder how i set up the Taranis for a low/high VTX switch ?

    1. Eric-Jan van den Bogaard

      So for the HV version it does ? sounds not logical to me, only difference is a regulator.
      So it should work for the Unify Pro V2 version also.

  8. Matt

    Can you not do this if you have an OSD connected? Does the KISS FC really only support 1 serial com port? Even though there are 3 on the board? It seems that way from the GUI as your only allowed to pick one device.

    I like this feature, but not enough to give up OSD for it.

    1. Ian

      I also got hit by this. Was really looking forward to being able to change vTx settings from the Taranis, but it looks like it is a choice between OSD and vTx. I guess I could wire both up and then just go into the Kiss GUI to switch between them temporarily when I need to change vTx settings.

  9. Hector

    If i have my Unify Pro Vtx plugged into the PNP 50, can i remove the Smart Audio Cable and solder it directly to the KISS FC without having to remove all the wires from the PNP 50?

  10. Nicholas

    Could anybody help please i cant get mine to work.
    Kiss FC (firmware v1.2)
    Kiss GUI (gui-v1.15.6)
    Littlebee ESC’s
    X4R-SB EU Receiver (Using S-BUS (Not Inverted) soldered the S-port to AUX1 Pad
    Taranis Q X7 Firmware Opentx-X7 Version: 2.2.0N366 (99f1965a)

    Im getting telemetry from the receiver.
    Model Setup page 11/12 shows
    1: A2 11.4v
    2: RSSI 98dB
    3: RxBt 4.3v

    when i long press page i see the Kiss SEtup: PIDs but all i see is — for all of the settings.

      1. Noah M

        Make sure the receiver tab in the GUI is set correctly because it erased settings when flashed. I had this problem then it worked when i changed the receiver tab to Frsky S-BUS because I was using the Frsky XSR.

    1. Noah

      I had the same problem but my reciever was set to 4-6 single channel in the gui. I changed it to Frsky S-BUS and then I was getting signal. It erased the settings when the new firmware was flashed.

      1. FedorComander

        As usual you are making good manuals ;) New version is coming soon, with support for kiss config change for Graupner and Tango users. Settings via crossfire also supported now ;) Time to update? ;) Check my youtube crappy “how-it-works” videos ;)

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