Review: NamelessRC Case & BEC Board for Naked GoPro Hero 9

by Oscar
Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Case

We finally have a case and BEC board for the Naked GoPro Hero 9 from NamelessRC. The design is innovative and the quality is excellent. In this review we will check out its features and specs and how to assemble it.

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Naked Gopro Hero 6 8 9 Size Compare Betafpv Geprc Namelessrc Here’s a size comparison between my favourite case for each naked GoPro, from right to left, BetaFPV GoPro Lite V2 Hero6 (weight: 27.4g), GEPRC Hero8 (weight: 29.4g), NLRC Hero9 (weight: 30.9g).

Where to Buy?

The NamelessRC GoPro 9 Case and BEC board are available here:

What I Like About the NLRC Naked GoPro 9 Case

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Bec Board

The coolest feature of the new NamelessRC naked GoPro case is probably the ribbon cable design.

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Case Bec Board Ribbon Cable

The GoPro takes 5V input, the job of the BEC board is to convert LiPo battery voltage (2S to 6S) to 5V.

In the past, the BEC board used to connect to the GoPro’s motherboard in piggyback style. In the new design, it now connects via a flexible ribbon cable. This is a robust solution. Often I see people rip the connectors off the motherboard because the BEC board puts too much stress on them, the new ribbon cable design should be more crash resilient.

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Case Front Lens Adapter

The Nameless Hero 9 case design and finish are much improved from their previous cases for the Hero 8 and 6, which were mostly 3D printed in TPU. The new case is injection molded in nylon plastic. The lens adapter appears to be the same dimensions as the previous NLRC Hero8 case, so it should take the same ND filter options I reckon.

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Case Front Screen Power

The GoPro 9 has a color front screen, you can check the camera’s exposure anytime anywhere. It’s great for those who frequently change camera settings such as shutter speed and ND filters. It’s also removable from the logic board if you worry about breaking it in flight. You can also see what camera settings you are using. However You can’t change settings with it, you still need to use your phone APP, QR codes (GoPro Labs) or touch screen.

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Stripdown Namelessrc Case Back Buttons Sd Card Connector

The two buttons are now located at the back instead of the top. There’s also a cut-out at the back that allows you to connect the touch screen for changing settings.

Compared to the older GoPro, the GoPro 9 is more suitable for the professional cinematographers as it has superior image quality, and you can check exposure easily with the front screen.

The weight saving is huge, the GoPro Hero 9 weighs 158g. After stripping and putting it in the NLRC case, takes it down to merely 30g.

NamelessRC Hero 9 BEC Board Specs

This BEC board is designed specifically for the GoPro Hero 9. It comes with a ribbon cable that connects the MODE button, REC button and USB Power (5V).

  • Input voltage: 2S~6S
  • Output voltage: 5V 2.1A
  • Input connector: PH1.0-3P
  • Weight: 1.5g

Namelessrc Gopro Hero9 Bec Board Flexible Ribbon Cable Button Pinout Here’s a close up of the BEC board.

Naked Gopro Hero 9 Namelessrc Bec Board Close Up Pcb

NamelessRC Hero 9 Case Assembly

  • Install the front screen
  • Then the lens module
  • Install the GoPro motherboard and connect the flexible ribbon cable
  • Secure the BEC board on top of the SD card slot, and insert the ribbon cable into the BEC board
  • Finally put the back cover on

Namelessrc Gopro Hero9 Case Bec Assembly Instruction Manual

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Trimexfpv 17th June 2024 - 1:36 am

Oscar, I am looking for a powercable like the geprc one that goes from 4s and 6s to the plug that goes into the namless rc power plug.

I love this namelessrc. Soo much addons and u can use the smo 4k nd filters.
For me it would be better to be able to order ali express lipo cables. I like that more then soldering on in this case.

Dragon FPV 26th September 2023 - 3:59 pm

Does anyone knows the difference between the old and new BEC?
Old one: has 4 cabs in the right top corner
New one: has just 2 but bigger ones in the right top corner

Weazy 30th August 2023 - 9:14 am

I’ve created the naked go pro. But it seems like the lcd screen doesn’t get enough power. Do i have to fully charge the battery to make it work? I used a storage charged 6s now.

Felix Max 8th October 2022 - 10:01 am

does anybody know why namelessRc is sold out everywhere? have they quitted the production???
Is the Hero 9 NamelessRc case also fitting for hero 10 and specially for hero 11??


Andrea 12th October 2022 - 1:17 pm

they are not all sold out, try aliexpress. thats where i got mine from

Andrea 12th October 2022 - 1:18 pm

also works for Hero 10, but im not sure with 11

Sascha Lucke 31st December 2022 - 7:07 pm

11 as well!

Jelly Bean FPV 22nd August 2022 - 3:12 am

so i got the case… de-cased the gopro and put it in the case everything works great. even installed gopro labs on it… love it. i have the SMO 4k and set up PINIO switches for power and record. everything works great. did the samething for the naked gopro and it doesnt work. set up PINIO on an AUX switch just like the SMO 4K and noting. it works when i press the buttons but not on the controller through the AUX switch. Am i missing something?

Oscar 22nd August 2022 - 1:25 pm

i talked about why pinio for GoPro is unreliable here and why you shouldn’t use it:

Gianni 5th May 2022 - 11:42 pm

hi, does anyone know how to connect the external screen? and the cooling fan?

Jason Hind 23rd July 2022 - 5:51 pm

Nameless has a newer BEC that looks slightly different and you can solder a 5v fan right up to it.
WINSINN DC 20mm Fan 12V 2006 Hydraulic Bearing Brushless Cooling 20mmx6mm 2PIN (Pack of 2Pcs)
This is the fan I used, I don’t really have anything good or bad to say about them except the work but the wire quality is just OK.

Max 23rd April 2022 - 8:53 am

Hi, I can’t find ND filters for this case. If someone knows, please help me

Jason 17th February 2022 - 9:54 pm

Anyone having any issues with the BEC or ribbon cable connection? The installation is simple and it worked immediately but after a day it’s working sporadically. If I mess with the cable it seems to work sometimes. I thought is could possibly be my wiring from the FC but it happens plugged straight into a lipo as well.
I ordered a new beck thinking it’s either the BEC or the ribbon cable I guess we’ll see.

Seba 28th February 2022 - 5:35 pm

Same problem here. In my case it was loose connection between ribbon and gopro. I just added foam over connector so its between fc and case and push connector down

Seba 29th January 2022 - 11:46 am

When im using dji zoom 2 nd filters i have black corners in video. Any idea for another type of nd filter wich dosent have black corners ?

Jason 18th February 2022 - 1:26 am

I’d love to know that as well, just got some zoom 2 filters and I’d say they are a no go for me as well.
Did you figure what works best?

Seba 28th February 2022 - 6:02 pm

Ad the moment im using custom gopro mount with tbs nd filters . But is design in progress.

Robert 11th December 2021 - 8:00 pm

Great review, and all of this works for the Hero 10 too.
However, what is harder to find – at least in my experience – is how then to mount this case to the drone?
I’m planning to use a deceased Hero 10 on 4 quads at different times and I can’t find any proper mounting solution… can you point me to the right direction for this?

Karan Singh 1st January 2022 - 11:48 pm

If this helps, let me know

Karan Singh 1st January 2022 - 11:49 pm

Let me know if this helps

Jay 24th October 2021 - 2:01 pm

Is there a custom case for the hero 9 touchscreen for nameless

Mitchell Ponton 12th December 2021 - 1:48 am

Drone Co designed one that used the standard gopro fingers.

bitosome 28th September 2021 - 6:00 am

Decasing is not that complicated if you do that from the main screen side. Simply find the seam and start cutting with the saw. This video helped a lot:

I have several questions regarding the BEC board:
1) the specified connector PH1.0 does not seem to exist as per JST website.The only one that I can find with 1.0 pitch is JST-SH.
2) I know where to solder Ground and REC leads to on Kakute F7 HDV (for REC button I remapped M5 output), however cannot find any logical way of taking the bat voltage from… Latest version of Kakute F7 HDV (1.6) does not have the bat output on the flight controller and using only 1 lead from the balance output from the battery also does not make sense… Any suggestions?

William 1st August 2021 - 3:45 am

Which ND filters do you think would fit this case? I know you said same as the 8 case but I can’t seem to find those either. Thanks in advance!

Filip Radelic 5th October 2021 - 11:20 am

It takes Mavic 2 Zoom ND filters just like their nylon case for Hero 8 did.

Roman 30th July 2021 - 8:53 am

but how to disassemble it – simple way?

Mitchell Ponton 12th December 2021 - 1:47 am
Waiting for my cases to show up, but i’ll be following this. Drone Co says he uses a dremel instead of a saw blade.