Overview: Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2

I have been asked multiple times about the new Holybro Kakute F4 AIO V2, what’s new in the new version, and how to wire up things. So I decided to make a post about it.

The Kakute F4 AIO V2 is available at GetFPV, Banggood, Amazon. Here is my review of the V1 FC.

The biggest change in the Kakute F4 AIO V2 is the pin layout, they rearranged it so it’s now a bit confusing for some people, also given the fact that they didn’t update the manual for a long time.

Kakute F4 AIO V1 Kakute F4 AIO V2

Differences between V1 and V2

Here is a summary of the differences:

  • 2 UART’s added in the V2 (5 vs 3)
    • Additional UART 4 for serial communication such as controlling the Runcam Split
    • Additional UART 5 RX for ESC telemetry, the pin is available at each corner of the board, next to ESC signals for easy wiring
  • Solder pads are replaced by through-holes, you can now solder on both sides of the board
  • Added Barometer sensor, making it a great option for Betaflight as well as iNav firmware
  • i2c pin-outs are available for external sensors such as GPS, making the Kakute a more versatile FC
  • Motor outputs have been reduced from 6 to 4

The rest of the spec are identical to the V1.

Some closeup shots of the V2:

Connection Diagram – Pin out

The connection is more or less the same as the Kakute F4 AIO V1. Anyway here is a list of pins and what they are used for.

B+ Battery positive voltage (2S-6S) 5V 1.5A max
VO Video output to VTX VI Video input from FPV camera
G Ground G Ground
SDA i2c SCL i2c
R3 UART 3 RX – inverted for SBUS T3 UART 3 TX
SP UART 1, inverted for SmartPort 5V 1.5A max
GND Ground 3V3 3.3V – 200mA max
RX5 UART 5 RX – ESC Telemetry
BUZ- Buzzer negative, connect positive to 5V


The Kakute F4 AIO V2 is available as a standalone FC, and it can now be purchased with other components as a bundle for a discount too:

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