Oskie Micro Frame V1 for Brushed Quad – Designed and Made by Oscar :)

I spent the last 2 months designing/testing this 3D printed brushed micro quad frame, and I am finally happy with the result and it’s now available for purchase :)

This frame is printed by myself so I can ensure the quality of this product when shipped out.

I built this frame with the Lulfro FC and some 25mW FPV combo. It also works very well with the hardware from the MultiFlite kit, and Beef FC setup. Take a look at my micro quad parts list for more ideas :)

  • This frame is for 8.5mm brushed motors
  • Motor to motor distance is 110mm
  • Weights only 6.4g!
  • I used the simple ‘one piece’ design, no assembling required, and very easy to setup

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this further, join me in this forum page: http://intofpv.com/t-oskie-v1-3d-printed-brushed-micro-quad-frame


Don’t worry about your FC and other electronics being “exposed”, your motors and props should be tough enough to protect them. In the last 2 months I have been testing this frame on 2 of my quads, crashed into concrete, trees, computer monitors…. no damages at all! (only a few props :) )

This is one of the most rigid 3D printed brushed micro frames I have experience, which gives you the best flight performance possible. It’s also very crash resistant, mine crashed hundreds of times and still no sign of breaking.

It’s also very light weight. At only 6.4g it’s even lighter than most of the carbon fibre frames.

There are many ways of mounting your FPV gear, let your imaginations run wild :) below are 2 examples of me mounting 2 different FPV setups. Feel free to modify this frame in anyway :)

I will include 2 “C-block” for the mini camera, one 3mm tall, one 4mm tall. Use whatever suits you. I recommend putting a little piece of double sided tape underneath, so it doesn’t slide around :)



You can also cut the front flat bit off and “hang” the camera on the front.


I recommend mounting the battery on the bottom with a piece of velcro, possibly with the help of a rubber band too :) but I sometimes just stick the battery on the velcro and it holds well enough most of the times.


Material and 3D Printer

The frames are printed with the Ultimaker 2+ using PolyMaker PolyMax filament, which has excellent impact resistance and mechanical properties, up to 9 times stronger than normal PLA. Each frame takes about an hour to make.


you can choose between red and white, or you can have both colours in the same order (only available in orders of multiple frames if you choose both colour in a single frame order, I will give you random colour). If you order 3 frames and choose both colours, please specify how many red/white you want, otherwise it would be random.

Sorry only black is available at this point.


Wholesale is also available, please message me in the “about” page.

Dispatched every Monday/Thursday, item should arrive within 2 working days within the UK, 7 working days worldwide. Please note that if you choose no tracking shipping method, I am not responsible if it goes lost. However we are able to provide a full refund or resend the item if tracked shipping is selected (because we are covered by the courier).

Availability: NOT IN STOCK UNTIL FEB 2017

If you have a 3D printer, the STL file is also free to download here.

27 thoughts on “Oskie Micro Frame V1 for Brushed Quad – Designed and Made by Oscar :)

  1. Miguel

    Hi Oscar! How many minutes your drone could be fliying? And where is more info? I want to use your frame desing, to fly as long as possible;)
    I need to buy batery, motors and propellers. Any recomendation? Thans you very much! Muchas gracias!

    1. Oscar Post author

      About 3 to 4 mins…
      I haven’t checked the stock of the parts for a while so i am not sure if there are any alternatives. Sorry.

  2. FPV Quadjockey

    Since it is not a symmetrical X-frame, are ther numbers for a custom mix that should be entered into Cleanflight so it has a better idea what configuration the flight controller is installed on? I believe the default settings are for a symmetrical X and therefore should probably be corrected, but I’m not sure of the format that the new numbers should be input.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Custom mix is not necessary for frames that are rectangular, you just need to tune your PID to account for the difference in width and height (also the weight distribution) You can read my post about custom mix.

  3. Charles

    Hi, I like this frame a lot because the arms are very stout. I would love to see a 7mm version where everything stayed the same size except for the motor mount diameters. Would that be possible? Thanks for this sturdy design.

      1. Charles

        I was hoping that you would be able to do it as I am not even sure how to go about modifying a design. I am learning as much as I can, as fast as I can about 3D printing but it can be overwhelming in the beginning. Still trying to figure out which CAD program would be the easiest to learn. Could I edit the .stl file to reduce the motor sizes or would I need an original CAD dwg file? Thanks again so much for all the info you put out there for others to learn from, it helps a ton. I am really enjoying this model as-is for now, very sturdy & light weight.

      2. Oscar Post author

        I could if i have time :) but i don’t fly 7mm motors anymore, and i make no promises..
        it takes a few prints to get the dimension correct.

  4. Haakon Holtberget

    Interested in building a full quad kit (kinda like shop.hovership.com/3dfly-micro-quad-kit/ but with FPV gera mounted)? I use a Taranis X9D+. I’m in Norway and getting the parts separate is gonna skyrocket the shipping cost. Send me a message if you’re interested.

  5. elvin

    sounds good. 请给我发个邮件我们具体沟通下?


  6. Elvin


    1. Oscar Post author

      i can, but with the shipping offered here, there is no tracking so if the parcel is lost I can’t do much about it… if you are happy with this we can go ahead :)

    1. Oscar Post author

      it works with normal hubsan props/ladybird props, all the way up to parrot props… any props smaller than 6.6cm should also fit.


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