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Flash and Program BLHeli ESC via Cleanflight – Flight Controller

Do you know that you can now change settings on your ESC in BLHeliSuite, via your flight controller? That’s right, no complicated programming tool, USB linker or Arduino. All you need to do is just connect your flight controller, and you can flash firmware and change settings on your ESC!

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Flash BLHeli on Blue Series 12A ESC using Arduino

I have been using SimonK firmware on my Mini Quad Blue Series 12A ESC, they perform really well and I can’t complain. But recently Oneshot and Active Braking (damping light) has been popular and I have been hearing all sorts of good things, but they are only supported in BLHeli (V13.0) at the moment. So I decided to flash the latest verison of BLHeli firmware on my Hobbyking BS ESC.

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