Review: RCINPower Mark1 2306 Motor

by Oscar

The Mark1 2306 motors from RCINPower are designed specifically for 5S and 6S LiPo batteries and 5″ propellers. In this review we will take a look at the build quality and how they perform.

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Mark1 Motors Unboxing

These motors have very fancy case and packaging, but I would rather have them in cheap paper boxes and have the price lowered even just a little bit :)

The Mark1 motors come with 2 sets of motor screws of 8mm and 6mm.

These motors look awesome, excellent machining and build quality. I really like the unique paint job mixing red and space grey.

The hollow shaft is reinforced by a steel rod in the middle just like the Dragonfly Hurricane we previously reviewed. The fin design on the top of motor bell is for active cooling when spinning in the air.

There is a slight grip milled into the top of the bell to prevent slipping propeller.

On the bottom of the motor, you can see it uses a bolt rather than a C-clip to hold the shaft in place. More expensive to make perhaps, but better for maintenance for sure if ever need to remove the bell.

It can definitely be lighter if they are using a naked bottom design. But the added material can be great protection especially if you are planning to build a powerhouse that runs 5S or 6S.

The winding looks pretty nice. It’s single thread which is to be expected for high voltage and high current application.

Other Spec of the RCINPower Mark1 Motor

  • 0.15mm stator lamination
  • Traditional mounting pattern: 19mm by 16mm
  • Generous length of motor wire, 20cm, 20awg
  • With 20cm wires and prop nut, it weighs 39.5g
  • With 5cm wires it weighs 36.1g

Really High KV!

There are two versions, 2550KV and 2750KV. These are some pretty high KV even for 4S standard. But RCINPower has done exclusive tests to make sure their motors are up for the task on 5S and 6S, so I will give that a try :)

I have tried 2305 2350KV motors on 6S with DAL Cyclone 5045×3 propellers, here was my experience. The burst current draw was an insane 170A at 90% throttle (I didn’t push it further because I worried my gear might just die on me). I can only expect worse with the 2750KV I’ve got, much worse.

One thing we can do to limit amp draw, is to use throttle curve in the Taranis. This will reduce the max current to a more acceptable level, and you will still get the benefit of higher rate of RPM change with high KV motors theoretically.

Because 5S and 6S are not yet allowed in many big racing events, you probably won’t see them any time soon in major competitions.

Can they Run 4S?

They are rated for 5S and 6S, but because of the high KV I’ve also tried them on 4S and they seem to work pretty well. However I need to test them a bit more to tell exactly how good they are on lower voltage.

More Info to Come

I will share more of my experience using the Mark1 motors soon.

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