Moron Threshold in Betaflight

This is not a joke, there is a “Moron Threshold” setting in Betaflight CLI. In this post we will take a look at what it does.

What is Moron Threshold?

Moron Threshold can be traced all the way back to Baseflight, it’s one of the very few settings that gets to keep its original name in Cleanflight and Betaflight. It’s pretty obvious for anyone who has been in the hobby long enough to know Timecop, that only him can come up with a funny name like this :) Anyway, I enjoy the humour in this, it makes me smile every time I scroll through 500 lines of boring CLI code.

What does “Moron Threshold” do?

Moron threshold is to stop Gyro being calibrated when powering on if the quad is moving too much. According to the Betaflight Wiki:

When powering up, gyro bias is calculated. If the model is shaking/moving during this initial calibration, offsets are calculated incorrectly, and could lead to poor flying performance. This threshold means how much average gyro reading could differ before re-calibration is triggered.

For those who like to plug in the battery, then immediately grab their quad and shake it, I am not saying your are a moron, but you do need to increase your moron threshold :)

For ordinary people, your should not need to worry about it, just leave it at default.

There have been rumours that the name might be changed in the future in Betaflight, but I hope that’s not true!

7 thoughts on “Moron Threshold in Betaflight

  1. Slava Chrome

    I had problems with my old F3 board after 3,2 update.

    First battery okay.
    But after few crashes and second battery don’t let to calibrate.
    So I need to left quad untouched for 5-10 minutes and then it let to fly next.

    I set moron_treshold to 110 and now it calibrates every battery after crashes without any problem.

  2. Jon

    There have been several reports (one from Eric Konasty) in which increasing the moron threshold to 100 or so solved FC initialization issue. Just FYI

  3. Steven J

    So how much time does one have from when the connection to the battery is made and when the quad starts to initialize and calibrate? I plug in my battery and move as quickly as I can to place the quad on a flat non-moving surface, but I always feel like it has already started to initialize before I can set it down.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Gyro calibration should complete within a couple of seconds after powering on and stopped being moved. If you keep shaking the quad, it will never finish calibration. :)


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