Top 5 Best 4S LiPo Batteries for Mini Quad

Looking for recommendation of 4S LiPo batteries for 5″ and 6″ FPV mini quad? In this article we revealed some of the best batteries recommended by the community in April 2017.

These 4S batteries were voted by members of Multicopter International, see full poll result here.

There are many considerations in choosing the best LiPo battery for your racing drone: performance (e.g. real discharge rate), longevity, weight, size and so on. To learn more about LiPo batteries please read our guide: LiPo Battery Beginner Guide for Drones and Quadcopters.

All the batteries featured in this article are 4S (4-cell) LiPo packs since this is the most popular voltage for 5″ and 6″ mini quad currently. Also we will find out what capacity options there are between 1300mah and 1800mah for each one, so you can choose depends on your preference.

Turnigy Graphene 4S 65C LiPo Batteries

The Turnigy Graphene has been out for over a year now since Feb 2016. A tried and tested product, and is still being recommended widely. The main feedback we have got so far about this LiPo battery is “holding up well to abuse, little voltage sag and power remains throughout the flight”. The main draw back though is the heavy weight.

  • 1300mah – $26 – 176g
  • 1500mah – $28 – 208g
  • 1800mah – $31 – 240g

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Tattu R-Line 4S 95C

The Tattu R-Line 4S is a great performer, and they claim to have a shocking “95C” C-Rating, on which many would seriously doubt it. However these batteries are priced nearly twice as high as the Infinity Graphene.

  • 1300mah – $38 – 173g
  • 1550mah – $45 – 193g

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Infinity Graphene 4S 70C

The Infinity Graphene 70C is the most affordable 4S Lipo battery in this list, making this a very good deal for practice/training purposes. They are also about 15g lighter in average than the other two batteries we mentioned earlier.

  • 1300mah – $22 – 155g
  • 1500mah – $22 – 180g

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Dinogy Ultra Graphene 2.0 4S 80C

The first “Graphene” battery from Dinogy had some voltage sag problems from many testing we’ve seen. Dinogy tried to improve that and came out with the orange “2.0”. Comparing to the previous version (75C), the average weight has gone up by over 20g, but with better overall performance.

  • 1300mah – $35 – 177g
  • 1500mah – $40 – 200g


Thunder Power Adrenaline 4S 80C Lipo Battery

The Thunder Power Adrenaline LiPo battery is probably the best in this class in terms of capacity per gram. The 1300mah is 27g lighter than the Dinogy Ultra, while the 1900mah pack is about the same weight as their 1500mah, but has 400mah more in capacity. That’s a great option for endurance flights.

  • 1300mah – $35 – 150g
  • 1900mah – $50 – 203g


8 thoughts on “Top 5 Best 4S LiPo Batteries for Mini Quad

  1. guti

    And do not mention the gaoneng 120/240 c ??
    It is true that they are not 120c, but close to 90c.
    I have rline and 4 of these and their behavior is similar.
    I really prefer gaoneng rather than infinity, it has more punch

    1. Wayne

      Are you talking about the gaoneng that is able to take off the balance lead? I have some infinity batteries that went boom in my house, looking to try the gaoneng ones

  2. manu2015

    You don’t believe the C rating, so why would you believe the mAh ?

    The mAh can serve a few different purposes. By overestimating, it can make you believe you will fly longer. By underestimating, it can hide the weight and make your “perceived C-rating” higher.

    Some things are different in the design between high and low C, like bigger leads and connectivity of the elements. But once everything is done, they just make them bigger, labelling with the same mAh rating.

    1. Oscar Post author

      because you can measure and test C rating and capacity respectively, and most high C rating lipo on the market doesn’t deliver what’s printed on their package. Capacity is normally correct in my experience.

  3. Cedric CRISPIN

    Unfortunately here in Thailand, the only hatteries i can afford if i am lucky are The Infinity Graphene 90C.

    Stupid regulations are impacting us over there. For buying LIPOs we must have a licence that only government can deliver or you must travel overseas in order to buy your LIPOs but it’s not eveb guarentee that they will not seed them on the way back when going through the thai customs airport…

    Stupid greedy a** people over there. I hate when politicians get involved in our life, they just ruin everything and please their rich CEO friends…

    1. Oscar Post author

      that’s bad! I hope you can find someone with license and get them to buy for you? could start a business with that model lol :)

    1. Oscar Post author

      they were released after the survey so they didn’t make it to the list, hopefully the next one.


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