FPV Drone Frames for DJI Air Unit / DJI FPV System

Here are some of the popular 5″ freestyle frames that are designed specifically to fit the DJI Air Unit (full size). These frames comes with 3D printed parts for installing the Air Unit and antennas nicely and hassle-free.

There are 3″, 5″, 6″ and 7″ frames in this list.

Some of these frames have “props in view” – you can see the propellers in your video feed because of the shorter frame body, but these frames are usually lighter as it uses less material.

The way the Air Unit antennas are mounted would affect your maximum range. Depending on what the frame is designed for, there are two common orientations, “horizontal V” and “vertical V”. Horizontal V is better for range, while vertical V might be more durable against crashes.

It’s best to get a frame with TPU mounts for both antennas and the Air Unit, the soft material provides excellent protection in a crash, and is more durable. Avoid frames that provide cheap/unreliable mounting solutions, such as using double sided foam tape and zip ties.

New to the DJI FPV system? I can show you how to set it up for the first time.

Newbeedrone Vivid 5″

NewBeeDrone VIM 3″

NewBeeDrone Whirligig 3”

GepRC Mark4 HD5

Rotor Riot HD1

iFlight DC5 HD 5″

iFlight Cidora SL5 HD 5″

iFlight Titan DC5 HD 5″

iFlight DC3 (3″)

TransTEC Laser HD 5″

TransTEC Freedom HD 5″

Flywoo Mr. Croc HD

Armattan Marmotte DJI Edition

Armattan Badger DJI Edition

FlightClub VannyStyle

ImpulseRC Apex

2 thoughts on “FPV Drone Frames for DJI Air Unit / DJI FPV System

  1. Scott Krosser

    cant you just mount battery slightly forward or back to get perfect CoG again? battery is the heaviest part of drone ? Is it worth it to cram the build together , always tough to go back and fix or upgrade parts in very tight build.

  2. bopiloot

    Many more frames will fit the DJI system. I found that a lot of the “new” DJI frames just slapped on some extra space at the back, completely ignoring the center of gravity.
    I found that with the new electronics that are available a lot can be done to allow for the DJI AU. In my opinion a better choice to upgrade your stack if necessary than to get a bulky frame instead keep a compact and agile copter.
    I personally made it my mission to provide anybody who wants an alternative, than to be forced to buy a new frame.
    You can check my designs on Cults3d.com
    Featuring : Armattan Rooster, Armattan Chameleon, Hyperlite Floss 2.
    coming: Transtec Freedom v2, Floss 1, ImpulseRC Alien, upgrade for kopis 2 and banggod.


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