Review – RunCam PZ0420M FPV Camera

RunCam recently released an improved version of the most popular FPV camera (Sony 600TVL PZ0420 Camera), the Runcam PZ0420M.

Get your Runcam PZ0420M camera from!

runcam-pz0420m-fpv-camera-front-lens runcam-pz0420m-fpv-camera-back-pcb

To summarize, this camera has been optimized in:

  • Wider voltage input (supports 2S to 4S Lipo battery)
  • No more fragile resonator hanging around (used to cause lots of problems, easy to snap in crashes)
  • Smaller form factor, size reduced down to 28mm x 28mm (in fact I don’t know if this is a good thing, lots of frames are designed for the original dimension: 38mm x 38mm and breakable to 32mm x 32mm)
  • 3 grams lighter, weights at 11.8g.

I got to say, this camera is Superb, probably one of the best FPV camera I have used to date! Image quality is just great for FPV. I flew directly into the sun, and everything else is still visible. Flew into the forrest, and wide range dynamics works well, and lighting adjustment kicked in very quickly. Here is some footage of this camera.

With some little changes in setting below, it performs even better for me:

  1. Factory Reset
  2. DWDR on, level to 63.
  3. Select LCD display
  4. Gamma 0.55
  5. Added brightness +5
  6. Sharpness maximum

runcam-pz0420m-fpv-camera-cables-wires runcam-pz0420m-fpv-camera-lens-length

With the smaller size, I think it could make a good camera for 180 mini quad. I used this camera on my Demon Ghost 220 mini quad, the camera mount was designed for ordinary size board camera (34mm), but i still managed to mount it on with cable ties (not easy though :) )

Also note that the camera lens is about 2-3mm longer than the older version, despite the smaller size, so mind the lens sticking out of the frame when you are mounting it. Here is the manual that comes with the camera.


11 thoughts on “Review – RunCam PZ0420M FPV Camera

  1. Alan

    Thanks for the review.
    I will be getting this camera to mount it with a TX on a small assembly I can attach to various quads/cars/etc.
    Any suggestion as to a decent TX for this? I have fatshark goggles and was thinking of their 250mw tx

      1. Oscar Post author

        well these are all made in China, if you can’t find it there then i don’t know where :D LOL
        Also look for FX799T, they are basically the same unit just different brand.

    1. Joe

      Hi Alan,

      I also happen to live in China. Let me know if you need a Taobao link for this camera (just got mine yesterday), as you mention you were looking for it a few months back but were worried you couldn’t find it. And while I figure you found it, never hurts to offer if you haven’t.


  2. Ron T

    Hi Oscar, I recently ordered this camera and really like it too! I opted for the metal housing, and it was much lighter than I expected. My only complaint was that the pivot comes loose easily over time and you will be looking down at the ground every time after a crash. I haven’t changed any of default settings yet, but I will try your recommendations. Great post. Thanks!

  3. Les Elkins

    Hi Oscar,

    So… if one ordered the camera without the IR filter, I know you’d get better low light performance- but what would you see during the middle of the day?

    I end up flying after work, and as sunset comes earlier, flying into dusk is a possibility. Just wondering what I’m giving up if I then fly during the day on weekends. Worse contrast, maybe?

  4. Pavel

    Hi Oscar, little correction: “standard” board dimension is 32mm (not 34mm as you wrote).
    Old PZ0420 has 38mm board and it’s optionally breakable to 32mm.


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