Downgrade GoPro Session 5 Firmware to Change Shutter Speed

In the new Gopro Hero 5 Session camera updates, they removed the option to change Shutter Speed. You need to install the older 1.5 firmware to have this option back.

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The shutter speed option is an important setting for creating unique and special video effect IMO. I don’t really get it why GoPro wanted to remove it. Anyway if you want to have the setting back you will have to download the older firmware file and flash your camera.

Warning: I take no responsibility if you damage your camera. Do this at your own risk.

You can find the firmware file here, the firmware version is V1.5:

  1. Extract the downloaded file in a folder,
  2. Rename the folder to “UPDATE”
  3. Place it on the root directory of the SD card
  4. Insert it in the GoPro and it should start the firmware “downgrade” automatically :)

6 thoughts on “Downgrade GoPro Session 5 Firmware to Change Shutter Speed

  1. Fritz Diorico

    Do you know where I can find the session 5 1.50 firmware? The links to the google drive don’t exist anymore. :(

  2. Thomas

    I know this is a bit necroposty but does anyone have this firmware. I just pulled a hero5 session out of a storage unit and need to dowgrade.

  3. Valentin

    Hi Oscar,
    I’m very glad to hear that downgrading my Session will expand the settings and usability of my GoPro product :D

    Does the downgrade of the Hero5 Session to version 1.5 effect the funcionality of the GoPro app?

    Thanks for informing the Session users for this forgotten or not known feature of our cameras.


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