Enable 1200mW Output On DJI FPV System

Here is a hack to enable 1200mW on your DJI FPV Goggles and Air Unit Output Power. However, please make sure you follow your local regulations regarding radio transmission power and frequency.

By default, the maximum output power of the DJI FPV System is limited to 700mW if you are on FCC mode. With 1200mW you will gain roughly 30% more range, and it gives you better signal penetration. Not bad for an easy software hack, and you don’t have to spend extra on new hardware.

However, it’s unclear how it will affect your hardware in the long term, so do this at your own risk. Many have reported using this hack in the winter and it didn’t get any noticeably hotter than usual, but maybe it requires extra attention in the hot summer.

Before performing this hack, make sure your system is already on FCC mode. If not here is how to change it.

  • Create a .txt file, name it naco_pwr
  • Type pwr_2 inside the text file
  • Save and close
  • Copy naco_pwr.txt to an SD card
  • Power on Goggles and Air Unit, WAIT until you see image from camera
  • Put SD card in DJI goggles
  • Restart Goggles

Make sure you power on the goggles before inserting SD card, many people have reported this is the only way to get it working.

Doesn’t work? Try download my text file and try again.

To verify you have done it, in the Goggles’ menu, under Settings => Device, you should be able to select 1200mW. Also, by enabling Power Limit, it will give you some protection against overheat when the Air Unit is sitting on the ground.

Text file content meaning:

  • pwr_1 = 1000mW option
  • pwr_2 = 1200mW and 1000mW option

24 thoughts on “Enable 1200mW Output On DJI FPV System

  1. Derron Tume

    I have successfully upgraded my goggles and units but the link between air unit and goggles drops off in 10-15 meters, did I get a dud radio? Only reason i was using the dji radio was to get OSD as I am using the air unit as a receiver.

  2. Michael Barrington

    I also could not get it to work until i formatted the sd card again in the goggles, worked like a champ then.

  3. Chris Brooks

    Is there a mod that allows the DJI Goggles to stay @ 100% charge while plugged in? Even on the 3A 5V Charger I get 7 hours while plugged in & 4 hours while unplugged. Thanks

  4. Espen Lossius

    First set Air Unit etc in FCC mode, then do the above, BUT YOU ARE NOT FINISHED YET!!
    For this to work, you also have to insert the same sd card, with the same txt file, in ALL Air units you are going to use with more than 25mw, unless you do that, and bind everything together the first time, it will ONLY SAY 1200Mw in the goggles, BUT WILL STILL BE 25Mw, it will NOT be 1200Mw. For that, you also have to do the Air Units… :)

  5. Thomas

    Just tried today and its all working on latest FM. Some notes.

    make sure “.tx” is the extension and not part of the title.
    I believe you first have to change to FCC mode, power mode is then second.
    For FCC mode place the card in the AIR UNIT.
    For 1200mw place the sd card in the GOGGLES.

    *While in 50Mbps you will be limited to 4 channels so don’t get confused.

  6. Timothy

    The instructions are misleading for a Windows computer. If you create a text file, the extension is automatically added. Thus it should read “Create a .txt file, name it naco_pwr”, as the .txt is already added into the filename (you are creating a text file). If you create the file as per the instructions you will have a file called naco_pwr.txt.txt, which your goggles will not see and you will not have unlocked the 1200mw mode. This is confusing in newer versions of windows as it will hide the extension, so you will see a file named “naco_pwr.txt” with a file type of Text Document because the file system window is removing the extension.

  7. Paul

    Ok, i`m on FW .600 1200mW, but only CE mode (4 chanels). Is there a way to get both, 1200mW and FCC (8 chanels)?

  8. Chief Master

    I couldn’t get this upgrade to work for the longest time, and it was driving me crazy! I have a Caddx Vista, and I tried doing the hack with every single firmware version to no avail. Then, I realized what I was doing wrong: I was inserting the SD card with the naco_pwr.txt file into the goggles BEFORE turning on the goggles and the Vista. All I had to do was turn the goggles and Vista on FIRST, and THEN insert the SD card into the goggles. Viola! 1200 mW! (I had re-upgraded both the goggles and Vista to firmware v.600 before my successful attempt, but I don’t think that made any difference.)

    I hope this helps someone who’s been banging their head against the wall like I was!

  9. Duncan Williams

    Hey y’all. For those of you experiencing issues, I suggest you make sure the text file is in ‘plain text’ format. If you’re on a Mac, using TextEdit, ensure you select the plain text feature – if you don’t, text files are not the same, including unwanted formatting information. Then in the goggles, set the power to 1200. Worked for me, on a new Vista unit & goggles June 27 2020. HTH

  10. Philip Schmid

    Okay, so I have found a way that definetely works. First, you have to downgrade your version on the airunit and googles to .300. Then you apply the normal procedure, a txt file called naco with “1” inside. Plug into the air unit reset, and you should be on FCC. after that you do the same with the naco_pwr.txt file and put it into the goggles. Now you flash .500 and do the same procedure again, without trying to change the power Level before you have inserted the naco_pwr.txt file into the googles, AND the air Unit.

  11. Zachary A Villepigue

    Hack does not work. I have an Iflight Titan Dc-5 running the DJI system and nothing worked. Is there an alternative.

  12. Hiwa

    Hello tnx for suport
    I am in fcc mode. I created a textfile as you described and put it in my googles. Than I powerd up the googles and than the air unit… nothing changed. I tried it many times…nothing changed.

    I have 8 channels and 700 mw output power.

    Do you have any ideas what I can try to get it work?

  13. Andreas Weber

    I am in fcc mode. I created a textfile as you described and put it in my googles. Than I powerd up the googles and than the air unit… nothing changed. I tried it many times…nothing changed.

    I have 8 channels and 700 mw output power.

    Do you have any ideas what I can try to get it work?


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