Info about Kombini Flight Controller

The Kombini FC is developed by FuriousFPV. It’s a PDB integrated F3 flight controller.

We previous reviewed the Piko BLX, which is designed for smaller builds such as 3″ micro quads. To me, the Kombini feels like a more powerful version of the Piko. There are features that were missing on the Piko and it allows higher current and used in larger builds. Find out more info about mini quad flight controller in this post.

Thanks to HeliDirect for sending me this board for testing.

Spec of the Kombini FC

  • F3 Processor – MPU6000 SPI Bus (supports 8K/8K and low gyro noise)
  • Built-in PDB
  • Supports up to 5S LiPo
  • PDB uses 4oz inner copper, supports up to 150A of current
  • Built-in 5V 2A BEC
  • Supports Transponder
  • Supports SBus, SumH, SumD, Spektrum 1024/2048, XBus, and PPM with a built in Spektrum satellite port
  • Built-in LC filter
  • Push button for bootloader

The Kombini has a similar layout to the Piko BLX.

Kombini Flight Controller top

Kombini Flight Controller back

You might notice there is a JST header connector. It’s for the OSD which FuriousFPV is working on. It should integrate very well with the setup I think.

Kombini Flight Controller fc osd connection

It weights 6g, sized at 36mm x 36mm (same size as a Naze32 board).

Kombini Flight Controller size comparison naze32 kk2

So far it looks and sounds great!

So far I like the idea of combining PDB – where running your ESC power directly on the FC without additional power distribution board, would greatly simplify building, and clean up the wiring mess.

Kombini fc connection diagram esc motor buzzer vtx

Price seems to be reasonable at $49 (If this FC proves to work reliably). A decent F3 FC currently on the market is at least $30 (non clone). A PDB would costs another $10 to $30 depends on quality. Not to mention the weight saving, compactness and cleaner wiring.

There are a few things that haven’t been mentioned on the official website about this FC:

  • FC passthrough for ESC flashing/programming works
  • built-in current sensor – can be used for OSD and telemetry
  • 12V regulated voltage outputs in final version (according to FuriousFPV)
  • There is no “built-in” buzzer, only buzzer pins

Release date for the Kombini is the 15th of Aug.

FuriousFPV is also developing blackbox recorder that is going to be a great match with the Kombini – Furious External blackbox.

Hopefully I will build a quad with this FC soon! Stay tuned.

Update Sep 2016 – Prototype board not working

5V failed on the prototype board, it just won’t power up with LiPo, but works when USB board is plugged in. Seems like the 5V regulator is not working.

Update Oct 2016

I received the production version, which has added the 12V BEC and some other components on the bottom as you can see.

furiousfpv-kombini-fc-prototype-production-comparison-top furiousfpv-kombini-fc-prototype-production-comparison-bottom



But unfortunately, the diode (D4) fell off during quad assembly, so I couldn’t test the FC, issue reported to FuriousFPV and waiting for a 3rd board.

17 thoughts on “Info about Kombini Flight Controller


    so oscar shows that the board only handles 5s but the diagram shows 2-6s
    i wanna do a 6s build. i still have the original production boards. i say this because i see there is a new red looking kombini dshot capable.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I do not know, there have been quite a few revisions of this FC since I first tested it. Maybe best to contact the manufacturer to confirm.

  2. Ian

    Got this wired up and have a problem with ESC 1 connection. ESC is good, wiring looks good but no joy, BLHeli suite can’t connect to the ESC (can connect to the other ECSs 2-4 fine). Tried to flash the board to see if that solved the problem and every time I press the boot button on start up the board doesn’t connect. Probably not going any further with this board. Looked so promising a package too! Went over to Furious to see if there’s any help there and I notice the board itself has been discontinued! Pretty darn disappointed

    1. ian

      Well I figured out how to get Betaflight into DFU mode so I could flash it ( video at bottom) . After reflashing with Kombini hex still no luck. Then tried flashing with pikoblx and success! All ESCs now work and I can proceed. Who knows what other stuff I’ll encounter!

      1. ian

        Final (maybe) update. I contacted Furious and their tech support suggested a reflash.I reflashed the FC back to 3.2 Betalflight Kombini and ESC 1 now works. Not sure what’s going on here. Loose solder joint on my part is possible I suppose but I checked and its solid. I have flown this copter now a few times and eveything appears fine. Interesting experience all round using the Kombini. I certainly like the concept and given I was using the piggy back OSD from Furious I am generally pleased with the outcome.

  3. Josef

    I just received this FC last night and prior to seeing this review I looked at it and thought “I hope this thing stays together” because it appears to be a bit less than solidly produced. I haven’t built the quad it belongs to yet and haven’t flown it so this is not a definitive observation but after reading a few of the comments here and the review I’m hopeful but ready to be disappointed. I’ll update after the build and maiden, fingers crossed :)

  4. Greg

    I have used this FC and am very pleased with it, however there is a fault in the wiring diagram between the FC and the OSD.
    The TX on the FC to shown as connected to the TX on the OSD and the same for RX, this is wrong and should be TX to RX and Vice versa for the other RX to TX.

  5. Dan

    It would appear that FuriousFPV’s quality control has gone south – fast! I’m a victim of this as well and I’m quickly loosing faith in anything they sell with diodes, capacitors, resistors or microchips…

  6. Ricky Klusman

    Thanks for the review. Any idea where to connect Xbus signal on this FC? Most RX it connects on ch 4 on FC.

    Thanks in advance, love your site.

  7. Ash

    I managed to get a sample of the Kombini and love it! Here is my review and build log

    1. Darren

      The board is supplied with an infrared led that you solder to the FC and each board has a unique ID this system in compatible with the I-Lap timing system

  8. Gus

    Yes you read my mine build it for performance light as you can to see your experience I’m a noob but herd you the man for this type of stuff let’s check it out Oscar ? Adding the parts list to it won’t hurt lol thanks looking forward for your build a


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