News: Dark Knight Nirvana TX Radio Transmitter by UndergroundFPV

We have been very excited about the release of the Frsky X-Lite, a gamepad style RC transmitter, however we also learned that the X-lite is unlikely to be compatible with the TBS Crossfire external module, which is a huge disappointment to some users. Don’t worry! The Dark Knight Nirvana TX from UndergroundFPV might be a good alternative.

Update (26 Aug 2018): I got it! Here is my review of the Nirvana TX.

Further Reading:

Dark Knight Nirvana Radio Protocol & Module Bay

Product Page on Banggood:

The Dark Knight Nirvana will come with an internal TX module that supports Flysky AFHDS 2A protocol, meaning this TX will support Flysky RX but not Frsky out of the box. However there is a JR bay for external radio module including the TBS Crossfire and Frsky XJT module if you wish to use other radio systems.

Dark Knight Nirvana Hardware

The Nirvana TX is designed by UndergroundFPV and manufactured by Flysky. We are told that the Dark Knight transmitter is going to be equipped with digital hall effect gimbals, and the display is a colour touch screen. As far as we can tell from the leaked images, there are at least 8 switches and two pots which are more than enough for multirotor users.

However I do not see any physical trim buttons, perhaps the trimming has to be done in the software.

And it’s good to see there is is a neck strap hook too.


Here is the confirmed spec of the Dark Knight Nirvana radio.

  • Price range: $169
  • Flysky model code: FS-NV14
  • Running OpenTX System
  • 6 switches
  • Internal RF: Flysky AFHDS 2A
  • Removable JR bay for external modules, supports TBS Crossfire in both small JR and large versions
  • 3.5inch Colour Touchscreen
  • Plane support + trim tabs (plane/Heli) preset mixes
  • Quad mix presets
  • Micro USB port for firmware upgrade
  • Powered by 2x 18650 batteries, TX can be charged via USB Port
  • SD card slot
  • Hard case for transportation

I will update this post once we receive update about the Dark Knight.

14 thoughts on “News: Dark Knight Nirvana TX Radio Transmitter by UndergroundFPV

  1. Genivos

    Lacking confidence? Lol I’m flying for years with FlySky now and never felt like that. I’ve seen people with FrSky having fail safe problems as much as with FlySky. All depends on equipment (rx) and build of the copter. That’s what I think.

  2. jeffx

    Koray, do you have a link to where JB provides information about the claim that FS latency increases with range? Also, most racing occurs in closer ranges–and this is where latency would be more of a factor/concern.

  3. Chris

    I thought the general consensus was that the X-Lite was going to support the TBS Crossfire module. Was there recent news that I missed?

    1. Oscar Post author

      Trappy at TBS told me that from the leaked photos, the module bay might be too small for the Crossfire, not sure if this is going to be changed in the production version. Also not sure if you have noticed the trend, any new TX coming out from Frsky don’t fully support Crossfire anymore, likely due to the competition between Crossfire and Frsky’s long range module R9M.

  4. Emilliano Zapatta

    until there is a wifi connection with built in cellphone and Bluetooth these new radios are just different plastic. NOT very exciting ! CVome On Manufactures step up and give us something NEW !!

  5. Jacob Decosta

    Flysky is indeed faster, but you lack that real confidence you have when you’re flying with a frsky tx.

    1. Fpvspidey

      Flysky prorocol is not a problem its actually faster than frsky. Flyskys problem is crap radios. This will fix that. Besides i fly crossfire so to me looks pretty sweet.

      1. fl0PPsy

        It might be faster but it also suffers from more failsafes than FrSky.

        I’d rather have reliable control and slightly more latency than less latency and a loss of control.

      1. Koray

        So JB has confirmed it seems on stream that flysky is not in fact faster. As your range increases your FS latency gets even worse. So we’ve been fooled by an FS fanboy’s test.

      2. Genivos

        Funny enough I had fail safes with FlySky only once because of antenna placement. Never have any fail safe since. Used it on many quads and still using.

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