Review: Skyzone Cobra SD FPV Goggles – Is This the Best Box Goggles in 2024?

by Oscar
Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles

Skyzone silently released the Cobra SD FPV Goggles last year. Despite the lack of reviews or news, I think these goggles deserve attention. They offer nearly all the features of the Cobra X at almost half the price. Let’s explore the details to see if the Cobra SD is the right choice for you.

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Where to Buy?

You can purchase the Skyzone Cobra SD from these vendors:

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Unbox Accessories

The Skyzone Cobra SD comes with these accessories:

  • 1x Skyzone Cobra SD FPV Goggles
  • 1x Receiver Module
  • 1x Head Strap
  • 1x Power Cable
  • 2x Antennas (5.8GHz 2dB Linearly Polarized Omni-Directional)
  • 1x Headtracker Cable
  • 1x Video/Audio Cable
  • 1x USB-C Cable
  • 1x User Manual

Note: The package does not include a 18650 Li-ion battery or an SD card for DVR.

For battery recommendations, see:

For SD cards, check out:

What’s Changed?

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles

The Cobra SD is essentially the updated version of the Cobra S, priced about $30 less while maintaining similar specifications. The cost reduction is achieved by using a more basic receiver and DVR module. This makes the goggles more accessible to budget-conscious users who may not need the higher-spec hardware of the Cobra X, which I think is an excellent decision.

A notable improvement is the adjustable aspect ratio. Unlike the previous model, which had a locked 16:9 ratio, the Cobra SD allows you to switch between 4:3 and 16:9, making it compatible with all cameras on the market.


Here’s a comparison between the Cobra SD and Cobra X V4:

Feature Cobra SD Cobra X V4
Price $149 $249
Resolution LCD 800×480 LCD 1280×720
FOV (Diagonal) 50° 50°
Aspect Ratio 4:3/16:9 4:3/16:9
VRX 5.8GHz 48CH Diversity Receiver 5.8GHz 48CH SteadyView Receiver V3.3
Languages Chinese and English 10 Languages
Power Supply 1 Cell 18650, DC 6.5-25.2V, USB 5V 1 Cell 18650, DC 6.5-25.2V, USB 5V
Power Consumption 12V 0.59A, 5V 1.4A 12V 0.63A, 5V 1.5A
DVR MJPEG 30fps H.264 60fps, MOV 6Mbps
SD Card Up to 32GB Up to 128GB
Head Tracker 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope 3-axis Accelerometer, 3-axis gyroscope
Dimensions 190x150x110mm 190x150x110mm
Weight 332g 332g

Closer Look at the Cobra SD

The Cobra SD features an 800×480 LCD screen with adjustable brightness and contrast. Interestingly, the display, located at the top, is reflected through a mirror at the front without using a Fresnel lens, making the goggles construction more compact. The special faceplate design also allows pilots to wear glasses while wearing these goggles, which is a huge plus for many pilots.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Front

The Cobra SD offers menu options in Chinese and English. The menu interface, scroll wheel, and push buttons are identical to those in the more expensive SKY04X Pro and Cobra X, ensuring ease of navigation.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Top

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Menu Interface

Powering this goggle is flexible. You can use a 18650 Li-ion cell, a 2S to 6S LiPo/Li-ion battery, or a USB-C 5V source. The USB-C input also charges the 18650 cell, which is very convenient.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Bottom

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles 18650 Li Ion Battery

User Experience and Potential Issues

There are no significant issues with these goggles, but wearing bulky box goggles does present some challenges.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Right

Having used slimline binocular goggles, I find most box goggles, including the Cobra SD, to be front-heavy. This is something you can get used to, as I did when I started flying FPV with box goggles.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Headstrap

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Left

The head straps are of basic quality but functional for those on a budget. The included antennas are also basic and should be replaced for optimal performance. For antenna recommendations, see

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Antenna Upgrades

The HDMI input works as expected with PCs and HDZero/Walksnail RX Modules, although there is noticeably higher latency compared to high-end binocular goggles.

The Cobra SD’s basic diversity receiver doesn’t match the performance of top-notch modules like Rapidfire and TBS Fusion, but it is adequate for general use.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Video Receiver Diversity Module

Should You Get the Cobra X or Cobra SD, EV800D or SKY04X?

The Cobra X and Cobra SD are essentially the same goggles with different displays, receiver modules, and DVR modules. The weight and shape are almost identical, so there is no real difference in comfort or fit.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Faceplate Lens

The Cobra X does have a higher resolution screen, but this doesn’t make a significant difference when flying analog FPV system, which has about 540p resolution. However, if you plan to use digital FPV systems via HDMI input, the Cobra X might have an edge. I don’t really recommend using the Cobra X or Cobra SD with digital systems due to their higher latency of around 80ms (due to their HDMI interface). For digital FPV systems, consider the SKY04X Pro, which has half the latency of the Cobra SD/X, or the flagship goggles (i.e. Walksnail Goggles X and HDZero Goggles) for even lower latency as they don’t require HDMI connection at all.

Skyzone Cobra Sd Fpv Goggles Compare Sky04x Pro

For flying analog, the Cobra SD is my top pick as the best value analog box goggles in 2024. The Cobra X’s $250 price tag puts it in an awkward position; if you want better specs, I’d save up and get the Skyzone SKY04X Pro.

The Cobra SD isn’t the cheapest analog goggles available—that title still goes to the good old EV800D. But the Cobra SD offers a modern design, better features, and a more compact form factor, while providing an immersive experience with a large FOV and clear screen. However, if you have a tight budget, the EV800D is still worth considering.


The Skyzone Cobra SD FPV Goggles are an impressive update with modern features, challenging even premium goggles.

In summary, the Skyzone Cobra SD FPV Goggles offer exceptional value for pilots looking for quality and feature-rich box goggles without breaking the bank. With a versatile design and robust feature set, and multiple power supply options, the Cobra SD stands out as a top choice for analog FPV flying in 2024.

Get the Skyzone Cobra SD from these vendors:

While it may have some limitations compared to higher-end models, particularly in terms of comfort, form factor and HDMI latency for digital systems, it more than compensates with its affordability and practicality. If you’re in the market for reliable and cost-effective FPV goggles, the Cobra SD is definitely worth considering.

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