Review: BetaFPV LiteRadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter

by Oscar
Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter

The most compact radio – the BetaFPV LiteRadio V3 Pro has finally got an upgrade that could be game changing. If you are looking for a small gamepad style radio that does everything, you need to check out the LiteRadio 3 Pro.

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LiteRadio V3 Pro Key Features

The BetaFPV LiteRaido 3 Pro has added some long overdue upgrades and improvements!

It now runs EdgeTX with a screen and menu buttons so you can change radio and model settings right on the radio without the need to connect it to a computer.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Edgetx

It also comes with two internal RF module options: ExpressLRS 2.4GHz (500mW) and CC2500 that is compatible with Frsky D8/D16. Even better, it now has an external module bay that allows you to install a lite module to run other protocols such as Multi-protocol, Crossfire, Tracer or Ghost (or a higher power ELRS TX module).

Where to Buy?

LiteRadio 3 Pro Product Page

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Unbox Accessories

If the Pro version is beyond your budget, there’s also a cheaper version (LiteRadio 3) that’s $30 less. It has no screen or menu joysticks, and runs the same LiteRadio system as the previous LiteRadio 2 SE instead of EdgeTX. There are a few other differences too, please refer to the table below.

LiteRadio 3 Product Page

Differences from Last Version

LiteRadio 3 Pro LiteRadio 3 LiteRadio 2 SE
Gimbals Hall Potentiometer Potentiometer
Internal RF Module / Power ≤500mW (ELRS)

≤100mW (CC2500 Frsky)

≤100mW (ELRS)

≤100mw (CC2500 Frsky)

≤100mW (ELRS)

≤100mw (CC2500 Frsky)

Battery 1S 2000mAh 1S 2000mAh 1S 1000mAh
External Module Support Yes Yes No
Firmware EdgeTX LiteRadio LiteRadio
Screen & Menu Buttons Yes No No
Neck Strap Support Yes Yes No
Weight 280g tbc tbc

Closer Look at the LiteRadio 3 Pro

Comparing to the Radiomaster Zorro and Jumper T-Pro, the LiteRadio 3 Pro is the most compact and lightest in weight.

  • LiteRadio 3 Pro 280g
  • Zorro 435g
  • T-Pro 335g

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Size Compare Zorro T Pro


The shape and dimensions of the LiteRadio V3 Pro is almost identical to the LiteRadio V2.

The colour has been changed from white to black. The good thing is it doesn’t get dirty as easily like it was in white, but it might get warmer when exposed under sunlight especially when you have a 500mW module running inside the radio without any ventilation.

The plastic material used in the LiteRadio 3 Pro is exactly the same as previous LiteRadio’s. It has a rubbery matte finish that offers a solid grip.

When it comes to ergonomics, it’s best suited for thumbers, not so great for pinchers or hybrid pinchers.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Hand Hold Grip Thumber Ergonomics

Just like the LiteRadio 3, the neck strap hook is still not balanced even with the extra weight from the newly added screen (it tilts backward), you can resolve this by using a 3D printed holder I think, but with a small radio like this, most people probably don’t need a neck strap anyway so it’s not a biggie.

Screen and Menu Buttons

A monochrome 1.3-inch OLED display and two mini joysticks are added. The screen looks high quality with black background and white text, it’s about the same size as the screen on the Jumper T-Pro but slightly longer (the screen in the LiteRadio definitely feels more premium). The good thing about OLED screen is that it’s highly visible either in the dark or under the sun.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Oled Screen Display Menu Joystick Buttons

The screen is a lot smaller than the Zorro’s, but still I have no problem reading what’s on there from a meter away. Also I appreciate the fact that the display has a slight tilt angle, it definitely helps readability.

The mini joysticks are not as easy to use as those big individual menu buttons and scroll wheel on the Zorro and T-Lite, but they are more compact for sure and gets the job done.


The LiteRadio 3 Pro comes with EdgeTX, but also compatible with OpenTX. I talked about how powerful and advanced EdgeTX is and why you should get it to replace OpenTX.

My radio came loaded with EdgeTX 2.6.0 firmware under the target of “edgetx-LR3 Pro”.

The radio comes with a micro SD card already installed inside the radio, so it was fully functional out of the box including sound pack. Talking about sound, the LiteRadio 3 Pro does have a speaker, but the volume is really low for two reasons: there’s no holes on the housing for the sound to come through, and the speaker is just quiet. You can barely hear it when you are outdoor.

There is no haptic feedback.

Because the SD card is inside the radio, you can’t really remove it unless you take apart the radio. When accessing the SD card and transferring data, you have to use a USB-C cable even though it’s slower.

I wish they make an SD card slot.

Internal ExpressLRS TX Module

The ELRS version has an internal ExpressLRS module that goes up to 500mW output power, while the Zorro can only do 250mW. The ExpressLRS firmware is V2.

The antenna is hidden inside the radio, so you can’t adjust the antenna position to get optimal signal performance. But for flying around with a micro quad, this should be adequate, but I wouldn’t want to use this radio for long range. The internal antenna, along with the facts that the battery is only 1S 2000mAh, and there’s no ventilation, kind of make the 500mW output power pointless if you ask me.

External Module Bay

An external module bay allows you to install a lite module to run other RF protocols such as Crossfire, Tracer, Ghost, and multi-protocols.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter External Lite Module Bay

However, be aware that the external module bay is quite deep (9.5mm depth), make sure your module is thick enough to sit in the bay. For example my Jumper ELRS TX module just won’t fit.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter External Lite Module Doesn't Fit

Gimbals and Switches

The upgraded hall effect gimbals and new sharper stick ends improve control precision and ergonomics of the LiteRadio V3 Pro. Gimbal travel feels slightly less than the Zorro and T-Pro, but it’s adequate for FPV drone flying. The gimbals are very smooth, feel about the same as the stock gimbals on the Zorro.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Hall Gimbals

There are 4 switches: two 3-position on the front and two 2-position on the back, all located on top of the radio. That should be enough for flying FPV drones.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Switches

There’s no dedicated trim buttons, but in fact the mini joysticks for the menu actually act as trim buttons as well. You can activate them by simply pushing the slider on the back of the screen to either side. Unfortunately, for some reason the trim wouldn’t work on the right gimbal, only works on the left gimbal, not sure if that’s a software or hardware bug or I just have a faulty unit, I will check with BetaFPV and come back. Not a problem at all if you don’t fly wings and planes.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Back

Battery and Charging

There’s a 1S 2000mAh LiPo battery inside the radio, BetaFPV promises up to 15 hours of run time when using 100mW RF power. It would be much shorter when you run 500mW with ExpressLRS. You cannot power the LiteRadio 3 Pro from an external power source like the Zorro.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Usb C Connectors Trainer Port

The internal battery can be re-charged via the USB-C port located on the bottom, but whenever I connect the USB cable, the radio always turns on. If I turn it off it will turn back on right away, if you leave it like that you will get the inactivity alarm constantly every few minutes which is annoying. Maybe that’s a software bug that can be fixed in EdgeTX.

Charging only takes 5V input, charge current is up to 0.6A.

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Usb Charge Turn On

Simulator Support

The LiteRadio 3 Pro is compatible with FPV simulators on PC. Just connect the radio to your computer via the USB cable, and you will prompt on the radio to choose “joystick”.

The other option is to use the Bluetooth feature in the ELRS module.

LiteRadio 3 Pro Tear Down

By removing the 8 screws on the back of the radio, you can take the back housing off. Interestingly they stick some dead weight on the back housing to make it heavier (even though it’s still much lighter than the Zorro and T-Pro).

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Tear Down Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Tear Down Pcb Gimbals Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Tear Down Back

Gimbal Tension Adjustment

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Gimbal Stick Spring Tension Adjustment

What Else You Might Need?

The LiteRadio 3 Pro is fully functional out the box. I bound it to my quad and it was working beautifully. There are some other accessories you can get for this radio:

Here’s the manual (click to enlarge)

Betafpv Literadio 3 Pro Radio Transmitter Manual Instructions

How to Update Internal ExpressLRS Module

Firmware Device Target to be confirmed.

There are two ways to update the internal ELRS module, either via WiFi or via EdgeTX in pass-through (thanks to EdgeTX!).

To use passthrough, you need to connect the USB cable, and you will be prompted with the option of “USB serial”, select it and your computer will be connected to the internal ELRS module and you will be able to flash it in ExpressLRS configurator.

Follow my tutorial on how to flash ExpressLRS.

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Terpsych 18th May 2024 - 8:17 am

Hi. I’m looking for the best radio transmiter for my 7 yo child. She’s hybrid style and radiomaster pocket seems to be slightly too big.

Sersandy 2nd May 2024 - 8:50 am

Hi, i ve troubles with Multiprotokoll on my CC2500 Version. Is there anyone who can deploy me a link or helps me where i can find the original SD-Card Content for my CC2500 Version of LT3 Pro, thanks :-)

Reinhard Plietsch 6th August 2023 - 12:52 pm

found out something: silver dots on the front of the remote (left and right of the USB-C port) are push-buttons actually. Pressing the left button down while switching the remote on sets it into bootloader mode! Then flashing via EdgeTX Companion becomes a breeze. :-)

Reinhard Plietsch 6th August 2023 - 12:42 pm

Hello Oscar – how can I flash the multi-module (NOT ELRS) version of this radio? Need to get it into bootloader mode for EdgeTXBuddy to recognize it, but don’t know how?

Oscar 6th August 2023 - 4:09 pm

I think it’s best to ask BetaFPV for detailed instrucitons. But if you want to try it yourself you can check out my instructions for the TX16S (with 4in1 module):

Reinhard Plietsch 9th July 2023 - 1:24 pm

No ratchet for throttle on Literadio 3, like on LiteRadio 2 – correct?

Reinhard Plietsch 6th August 2023 - 12:42 pm

correct, you can only tune friction. Getting used to it slowly… :-)

Chris 17th May 2023 - 1:28 pm

The ELRS model I have only goes up to 250mw, not 500mw like you mentioned here. Perhaps you have a newer or older version?

Oscar 17th May 2023 - 2:11 pm

The original version was 500mW, but it was overheating without a fan, and causing packet loss so they stopped people using 500mW. Now 250mW max.

Mario 31st August 2022 - 11:56 pm

Where is the internal antenna at??

Delcadro 19th November 2022 - 8:52 pm

Under the screen. It’s on the ufl connector.

Artur 14th July 2022 - 1:54 pm

Hello, great review. Do You recommend it over zorro for example? I thought i buy jumper t pro, but have heard soo many bad opinion about it, so I resigned. What do You think?


Oscar 14th July 2022 - 3:14 pm

Personally I like the Zorro more.
The switches are better, screen is bigger, battery port for external battery.

Artur 15th July 2022 - 4:52 pm

But do we really need so big screen? What about jumper t pro?

Jarek 5th July 2022 - 8:30 pm

Good radio but the manual is too poor.
If you look into the menu, there is a lot of options and not even mentioned in manual about it.
Have to looking for or try until understandable.
F.ex. Adjust the power of internal ELRS module, telemetry display end many more.

Rimantas 27th July 2022 - 11:05 am

You need to need the documentation for ExpressLRS and EdgeTX for these.

Mike 6th June 2022 - 8:39 am

Hello, Oscar, thanks for review. How do you think, can I detach the display and use radio without it ?

Oscar 7th June 2022 - 3:19 pm

Yes you can remove the screen, it’s connected to the main board via a ribbon cable, but why would you want to do that? I mean, it doesn’t make the radio any smaller or lighter.

Mirrson 8th May 2022 - 2:51 pm

But… Isn’t it same…?
I can clearly understand with the original sentence,
(That this radio is not suitable for planes)
But cannot understand why are you so irritated lol

Mirrson 8th May 2022 - 10:47 pm

Dang… I was writing reply but somehow failed

Budi 3rd May 2022 - 6:41 pm

Hi Oscar!
Thanks for your efforts in FPV. Your reviews are very helpful. But there’s one thing that irritates me as plane flyer : your articles are quadcopter centric. This is your blog, you can do whatever you want. But something like this sentence:
“Not a problem at all if you don’t fly wings and planes.”
Is very irritating. Instead of writing “not a problem if you don’t fly air plane” , or “it’s okay if you’re only flying quad”. Why don’t you just write “this radio is not suitable for airplane”. So that airplane flyers can quickly decide whether this radio worth or not.

Eric 4th May 2022 - 5:33 pm

Nicely done. I used to fly planned but now I’m into quads. So I understand your comment

Paul Hope 29th May 2022 - 6:13 pm

I guess he could not say that it definitely was not suitable for planes as the issue may just be a bug that could be rectified in a fw update.

Peter 30th April 2022 - 11:09 am

Nice review. Always so well put together. Thank you. Albert Kim has had some real problems with his and has bricked it. He made a video about it. Have you had any problems?

Oscar 30th April 2022 - 3:19 pm

Not really had any issue… flying my whoops beautifully in the house.
Have problem with the right trim button, and USB-charging always power on radio (as mentioned in the review) but apart from that all good.

Peter Feerick 5th May 2022 - 11:57 am

In Albert’s video he mentioned the trim issue also, so it certainly isn’t an isolated incident. And it isn’t actually officially supported in EdgeTX… they’ve sent us sample units, and are using a modified t-lite firmware at present that they’ve put together themselves, but it hasn’t been reviewed or worked on yet officially. So I would not be surprised if there are some software issues that need fixing still.

Vlad 9th March 2023 - 6:46 pm

I have this for a simulator and a tiny whoop and it works perfectly. Mine does not turn on when plugged for charging, only the central button flashes once green and then stays red.