Brushed Micro Quad Parts List

by Oscar

With the growing popularity of 1S brushed micro quadcopters, we are seeing more and more options for components: flight controllers, motors, FPV setup. It would make life a lot easier to have a central place where you can look up most if not all of the possible brushed micro quad parts.

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Last updated 24/03/2016. We will try to keep this list updated regularly, please let me know if there is any missing items.

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Index of Brushed Micro Quad Parts List

FC – Flight Controllers


Processor and Firmware

The processor basically determines what software you can run on the micro quad.

It might be Irrelevant to some FC such as the Hubsan board, because they come with their own firmware, and you cannot change settings on them (such as PID and rates).

FET Rating

FET is the ESC (motor speed controller) of a brushed micro quadcopter. Depends on your choice of motors and propellers, you need to make sure the FET’s meet your current draw requirement.

Features to Consider

  • Options of 3.3V/5V outputs for RX and VTX?
  • Filtered Power for FPV gear? (Lulfro board does a good job at this)
  • Extension-capable? (multiFlite Nano provides headers for adding extra features)

Brushed Board with FET adapter board

Image Brushed Boards MCU FET Weight Price Receiver Note
AlienWii ATmega 4.2A 3.4g $60 External DSM2/DSMX Only runs Multiwii
Integrated FTDI Progrommer
Usually out of stock
fpv-micro-quad-build-beef-brushed-board-flight-controller-top Beef’s Brushed Board STM32 4.2A 4.0g $60 External Spektrum/SBUS/SUMD or PPM Runs Cleanflight/Baseflight
cjmcu-stm32-micro-quad-quadcopter-frame CJMCU STM32 ? (7mm motor) 8.5g $20 External PWM/PPM Runs Cleanflight
Flight controller integrated into the frame
lulfro-micro-quad-flight-controller-brushed-board Lulfro STM32 6.3A ? $60 External Spektrum/SBUS/SUMD or PPM Doesn’t come with any cables/leads
Micro MWC ATmega 2A 1.8g $35 Integrated 6ch DSM2 Apparently is a pain to program, sometimes come with dead FETs
 Micro Scisky 32bits Brushed Flight Control Micro Scisky STM32 5A 2.5g $33 Integrated 7ch DSM2 New board, no info yet
 multiFlite NANO-B-FC Flight Controller v1.1 MultiFlite Nano STM32 8A 3g $65 External Spektrum or PPM Expansion headers, Runs Cleanflight
Quanum Pico 32bit Brushed Flight Control Board Quanum Pico STM32 4.3A 2.5g $33 DSM2/DSMX
TAULABS BRUSHED SPARKY 2.0 Taulabs Brushed Sparky

As it was pointed out by Blaise in the comment AlienWii is discontinued by the original author, and it’s now been taken on by AlienFlight.

Also note that the Quanum Pico and the Micro SciSky are actually the same board, just rebranded.

Motors and Propellers

Basically there are 2 sizes of brushed motors you can get for micro quad, different by the diameter: 7mm and 8.5mm. They are also sometimes known as 0720 and 0820 motors, the first 2 digits (07, 08) being the diameter class, and the last 2 digits (20) being the height of the motor.


Note that brushed motors are consumables just like props, they generally last around 5 to 10 hours of flight time. That might not sound like a lot, but that’s about 100 flights. As they are wearing out they don’t run as efficient as when new, and gradually giving less thrust and shorter flight time.

 Motors Size / mm Price $ / unit
Hubsan 0720 2.3
Hobbyking 0716 1.7
Hubsan 0820 2.7
Hobbyking 0820 1.7
MMW Dark Edition 0820 7.8
Multirotor Superstore 0820 3.8

From experience, I would recommend the Ladybird props over others for both 7mm and 8mm builds, because of the cheap price and great durability. They take abuse and very hard to break. They also don’t fly off the motors in crashes. Hubsan props disappear every time I crash and often go missing.

For best performance props on 8mm builds you can try some of the Parrot Rolling spider props, they are pretty efficient and generate a lot of thrust (because they are longer). Make sure your FETs support the current draw.

 Propellers Picture Price $ / unit
LadyBird micro-quad-prop-ladybird 0.5
Hubsan micro-quad-prop-propeller-banggood-hubsan-x4 0.5
Parrot Rolling Spider fpv-micro-quad-build-propellers-comparison-ladybird-hubsan-parrot-length 1.7
Hubsan Triblade micro-quad-3-blades 0.5
60mm Micro Prop 60mm-micro-quad-8mm-motors-propellers-hobbyking 0.4

Micro Motor Thrust Testings

Motors show different performance when coupled with different propellers, I try my best to test different combo and here are the data I have gathered so far.

Multirotor Superstore Motors 300mah 45C 350mah 65C 600mah 35C 750mah 35C
Lady Bird 29.5 33 31.5 33.5
Hubsan 26.5 31 32.5 30
Rolling Spider 33 37 36 37.5
MMW Dark Edition Motors 300mah 45C 350mah 65C 600mah 35C 750mah 35C
Lady Bird 28  30.5 31 34
Hubsan 30  35 34.5 35
Rolling Spider 36.5  41 38.5 39.5

Micro Quad Frame

There are 2 main types of frames for micro quadcopters, Carbon fibre and 3D Printed. CJMCU is the only FC I have seen that is integrated into a silicon frame. But I am personally not a fan of that because of the vibrations can get into the Gyro/ACC sensors easily.


Carbon Fiber frames are lighter yet more rigid and strong, but they tend to be more expensive.


3D printed Micro frames are much cheaper, however with bad design they do break easier than carbon fibre, and even have bending arms that affect flight characteristics.

Frame Name Image Price Material Weight
Phoenix Racing phoenix-flight-gear-110mm-carbon-fibre-Micro-H-FPV-racing-quadcopter-Frame-assembled $30 Carbon Fiber 4g
Phoenix Micro-H phoenix-flight-gear-110mm-carbon-fibre-Micro-H-FPV-quadcopter-Frame-assembled $20 Carbon Fiber 7g
Quanum WISP Quanum WISP 110 Micro Multirotor Frame $13 Carbon Fiber 11g
Polycarbonate Frame team jolly rc 8.5mm Brushed Micro Quad Polycarbonate Frame $8 Polycarbonate 9g-14g
Oskie V1 oskie-micro-frame-v1-white $7 3D Printed 6g

LiPo Battery


C Rating

What I found is, for 7mm motor builds, you normally need higher C rating batteries. Low C packs just don’t have the punch and isn’t enough to keep the quad in the air long.
8mm motor builds are a lot more forgiving when it comes to LiPo. Even those cheap, low C rating banggood batteries runs okay (not great, but flyable).

Capacity VS Weight

Weight is critical to a micro quad, you can feel the difference for every gram you save. Larger battery pack doesn’t necessary give you longer light time because of the increase in weight. The extra weight might even make the quad hard to control.

What battery should I get?

For 7mm motors builds, the only battery I would recommend is the 300mAh 45C from Hobbyking. Batteries that are heavier than that might have trouble even taking off.

8mm builds are more forgiving and any batteries in the following list should fly fine, but I recommend the 750mAh 35C for longer flight time, or 300mAh 45C for faster, more agile flying.

Battery Weight Price
HK 300mAh 45C 9.0g $2.7
HK 350mAh 65C 15.7g $4.2
HK 600mAh 35C 16.3g $2.8
HK 750mAh 35C 18.7g $3.0

Radio Receiver


The following RX in the table are all supported by the Taranis (bind directly, no extra TX module required) and majority of the Frsky TX modules.

Image Price Weight Voltage Note
Frsky Micro Frsky-micro-RX-receiver-PPM-canadaquadcopters-ca $17 0.8g 3.3V PPM
Frsky VD5M FrSky-VD5M-2.4Ghz-5CH-Micro-Receiver $11 2g 3.0-7.2V PWM – 5ch
SRP8 8ch micro quad SRP8 8CH PPM Receiver from Banggood $19 2g 5V PPM, Telemetry

Built-in Spektrum RX

Some FC has built-in spektrum RX, many TX allows you to plug a additional TX module on it like the Taranis or Turnigy 9X, so you can get a Orange TX module, and bind with the Spektrum RX.

Frsky Micro RX – PPM

Depends on what radio system you are planning to run, I guess most people would be running Frsky Taranis, or 9X/9XR with a Frsky TX Module. In that case you should get the Frsky Micro RX (PPM), or the VD5M (PWM).


Frsky VD5M

Frsky VD5M Micro RX is an alternative receiver for Frsky users (Taranis), which runs on PWM. Someone left me a comment before saying it’s possible to mod the VD5M to output PPM, but I’ve never looked into that.

SRP8 8ch PPM Radio Receiver

SPR8 receiver is a full feature radio receiver, supports PPM and telemetry. Weights only 2g (1.5g if shorten wires), and about the same size as the Frsky Micro RX. However this RX only accepts 5V power input, so if your micro quad setup doesn’t have a step up voltage regulator from 1S to 5V, then you can’t use this RX.

FPV Setup

For FPV setup on Micro Quads, you have two options, one is to buy a readily made setup (FPV combo), the other option is to buy camera and VTX separately. Usually buying them separately and put them together is a cheaper solution.



Requirements for FPV cameras that are used on micro quads are:

  • As light as possible
  • takes 3.3V-5V as input voltage (1S Lipo)
Camera Price Weight Comment
Banggood FPV Mini Camera 600TVL 1.8mm 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens nano Banggood 600TVL Mini Camera $10 3g 170 Wide Angle, but feels more like 120 degree great for FPV
fpv-camera-1g-weight-nano-micro-mini-feature 1g Camera $54 1g No wide angle, not recommend for FPV
Surveilzone 600TVL 120degree Wide Angle Super Mini FPV Camera with MIC Surveilzone 600TVL Camera $19 3g  120 degree wide angle

VTX – Video Transmitter

Same requirements apply here for VTX, light weight and takes 3.3V input.

VTX Price Weight Frequency
tx5823-5-8ghz-200mw-video-transmitter-mini-micro Boscam TX5823 200mW  $11 2.3g 5.8 GHz – Band E
Boscam TX5826 FPV 5.8G 400mW Transmitter Module vtx Boscam TX5826 400mW $15.5 2.5g 5.8 GHz – Band E
AltitudeRC 5.8GHz 25mW Nano FPV Transmitter AltitudeRC Nano VTX 25mW $50 3g 5.8 GHz – Band F

FPV Combo

Camera + video Transmitter.

FPV setup Price Weight Frequency
Pico FPV Combo (5.8 GHz) Pico FPV Combo  $100 8g 5.8 GHz – Band F
Pico-FPV-Combo-V2-900-MHz-1.3-GHz Pico FPV Combo V2 $75 7g 900 MHz & 1.3GHz
Micro-FPV-Camera-and-Video-Transmitter-SPMVA1100 Micro FPV SPMVA1100 $75 4.5g 5.8 GHz – Band F
mini-fpv-transmitter-camera-combo-tx5823-1g-nano-camera-antenna DIY BG Camera + TX5823 $25 5.6g 5.8 GHz – Band E
DIY BG Cam + AltitudeRC VTX $60 6.5g 5.8 GHz – Band F
FX798T 5.8G 25mW 40CH NTSC Mini vtx Camera FPV Combo FX798T VTX camera FPV combo $41 4.5g 5.8Ghz 40ch – ABEFR
Quanum ELITE TX CAMERA COMBO Micro Cam VTX 25mW Quanum Elite VTX camera combo $39 4.5g 5.8Ghz 40ch – ABEFR
FormatFactory2016-05-03 19.54.06 Hyperion Mini FPV combo $55 4.5g 5.8Ghz 40ch – ABEFR

Example Builds

You might be interested in some of the micro quad build examples I posted before on the blog.

Tiny Whoop

The Tiny Whoop build is basically an Eachine E010 coupled with a VTX/Camera FPV combo. It became very popular and started by the Horizon Inductrix, but it’s much more expensive than the E010.

Check out my build log of the E010 Tiny Whoop.

It’s very easy to build, cheap yet saves you from lots of hassle working out and parts you need as it’s nearly a RTF quad. However it doesn’t have the power like a 8mm motor build, and it handles the wind poorly. If you are looking for a fun indoor quad to fly, you should give it a try :)

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FlyHighFPV 20th June 2018 - 8:50 pm

I’ve been thinking about building a brushed Wing. Normally I see a brushless motor + ESC bundle, connected directly to the Receiver. Can brushed motors take the signal straight off a 6 channel receiver, or do I need some kind of FET/ESC between them? (If you have a link to the needed parts, that would be awesome!)


Željko Trogrlić 24th April 2016 - 11:18 pm

What is the advantage of small brushed quads over small brushless quads like LKTR120?

Oscar 28th April 2016 - 12:00 pm

safer, lighter, cheaper and easier to build and maintain.

moninox 10th April 2016 - 2:33 am

Hi Oscar.

I love your blog, mainly the micros articles.

Nice work!!!. Thanks

Gar 10th January 2016 - 5:29 pm

Hi Oscar,

You should probably add the FX758-2 5.8G 200mW Vtx to the list, 3.3v – 5v @2.2grams, less when you remove the metal RF shield, a capable little Vtx with a clean signal.

Mohammed 9th January 2016 - 6:35 pm

Hi Oscar,

I have stupid question what version of cleanflight i have to flash beef board ??
I flash my board by cleanflight (alienwii version) , The motors do not spin together at same speed , when i move throttle stick up only motors 2,3 spin after more than 50% throttle motors 1,4 start spinning but not same speed of 2,3 motors >

Gregor 9th January 2016 - 2:06 pm

Maybe you can add this frame to the

Samer 7th January 2016 - 8:16 am

Micro Scisky : read the reviews at banggood, it have some issues specially binding and motor spinning….

Martin Budden 6th January 2016 - 10:32 am

Hi Oscar,

you might like to add the following:

The Sparky2 flight controller from TauLabs has 4 buffered PWM outputs (using N-channel FETs) which can drive brushed motors directly, see:

peabody124, the designer of the Sparky2 flight controller, has integrated the Sparky2 flight controller into a frame, see:

This frame is available here:

Note that I haven’t tried either the Sparky2 flight controller or the TauLabs Brushed Sparky frame, so I can’t comment on them first hand. But they do look interesting.

It’s also possible to use any flight controller to drive brushed motors if you put FETs on the PWM outputs. Pial sells a brushed moter driver board that will drive 4 brushed motors. See
Note his post is a bit old, so I don’t know if he still sells them. Again I haven’t personally tried this.

And finally is a source of frames for micro quadcopters. He sells both carbon fiber and polycarbonate (transparent plastic frames). They are available in a variety of sizes from 100mm to 160mm and for 7mm and 8mm motors. I personally like the polycarbonate frames, since they can be lit up with LEDs. (Picnicquads also sell mini and micro frames for brushless motors, from 130mm to 225mm size.)
I have bought a couple of frames form picnicquads and can recommend them.

Blaise 6th January 2016 - 12:33 am

Also, the quanum Pico and the Micro SciSky are actually the exact same board, just rebranded. If you buy a MicroSciSky from Bangood chances are you’ll get a Quanum branded one these days.

Blaise 5th January 2016 - 11:29 pm

Good article. You should probably mention that the original AlienWii is discontinued by it’s original maker, and that clones / improvements are in development but not yet widely available. check out for more info.

might also be useful to point people to for a dedicated micro community.