February Sale: Top Discounted FPV Products on Banggood

by Oscar
Banggood Banner Feb 18 2024

This week I went through Banggood’s FPV product catalog and handpicked the following products, which I asked for special coupons and deals to share with you guys. I hope you find these sales useful! This post is sponsored by Banggood.

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Jumper T20 Gemini Radio

Jumper T20s Gemini Radio Transmitter

This product is on sale this month on Banggood ($10 off using coupon code:BG07f940, CN warehouse only): https://oscarliang.com/product-p3be

Gemini Mode is particularly well-suited for pilots who fly in RF-noisy environments or require a highly reliable link. Its appeal extends to both hobbyists and professionals who might experience interference issues with standard transmitters.

The T20S Gemini is essentially the original T20S with built-in gemini compatible module. It offers up to 500mW of RF power, which is plenty for most people. I’ve been using the original T20S for over 6 months now and it’s currently my daily driver and I absolutely love the form factor and feature-packed design. Now the Gemini edition just makes it even better.

Check out my review of the T20 Gemini: https://oscarliang.com/jumper-t20s-gemini/

SpeedyBee F405 WING FC

Speedybee F405 Wing Flight Controller Fc Stack

Check out this product on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-6hop

The SpeedyBee F405 Wing flight controller has made a strong first impression with its thoughtful design, ease of use, and competitive price point, at just $39.99. This makes it an excellent value for fixed-wing pilots seeking a high-quality, feature-packed FC. Notable features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth set it apart from more expensive products by competitors like Matek.

If you’re in search of a wing flight controller that minimizes soldering, provides wireless connection, and is highly customizable, the SpeedyBee F405 Wing might be the perfect fit for you.

Check out my review of the F405-Wing: https://oscarliang.com/speedybee-f405-wing-app/

RadioMaster Pocket Radio

Radiomaster Pocket Radio Transmitter Thumb Hold Fingers Ergonomics

This product is on sale this month on Banggood ($7 off using coupon code:BG2727f2, CN warehouse only): https://oscarliang.com/product-n656

One of my favorite compact gamepad-style radios has been the Jumper T-Lite. However, the Radiomaster Pocket has just raised the bar in almost every aspect. The Pocket stands out as a more refined and streamlined choice, offering powerful features and improvements over the T-Lite V2. Priced around $70, it’s also among the most affordable radios on the market that come with modern features.

Check out my review of the Pocket: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-pocket/

Tattu R-Line V5 6S 1200mAh LiPo

Formatfactorytattu R Line Version 5.0 1200mah 22.2v 150c 6s1p Lipo Battery Pack With Xt60 Plug

This product is on sale this month on Banggood ($33.99 for 1, $60.99 for 2): https://oscarliang.com/product-skgr

The Tattu R-Line is favored by many top FPV racers, which speaks to the battery’s quality and performance. The R-Line may be a bit pricey compared to others, however you do get what you pay for. If you’re seeking top-notch performance and are willing to pay a premium, the Tattu R-Line is worth considering. Learn more about LiPo batteries and recommendations here: https://oscarliang.com/lipo-battery-guide/#Battery-Recommendations

RadioMaster ExpressLRS UART Flasher

Flash Expresslrs Receiver Radiomaster Uart Tool Spring Loaded Header Pins

This product is available on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-4ghk

The UART Flasher from RadioMaster is a USB programmer designed for flashing your ExpressLRS receivers.

When flashing your ELRS receivers via WiFi or Passthrough fails and results in bricking the receiver, this programmer becomes an essential tool for recovery. It’s nice to have this tools in hand just in case.

This method can also be useful if you’re not using a flight controller or don’t have access to Wi-Fi. It’s a versatile solution that works with all brands of ELRS receivers, for both 2.4GHz and 900MHz, without the need for specialized software.

Check out my review to learn why it’s useful and how to use it: https://oscarliang.com/flash-expresslrs-receivers-uart/

SpeedyBee Bee35 3.5inch Cinewhoop

Speedybee Bee35 Cinewhoop Fpv Drone

This product is available on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-1g0n

The SpeedyBee Bee35 Cinewhoop impresses with its thoughtful design, versatility, and performance. Details like the external USB access and multiple setup options add convenience and practicality. It’s budget-friendly price point makes it a strong contender to other popular models such as the Cinelog35.

See my review of the Bee35: https://oscarliang.com/speedybee-bee35-cinewhoop/

BetaFPV Aquila16 RTF FPV Kit

Betafpv Aquila16 Fpv Kit Goggles Drone Radio

This product is available on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-aasw

If you’re intimidated by the speed and power of typical FPV drones, the Aquila16 kit is a fantastic choice. It’s a more manageable drone that’s ready-to-fly out of the box and doesn’t require additional hardware or complicated setup.

This kit is especially suitable for young pilots or those who might find simulators boring. Its safe indoor flight capability makes it an engaging and practical learning tool. While it doesn’t fully replicate the FPV experience of larger, powerful FPV drones, it’s an affordable and low-risk introduction to the hobby.

See my review of the Aquila16: https://oscarliang.com/betafpv-aquila16/

Good Deals on Products You Want

Hope you find these sales interesting. Let me know if there’re other products you want to get discount on and I will see what I can do in the next one.

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Filipe 29th February 2024 - 10:32 pm

Any discounts on whoops?

Oscar 1st March 2024 - 2:06 pm

i will include some whoop in the upcoming sales post in a bout 2 weeks time.