Review – Emax 5.8Ghz Cloverleaf Antenna

by Oscar

I got a pair of Emax 5.8Ghz Cloverleaf antenna from RCGeeks to test out. I haven’t had much chance flying recently, but went to a race event at the weekend, so I tried them on and compared my Fatshark Spironet antenna, see how it deals with interference.

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Hopefully in the near future I will be able to do some range tests, and object penetration tests on them as well.

emax-5-8ghz-cloverleaf-antenna-box emax-5-8ghz-cloverleaf-antenna-box-open

Get your Emax 5.8Ghz Antenna from

In the test flights I was flying with 2 other people all on ImmersionRC frequency band. They were on channel 1 and 3, and I was on 7 (I think). I was getting lines (interference) constantly, but that doesn’t affect my flying at all, and it’s completely normal when you fly with other people in FPV.

These antennas are pretty good value for the money. To be honest I couldn’t tell what I was flying with! When I watched the footage again on the my computer, the Fatshark antenna is doing just a little bit better with interference (more consistent), but not a lot.

emax-5-8ghz-cloverleaf-antenna-fpv testing-emax-5-8ghz-cloverleaf-antenna-compared-fatshark-spironet

These Emax antennas are labelled TX and RX, TX is used for Video transmitter (on your quad), and RX is used for your video receiver (your ground station or FPV goggles). The spironet is a bit more convenient, as they are interchangeable,


The wire stem on the Emax antennas are pretty thin, very flexible and elastic, but it does stay at some angle if you bend it hard. On the other hand the Fatshark Spironets wire stems are much thicker, more rigid and shape-able.

If you are just starting, want to save some money, and plan to smash your quadcopter a lot, these emax antenna is a pretty good choice. But If you are looking for better quality antenna, the Fatshark ones are pretty good IMO :)

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