Overview: Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2

I have been asked multiple times about the new Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2, what’s new in the new version, and how to wire up things. So I decided to make a post about it.

The Kakute F4 AIO V2 is available at GetFPV, Banggood, Amazon. Here is my review of the V1 FC.

Update (July 2018): Holybro released the F7 version of the Kakute AIO FC.

The biggest change in the Kakute F4 AIO V2 is the pin layout, they rearranged it so it’s now a bit confusing for some people, also given the fact that they didn’t update the manual for a long time.

Kakute F4 AIO V1 Kakute F4 AIO V2

Differences between V1 and V2

Here is a summary of the differences:

  • 2 UART’s added in the V2 (5 vs 3)
    • Additional UART 4 for serial communication such as controlling the Runcam Split
    • Additional UART 5 RX for ESC telemetry, the pin is available at each corner of the board, next to ESC signals for easy wiring
  • Solder pads are replaced by through-holes, you can now solder on both sides of the board
  • Added Barometer sensor, making it a great option for Betaflight as well asĀ iNav firmware
  • i2c pin-outs are available for external sensors such as GPS, making the Kakute a more versatile FC
  • Motor outputs have been reduced from 6 to 4

The rest of the spec are identical to the V1.

Some closeup shots of the V2:

Connection Diagram – Pin out

The connection is more or less the same as the Kakute F4 AIO V1. Anyway here is a list of pins and what they are used for.

B+ Battery positive voltage (2S-6S) 5V 1.5A max
VO Video output to VTX VI Video input from FPV camera
G Ground G Ground
SDA i2c SCL i2c
R3 UART 3 RX – inverted for SBUS T3 UART 3 TX
SP UART 1, inverted for SmartPort 5V 1.5A max
GND Ground 3V3 3.3V – 200mA max
RX5 UART 5 RX – ESC Telemetry
BUZ- Buzzer negative, connect positive to 5V


The Kakute F4 AIO V2 is available as a standalone FC, and it can now be purchased with other components as a bundle for a discount too:

14 thoughts on “Overview: Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2

  1. Goroth

    This is my first time building a drone so please forgive me if I as a stupid question.
    I just bought the Holybro KAKUTE F4 AIO V2 and the Holybro Tekko32 35A 3-6S Blheli 32 4 In 1 ESC… BUT I don’t see any way to connect the ESC to the FC.
    The ESC has M1, M2, M3, M4, Ctrl, VBAT
    Yet on the AIO FC I don’t know where these go… Other than the VBAT

    Is this possible or do I need to send back the ESC?

  2. Nick

    Two questions if I may?
    – How would you connect a TBS Nano Crsfx to the Kakute F4, via R3 and T3 for channel Outputs 1 & 2 and then then SDA and SCL to the equivalent ports on the F4?
    – As kakute does not support PWM\PPM does that mean i don’t get the low latency link for crsfx, but instead get crsfx over SBUS?

  3. Al

    Awww what a bummer they removed Motor 5 and 6 outputs.
    I got this board to use with iNav because it has a baro and they added 2 UARTs and I2C.
    But what a shame they removed motor 5 and 6 outputs..
    I need those to control pitch on my brushless gimbal.
    Any alternative to controlling the gimbal pitch using this board?

  4. raul

    hello good I just got a kaute AIO F4 v2 and I have it mounted on the quad but it turns out that I have an X6B receiver mounted on theory I have it already connected to the station I also have it connected on the corresponding current pads and the signal cable on the RX3 pad. I have it in beta in the corresponding sections rx3, serial RX uart 3, ibus, when I connect the lipo the receiver remains a fixed light and the station I get the voltage values of the lipo also the problem is that they do not move bars in betaflight. Do you know what is the problem that I have?

    1. Joe Doe

      I am having this same problem but am unable to figure it out. Any and vice and if you fixed it how did you do so? Thank you in advance.


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